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Boy watches his fish tank closely

Have bacteria bloom in your aquarium? What to do to get rid of it

Here's what to do to fix bacteria bloom in your fish tank.
Discus fish school in an aquarium

Taking care of discus fish: What every beginner should know

Here's everything you need to know about caring for a discus fish.
Alligator wades in swamp with plants

What makes an animal a reptile? It all comes down to these characteristics

Here's what you need to know about what makes an animal a reptile.
Lizard suns on a rock under a heat source

5 best reptile heating pads to keep your little friend warm

These are the 5 best reptile heating pads to keep your pet warm.
Sea turtle swims underwater

Why are reptiles cold-blooded? The reason is so simple

There's a simple reason why reptiles are cold-blooded animals.
Lizard looks out while swimming in a tank

Have you ever wondered how reptiles breathe? It’s pretty interesting

Here's how reptile breathing differs from how mammals breathe.
Gold fish looks at camera from his aquarium

These are the best fish tanks for beginners that people rave about

Beginner fish owners swear by these easy fish tanks.
Guinea pig with plants above his head

These guinea pig names are so cute, we can hardly stand it

These are among the most adorable names for guinea pigs.
Little girl feeds a guinea pig in his run

The truth about how much it really costs to own a guinea pig

Here's a rundown of what it costs to have a guinea pig.
Owner holds her hamster in her hands

Why do hamsters die so fast? What to expect with their lifespan

There's a reason why a hamster's lifespan isn't as long as other animals.
Guinea pig eats an apple

Can guinea pigs eat apples? Yes, but there are risks involved

Here's what you need to know about the safety of feeding guinea pigs apples.
Hamster peeks sweetly out of her wheel

Why do hamsters run on wheels? Human behavior holds the answer

The reason why hamsters run on wheels is pretty interesting.
Sea turtle swims next to fish in tropical water

What’s the difference between fish and reptiles? The one key difference

There's one main difference between fish and reptiles that's important.
Lizard on substrate in his cage

Try these simple steps for cleaning a reptile carpet

Follow these tips to easily clean your reptile's carpet
Little boy pets his guinea pig while it sits on his lap

What does it mean when guinea pigs purr?

If you hear your guinea pig purring, here's what the noise means.
Cute guinea pig rides on his owner's shoulder

Why do guinea pigs poop so much? Here’s what’s normal

If your guinea pig poops a lot, pay attention to these guidelines.
Rabbit runs across the lawn with outdoor cage in the background

How to extend your sweet pet rabbit’s lifespan

What you can do to make your pet rabbit live longer.
Guinea pig plays with a toy

The best guinea pig toys your furry friend will adore

Your guinea pig won't be able to resist these fun toys.
Hamster sleeps in a small wooden house in his cage

Why do hamsters sleep so much? When to be concerned about their health

Here's when you should be worried about your hamster's sleeping habits.
Two guinea pigs sit in their owners hand

8 cool guinea pig facts you probably never knew before

You probably never knew these 8 fun facts about guinea pigs.
A brown guinea pig stands outside

Why do guinea pigs squeak? It could be a good or bad sign

It's important to figure out why your guinea pig is squeaking.
Hamster peacefully eats a worm while being held in hand

How long do hamsters really live?

This is how long you can expect your pet hamster to live
Guinea pigs lies down in a sweater

3 guinea pig podcasts you just have to listen to

These guinea pig podcasts will have you hooked from the minute you listen.
Guinea pigs cuddling in the grass

How to extend your precious guinea pig’s lifespan

There are things you can do to make your guinea pig live longer.
Woman kisses her parakeet sitting on her shoulder

6 ways to tell that your bird really loves you

Watch for these signs that your bird really loves you.
Girl holds a dwarf hamster on her shoulder

What’s the difference between hamster breeds? They aren’t all alike

Here's info on the different breeds of hamsters so you can choose the right one.
Hamster peeks out of tube and into cage

These are the best hamster cages that pet owners rave about

These are the best hamster cages this year that people rave about.
Guinea pig yawns and shows his teeth

What you can learn about your guinea pig from watching their body language

Your guinea pig's body language can give insight into how he's feeling.
Hamster enjoys his tubing in well stocked cage

Get these hamster cage accessories if you want your pet to be happy

These are the best hamster cage accessories this year.
Lorikeet sits on a branch outside

How to retrieve your pet bird on the same day they escape the home

Here is advice on how to retrieve a bird who escapes your home.
Girl plays with her hamster in his cage

Which hamster breed is best for kids? You’ll want to pick the right one

The different hamster breeds and which ones are best for kids.
Blue and gold parrot being petted by owner

How to get your parrot to love when you pet them

This is the correct way to pet a parrot without upsetting him.
Budgie looks into woman's sunglasses playfully

Try these tips to make the perfect toys for your bird at home

Here's how to make the perfect toys for birds that they will love.
A small hamster pokes his out from his bedding

Cute and unique pet hamster names you probably haven’t thought of

Here are some of the cutest names for hamsters that no one can resist.
Woman feeds her birds in a cage

You can use clicker training to teach your bird all sorts of fun tricks

You can teach your bird fun tricks using clicker training
Woman holds her snake up to her face

Can snakes hear? The answer might surprise you

Here's the truth about whether or not snakes can hear.
Boy smiles at his little happy hamster

Want to make your hamster happy? There are a few easy things you can do

These are a few easy ways to make your hamster happy.
Budgie sleeps with his head buried on a branch

3 easy ways to improve your parakeet’s sleeping habits

Try these tips to help your parakeet sleep better.
Little kid holds their pet hedgehog

Instagram’s cutest pet has an unsettling reality

Here's the truth about what it's like to raise a hedgehog
Woman folds laundry while playing with pet rabbit

Try these ingenious hacks to keep your rabbit cage from smelling horrendous

These tips will stop your rabbit cage from smelling horribly.
Two parrots sit affectionately with each other

How much does a bird cost, and what’s the most expensive bird?

Here is what you need to know about the cost of owning a pet bird.
Boy looks at pet bird coming out of cage

The ultimate first-time bird owner’s checklist

Here's what you should get as a first time bird owner for your new pet.
Girl holds her hamster in her hands

How much is a hamster? Here’s a rundown of what it costs to own one

Here's how much a hamster typically will cost you to own.
Robin sits on a tree eating a mealworm

How to properly feed mealworms to your bird and when you should feed them

Here's what you need to know about feeding mealworms to birds.
Bird splashes in outdoor bird bath

Does your bird really need a bath? Here’s how to clean your bird

Here are the steps to take to clean your bird and how to give her a bath.
Hamster pops up on a ledge to look out of his cage

How long can a hamster go without food or water? Not as long as you think

This is how long a hamster can go without food and water.
Two budgies sit happily in their cage

Which birdcage should you get? Pet owners had 5 favorites in 2021

These are the best bird cages this year according to bird owners.
Birds flock around feeder in yard

Follow these 6 tips to stop birds from eating your grass seed

Keep birds from eating grass seed with these 6 tips.
Baby bearded dragons in an easter basket

Everything you need to know about caring for bearded dragon eggs

Here's everything you need to know about caring for bearded dragon eggs
Person holds chinchilla in her hand

Looking for an exotic pet? These are the easiest ones to care for

These are the easiest exotic pets to take care of for beginners