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A man feeds his Akita bites of a croissant.

Every pet owner should have this list of toxic foods that are harmful to dogs

Dog owners will want to keep this list of toxic food for dogs handy.
A young woman pets her chocolate Labrador retriever by the front door of their home

Going back to work: How to deal with your dog’s anxiety

Here's how to deal with your dog's anxiety when you go back to the office.
dogs pampering shutterstock 1141813637

Do dogs really need pampering or are you going overboard?

Experts give insight on whether dogs really need spa treatments and pampering
Woman brushing dog.

How to stop or reduce excess shedding in your dog

Here is how to stop or reduce shedding in your dog.
A Golden Retriever wearing a scarf and holding a handkerchief in his mouth.

Can you give a dog Benadryl? You’d better follow the correct dosage guide

Here are guidelines for giving Benadryl to your dog.
iowa breeder banned

Iowa breeder banned from selling after 500 dogs are found living in filth

A breeder in Iowa was shut down after 500 dogs were rescued from awful conditions.
A Yorkshire terrier sits in their owner's purse

Is your small dog always anxious? When you should be worried

Here are reasons why your small dog is always anxious
bloodhound tracking in forest

Which dog has the best sense of smell? See if you can guess correctly

This is the dog breed with the best sense of smell
Dog licking his paw.

Why do dogs lick their paws? You should be concerned about excessive licking

This is why your dog keeps licking his paws and whether you should stop him.
Cute mixed breed dog wearing a bandana.

How to identify your dog’s breed when you aren’t sure what they are

Here's how to identify what breed your dog is if you're unsure
custom dog food shutterstock 529157980 2

Is custom-formulated dog food ordered from the internet really better?

Is custom dog food really better for your dog? Here's what the experts say
A Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy naps in a white crate.

6 common mistakes people make when potty-training their dog

Here are common mistakes people make when potty training their puppy.
dog gives up on walk

Dog gives up on his long walk, and we can totally relate

This video of a dog refusing to walk will make you LOL
excited bull terrier dog

7 easy tips to calm an overexcited dog every time

If your dog is overexcitable, try these strategies.
cat and dog at vet

Keeping dogs and cats healthy during cold and flu season: An expert weighs in

Dogs and cats get colds and flu, too. Here's how to keep them safe this season.
three tan and white puppies under a blanket

How to potty-train a puppy in 4 easy steps

Potty training a puppy is easy if you follow this guide.
a beagle eats out of a silver dog food bowl

7 best dog foods under $50 to feed your Beagle

These are the best dog foods you can feed your beagle.
a side view of a pug with its tongue out, standing in a wooden dog house

These 4 heaters are best for keeping a doghouse warm

If your pooch gets cold, try these dog house heaters
a brown puppy sleeps in a crate

6 best tips for crate-training a puppy at night

Crate training a puppy is easy with these simple strategies.
a Havanese dog sits in the grass with a leash on

4 useful tips for training your Havanese

Training your Havanese dog is easy with these simple tips.
mastiff lying on bed

5 best dog treats your Mastiff will love

These dog treats are great for mastiffs and they'll love them.
A small brown dog looks up

What you need to know about dog puberty before it happens

Dog puberty is a thing, and this is what every pet parent should know.
is salt bad for dogs

Is salt bad for dogs? It can be dangerous if you aren’t careful

This is what you should know before feeding your dog salty foods.
Dog in a rain coat jumping over a puddle in autumn

The best dog raincoats you can get under $20 right now

Your dog will love these amazing and affordable rain jackets.
beagle puppy lying in grass

5 helpful potty training tips for your Beagle

If your beagle is difficult to potty train, follow these tips.
tan and white pup wearing pink boots

How to correctly size dog boots to keep them protected this winter

If your dog needs boots, try this handy guide to make sure they fit perfectly.
A dog lies down next to a pile of green squash

Can dogs have squash? Everything you need to know

Here's what you should consider before feeding your dog squash.
A Jack Russell Terrier in a red sweater sits next to a person in jeans and boots

These dog breeds should definitely have a dog coat for winter

Winter is tough for these dog breeds. You should get them a coat.
german shepherd and cat

Pet profiles: The DevOps pack that keeps PawTracks up and running

This trio of furry friends is here to steal your heart--and quite possibly your treats.
Woman training golden retriever in the park

Now is the time to start dog training without treats — here’s how

Yes, it's possible to train your dog without treats. Find out how.
A golden retriever carries a jack-o-lantern treat bucket in his mouth

3 delicious Halloween treats you can make for your dog

These Halloween dog treats are adorable and great for your pooch.
healthy veggies for dogs

10 best healthy veggies you can share with your dog

These vegetables are delicious, healthy, and great for your dog.
Bone-shaped dog food in a metal dog food bowl

Fromm Family dog food voluntarily recalled: Is it in your dog’s bowl?

Fromm family canned dog food has been recalled due to Vitamin D risk.
bloodhound puppy sniffing in grass

Why the experts say you should let your dog sniff whatever they want on walks

This is why you should let your dogs explore on walks.
shiba inu lying in grass

Why you should consider crate-training your Shiba Inu

Crate training is a good idea for shiba inus. Here's why.
couple dog halloween costumes

6 incredible family Halloween costumes that include your dog

Want your dog to be part of your family Halloween costume? Try these ideas.
A person pets their dog, who lies on their bed

Animal hospital offering ‘goodbye kisses’ to dogs has us in tears

An animal hospital is offering "goodbye kisses" to dogs before they're euthanized.
Spanish water dog playing in the bed of his owner with Halloween costume.

3 amazing homemade dog treats to make for your pet in October

These fall-inspired dog treats are perfect for October.
Two dogs play tug of war with a frisbee

How to find pup friends for your large dog to socialize with

These are some great ways to socialize your large dog.
golden retriever in dog house with snow

Now is the time to think about winterizing your dog house

This is how to make sure your doghouse is ready for winter.
A brown tabby cat lying near a space heater.

5 things pet parents should know before getting that space heater

Follow these space heater safety tips to keep your pets from harm.
A Dachshund in a red sweater stands proudly on a tree stump

Does your dog need a sweater for the cold? What to consider

Should you get your pup a dog sweater for cold weather? Here are the pros and cons you should consider first.
yellow dog playing with pink ball

6 DIY dog toys you can make yourself

Tired of buying toys only for your dog to ruin them in a day? Here's how to make dog toys yourself.
A white dog and a brown dog playing in a park.

How to find furry friends for your small dog to socialize with

We show you how to find other small dogs your pup can socialize with.
A girl hands out a treat to an Australian shepherd

Can dogs have walnuts? What you need to know

Walnuts aren't the safest treat for your dog. Here's why and what you should feed them instead.
old senior golden retriever

4 great ways to help your senior dog deal with changing weather

Cold weather can exacerbate ailments in older dogs. Here's what to do.
dog hiking gear guide woman siberian husky mountain hike cloudy

The comprehensive guide to dog hiking gear you need

This is everything you need to go hiking with your dog.
husky wearing plaid coat on beach

How to choose the right cold-weather dog coat

Looking to invest in a cold-weather coat for your dog? Here's how to find the right one.
a woman checks her phone and smiles as she cuddles her Shiba Inu

Good, better, best: Dog DNA kits worth the investment

These dog DNA kits can tell you a lot about your pup.
a labradoodle puppy sits and holds an ear of corn in their mouth

6 fall foods you love that are great for dogs, too

These fall foods are healthy and nutritious for dogs.