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Four dogs on a walk in park

How to find the perfect dog walker for your pet

This is how to find a dog walker you and your pet will love.
A dog licks a person's hand and raises a paw in the air

Were military dogs left in Afghanistan? What we know about the ongoing rescue

Learn how the SPCA is working with an adoption agency to rescue dogs in Afghanistan.
silhouette of girl walking her dog at sunset

6 safety tips you must know when you take a dog for a walk at night

Here's what you need to know before you take your dog for a walk at night.
Vet checking dog's eyes.

What you need to know about ataxia in dogs

Is your dog weak, stumbling, and off balance? Here's what you need to know about ataxia.
bell train puppy

How to bell train a puppy properly

Bell training a puppy is easy if you follow these steps.
fawn pug lying on floor

Experts explain how to stop a dog from eating stool

Does your dog eat poop? Here's what the experts say you should do.
red light effect person walking dog

The best reflective gear for dog walks to keep your dog safe

Don't go walking your dog at night without these highly visible items.
man in blue shirt with dog in lap

5 useful tips from the experts to stop a dog’s excessive guarding

Experts explain how to stop your dog from being too protective.
someone brushes the fur of an Alaskan Malamute

Reduce dog shedding with these helpful tips

Want to reduce the amount of dog hair you're cleaning up? Try these strategies.
pet profiles prince profile

Pet profiles: This Weimaraner is a true prince

Meet Prince, a regal Weimaraner who's ready to snuggle his way into your heart.
Close up of bulldog's face.

Aggressive breeding has ruined these 10 dog breeds’ health

These dog breeds look totally different than they did 100 years ago.
girl and her dog cuddling in tent

The ultimate checklist for camping with your dog

Make sure you've got everything on this list before you take your dog camping.
a golden retriever rolls around happily in the sand at the beach

Why now is actually the perfect time to bring your golden retriever to the beach

Summer might be the most popular season to go to the beach, but here's why you should take your dog in the fall.
A pug eats kibble from a blue dog bowl

The best dog food to keep your pug from gaining too much weight

These are the dog food items that will keep your pug healthy and happy.
red merle australian shepherd in woods

5 easy steps for training your Australian shepherd

Training your Australian shepherd is easy if you follow these steps.
Woman kissing a Boston terrier on the couch.

6 best dog breeds for apartment living

These amazing dog breeds don't need a lot of space.
dog and human cooking in the kitchen

Making dog food in your Instant Pot is easy — here’s how

This is how you can use your Instant Pot to make homemade dog food.
Two dogs sitting on a blanket looking out at the mountains

4 things to do before you take your dog camping

Before you go on that camping trip with your dog, make sure you're prepared. Here's everything you need to do beforehand to keep your pup safe.
fall activities dogs black labrador retriever dog woman autumn hike

6 fun fall activities your large dog can join in on

These six activities are fun to do with your dog in the fall.
a pug sits next to a woman in bed while the woman eats oatmeal

Why oatmeal is good for dogs in moderation

Oatmeal is a staple in human diets for a reason. It can also be a healthy addition to your dog's routine.
a Schnauzer sits in his crate decorated to look like a television

5 amazing DIY dog crate ideas you can build this weekend

Making a dog crate has never been easier than with these great ideas.
Two Pembroke Welsh corgis chew on a pumpkin on an autumn picnic

Is pumpkin bad for dogs? What you need to know

Pumpkin is a fall favorite, but should you feed it to your dog?
happy dog movies watching tv

4 uplifting movies about dogs to stream on Disney+

These dog movies are great (and you don't have to worry about a sad ending).
Couple looking at map on fall trail with dog.

These national parks are stunning in the fall — and allow your dog to visit, too

These national parks are incredible in the fall, and your dog will love them, too.
Black dog digging in the sand

Stop your dog from digging excessively with these great tips

This is what you should do when your dog won't stop digging.
Dog looking out window.

6 ways to help pets with back-to-school sadness

Kids and college students are going back to school. Here's how to help your pets adjust.
socialize your dog two little meeting in park

5 great ways to socialize your older dog

If your dog needs some help with socialization, try these methods.
corgi chasing red ball in grass

4 fantastic dog toys your corgi will love

Looking for a new treat for your corgi? Your pet will love these amazing dog toys.
an Alaskan Malamute bites into an apple

Can dogs have apples? What you need to know

Should you give your dog apples? This is what you need to know about their nutritional value and the best ways to serve them.
dog running beside a fence

A handy guide to training your German shorthaired pointer

Need to train your German shorthaired pointer? Follow these tips.
Two Yorkies in bathtub.

4 common mistakes people make when grooming their Yorkie

Don't make these mistakes when you groom your Yorkie.
golden retriever and patriotic background

This Disney+ docuseries about dogs is great for the whole family

This family-friendly docuseries about dogs on Disney+ is must-see.
A woman and man looking at paperwork in the office with a dog.

Do these 5 things before taking your dog to work

Before you bring your dog to work, make sure you do these things first.
rottweiler and girl with ponytail

How to choose the right dog bed for your Rottweiler

Rottweilers will love their dog beds if you follow these directions.
Dog eating grass.

Is it bad for dogs to eat grass? What you need to know

Dogs have a tendency to eat grass. Here's why and whether it's safe.
a gray and white pitbull sits by the bathrub wrapped in a towel and headband

DIY dog shampoo: 4 recipes to make from home

Making dog shampoo for your furry friend isn’t hard, but you want to make sure you’re using the best ingredients. Here’s what you need to know.
A dog steering a car and wearing red sunglasses

Are your bad driving habits endangering your dog?

Driving with an unrestrained dog is distracted driving. Do you have bad habits when it comes to transporting your dog?
beagle in tall green grass

Why you shouldn’t leave your beagle alone too often

No dog should be left alone for too long, but this is especially true for beagles. Here's why.
smiling boxer in green grass

5 reasons why boxers are not suited to outdoor living

You shouldn't keep your boxer outside for too long. Here's why.
aging golden retriever lying on floor

4 stylish decor ideas your senior dog will appreciate

These amazing home decor finds will make your senior dog's life a little bit easier.
carmel poodle running ears up

How to care for a full-coated poodle

These are the grooming tips you need for your full-coated poodle.
Golden retriever hanging out with his family.

Golden retriever vs. Labrador: Which is the right dog for you?

Should you adopt a golden retriever or a Labrador?
a yellow labrador retriever gently holds his leather collar in his mouth

The best dog collars with tags attached under $30 you can get

These dog collars and tags are functional and stylish.
a silver dog food bowl full of kibble

Over 130 dog deaths may be linked to Midwestern Pet Foods, FDA warns

Here’s everything you need to know about the Midwestern Pet Foods recall to keep your dog safe.
cleaning up after your pet bissell proheat 2x revolution pro carpet cleaner 1986 1024x1024

Avoid a smelly home — here’s how to clean up your pet’s messes effectively

One of the many responsibilities of being a pet parent involves cleaning up the messes your dog or cat manages to create. Here's what you need to know.
A tan and white English Bulldog puppy isolated on a white background.

6 best dog breeds for couch potatoes

If you want a dog who likes curling up next to you on the couch, these are the dog breeds you should consider.
an Australian shepherd sits on his owner's lap at the breakfast tab;e

Barkcuterie: The charcuterie board you can share with your dog

Do you love sharing people food with your dog? This charcuterie board is delicious — and safe for your dog to eat.
Mom and kids bathing a bulldog.

Bulldogs require more grooming than you think

This is everything you need to know to make sure your bulldog is well groomed.
A small dog lies on a green welcome mat with someone's feet nearby

6 ways to soothe your dog’s separation anxiety for good

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, there are ways you can help. Here’s how.
a woman does a yoga pose in a seated position with her legs in the air and her shiba inu sitting on her legs

Dog yoga: Fad or fun activity with your pet?

Dog yoga has been trending online, but is it more than a fad?