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pet profile phineus german shepherd chewing tennis ball

Pet profiles: Meet Phineus, the German Shepherd gentleman

This dapper dude is all about loyalty, exercise, and love.
diy dog bed ideas a gray with young french bulldog on it

5 amazing ideas for a cute DIY dog bed you can make today

These DIY dog bed ideas will be an adorable addition to your home.
a St. Bernard crosses her paws and poses while sitting on the carpet

How to choose a dog crate that’s the right size for your St. Bernard

If you're looking for a dog crate for your St. Bernard, here's how to find the right one.
A brown and white Pit Bull smiling at the camera.

4 myths about pit bulls you probably believe

Pit bulls don't have the best reputation, but it's undeserved. We debunk the myths.
pet subscription box guide shutterstock 1053453545 2

How to choose the best subscription box for your pet

Discover how to choose the best pet-related subscription box for your dog or cat, and save money when it comes to treating your pet to new treats and toys.
cute dachshund puppies nature background

Why you should try reward-based training for your dachshund

Dachshunds respond well to rewards-based training. Here's how to train your pet effectively.
a siberian husky licks the grassy ground

4 totally normal reasons why your dog eats poop (and when to be concerned)

Does your dog eat poop? Here's why this might be happening and what you can do about it.
Brandon McMillan smiles and holds two dogs: a large black dog and a small white one

You can learn dog training on MasterClass: Is it worth it?

MasterClass has a dog training class. Here's what you should know about it.
a pit bull lies in a person's bed wrapped in their blanket and holds out their paw

6 useful tips for helping an anxious dog through a thunderstorm

Thunderstorms can be scary for dogs. Follow these tips to keep your pet calm.
looking outside tent flaps there is a black and white dog

7 safety tips for taking your dog on a camping trip

Camping with your dog can be fun, but you have to keep them safe, too. Here's how.
assistance dog guide yellow lab woman park bench sunlight

What you need to know about assistance dogs

This is your handy guide to everything you've ever wanted to know about assistance dogs.
italian greyhound meetups

How to find a meetup group for your Italian greyhound

Here's how to find other Italian greyhounds to socialize your pet.
a beige chihuahua wearing a collar sits on a table in a pet store

4 best flea and tick collars under $30 for your Chihuahua

These flea and tick collars were designed for small dogs like chihuahuas.
Irish setter in the show ring

Want an active dog? 3 reasons why an Irish setter may be for you

If you're looking for an active dog, an Irish setter may just be for you. Here's why.
pet profile armie harpo pembroke welsh corgis tongues out

Pet profiles: Meet Armie & Harpo, two adorable Pembroke Welsh corgis

These cute corgis stole their editor Dad's heart — and most of his socks.
two tricolour beagles and one white pitbull run together in a park, the middle dog holding a ball in their mouth

7 questions to consider before bringing your dog to the dog park

Dog parks can be a lot of fun for dogs, but answer these 7 questions before you take your pup to one.
A harlequin Great Dane sleeps on their bed on a wooden floor

Good, better, best: Dog beds big enough for your Great Dane

If you have trouble finding a dog bed large enough for a Great Dane, check out these great beds.
angry dog pastel fence

Why do dogs growl? This is what they’re trying to tell you

Dogs growl for many reasons. Here's how to identify the cause and advice for what to do.
best bunk beds furlow light walnut wood dog house

3 great bunk beds for cats and small dogs that save you space

Do you have multiple pets? These are the best bunk beds for your pets.
Dog up close to camera in the desert

We can’t stop watching this docuseries on Peacock

This docuseries is amazing and every pet lover should watch it.
a white wesite dog stands on a grooming table while a groomer with long curly hair uses scissors to give the dog a haircut

How to choose the right dog groomer for your pet

This is what you need to know to choose the right dog groomer.
A gray and white greyhound eats a treat out of someone's hand

4 under-$10 dog treats greyhounds will love

Want to feed your greyhound something delicious and nutritious? These are the best dog treats for greyhounds.
dogs drink milk dog man

Can dogs drink milk? What you need to know

Want to give your dog the last bit of your vanilla ice cream but not sure if it's safe? Here's what you should know about dogs and dairy.
A brown and white mixed-breed dog curled up in bed.

Why you should adopt a mixed-breed dog next

Purebreds are great, but so are mutts. Here's why you should adopt a mixed-breed dog.
a yorkie wearing a brown sweatshirt looks like a jedi from star wars

6 amazing Star Wars-inspired finds for your dog you can get now

These incredible Star Wars-inspired goodies for your dogs are both functional and cool.
Close up of happy collie dog's face.

This is the totally normal reason why your dog’s nose is cold

It's fine if your dog's nose is wet and cold. Here's why.
a jack russell terrier lies at the top of the stairs and looks down at the camera

Dog afraid of the stairs? This might be why

These are the reasons your dog is afraid of the stairs.
A Jack Russell terrier dog chews on a yellow kong toy

Everything we recommend from Kong under $12 for your puppy

Kong has some great items for puppies, and these are the best.
a mother and daughter sit on the couch with the family dog while they check the mom's smart watch

4 Apple Watch apps every dog owner should have

These Apple Watch apps make pet parents' lives simpler.
Gregory the beagle leans on Joe Kirk's shoulder and sticks his tongue out while looking lovingly up at Kirk

6 adorable new dog announcement ideas to consider

These ideas are adorable if you're introducing your new puppy to the world.
dog body language girl hugging

Learn to understand a dog’s body language to avoid a dog bite

Dogs communicate their feelings in many ways. Learn how to know when a dog is feeling scared or aggressive in order to avoid a dangerous situation.
lhasa apso grooming long hair

Long hair vs. puppy cut: Which is better for your Lhasa apso?

Which haircut is right for your Lhasa Apso? We tell you the pros and cons of long hair and puppy cuts.
australian shepherds in bandanas

5 DIY tips to make a homemade flea collar for your dog

Thinking of making your dog a DIY flea collar? Here's what you should consider.
a white and tan dog licks a purple toothbrush that someone holds out to him

Good, better, best: Toothbrushes for dogs your pet (and vet) will love

Does your dog have stinky breath and bad dental hygiene? These are the best toothbrushes for your dog.
a woman pets her senior black labrador retriever outside

How to treat dog dementia for a happy pet

Dog dementia can be scary for your pet. This is what you should do if your dog has dementia.
two golden retrievers eat from silver bowls

The best dog food under $80 good for golden retrievers

These are the best dog food options for golden retrievers.
a siberian husky puppy walks alongside someone in jeans outdoors

Do these 5 things to safely take a puppy on a walk

Follow these five steps to take a puppy on a walk safely.
pet profiles lucy

Pet profiles: Meet Lucy, a terrier mix who’s a writer’s best friend

This adorable rescue girl is sweet, speedy, and sometimes a little snacky.
separation anxiety dog at door

Going back to the office? How to help your dog overcome separation anxiety

During COVID-19, our dogs got used to our presence 24/7. Now people are going back to work, and many dogs have separation anxiety. Here's what to do.
a maltese puppy lies on a couch surrounded by plushie toys

5 under-$15 dog toys that are safe for your Maltese

Need a dog toy that's good for small pets? These are the best dog toys for Maltese.
Person walking two dogs on leashes down a trail

How to set your pet sitter up for success

If you've hired a pet sitter, follow these steps to ensure their job is easy and your pets are well cared for.
a cocker spaniel sits and looks at the camera in front of a field of orange flowers

Why do cocker spaniels get chronic ear infections? Here’s what to know

Here's why cocker spaniels get ear infections and what you can do to help.
Scared dog hiding under furniture.

6 effective ways to keep pets safe if a fire breaks out

No homeowner wants to think about a house fire, but when it comes to protecting your family (including pets), being proactive is essential. Here's what to do.
a doberman pinscher shakes paws with a blonde woman in front of a lake

An easy guide for training your Doberman pinscher the right way

Want to ensure you've got a happy, obedient Doberman pinscher? Follow these tips for training this eager-to-please breed.
A small brown dog sits and looks at the camera while a person holds their paw and trims their nails

Cutting your dog’s nails can be easy — here’s how

Here's what to know about cutting your dog's nails, from getting the right tools to keeping your pup zen.
golden retriever lifeguard

Don’t go boating with your dog unless you do these 6 things first

Boating is a fun activity for the whole family, but before you take your dog along, you have to be prepared. We show you how.
A smiling young woman holds a shiba inu in her arms in front of a city in the background

These are the most dog-friendly cities to live in

These cities top the list of emerging dog-friendly places to live. Does your hometown make the list?
a brown long-haired dog plays in a dog pool in a grassy yard

Good, better, best: Dog swimming pools made for large-breed dogs

These fantastic swimming pools can hold large dogs and are easy to set up.
dog going blind old golden retriever pet head sit

6 telltale signs your dog is going blind

These are the telltale signs your dog is going blind.
a tan Chinook dog stands outside and looks to the side

3 rare dog breeds that almost went extinct

These three dog breeds almost went extinct. Here's how they made their comeback.