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A closeup of a peach and gray calico cat with amber eyes.

8 essential things you should be doing now to promote cat health

What you should be doing to promote cat health and prevent cat illnesses
Happy cat sleeping on a cat sofa

Do cats dream? Yes, and wait until you hear what they dream about

Yes, cats dream, and what they dream about is interesting.
Gray cat lying on a bed with a white comforter

Does your cat wake you up to be petted? It’s probably your fault

This is why cats wake up to be petted at night by their owners.
A closeup shot of a black cat meowing.

This crazy cat behavior will keep you up all night

Beware of this crazy cat sleep behavior that will keep you up at night.
Grey cat sleeping on a couch in front of a radiator

Why do cats like to sleep curled up in a ball? This adorable habit explained

Find out the reason cats like to curl into balls to sleep.
Grey longhair cat being walked on a leash

Should you take your cat on a walk? You won’t be the only one

Should you take your cat on your next walk around the neighborhood?
A Sphynx cat chasing her tail against an orange background.

Wonder why cats chase their tails? This seemingly silly behavior demystified

Why do cats Chase their tails, Sleep so much, Eat grass, randomly run around, and do other odd behaviors?
Cat sitting and eating a treat

10 human foods cats love (that are already in your pantry or fridge)

These 10 common pantry items are human foods cats love.
A vet brushing a cat's teeth with a finger brush

How to clean your cat’s teeth at home without being mauled

Here's how to safely and effectively clean your cat's teeth at home.
Two kittens playing on a tile floor

Are your cats playing or fighting? An easy way to tell

Here's how you can tell whether your cats are playing or fighting each other.
a gray kitten sitting on a couch

10 signs that your cat is totally annoyed with you

Watch for these signs that your cat is annoyed with or mad at you.
Vet listening to a longhaired cat's heart

Why is your cat throwing up? A few concerning things might be going on

If your cat is throwing up, it could be attributed to a few different causes.
Car lying in a big pile of catnip

Do cats really get ‘high’ on catnip or are they just being goofy?

Here's the truth about why cats are attracted to catnip.
weird stuff cats do cat in glass bowl

There’s a subreddit dedicated to all the weird stuff cats do and we love it

There's a subreddit channel full of all the weird stuff cats do and it's awesome.
Cat sleeping on woman's lap.

Want to know if your cat is really happy? There’s a quiz you can take

Take this cool quiz to find out whether your cat is truly a happy kitty.
White kitten looking backwards while lying on a table

Why are cats so curious? It all comes down to science

There are scientific reasons why cats are so naturally curious.
Cat getting injection at home.

Cat acting oddly? 4 signs your cat has diabetes

If your cat has any of these signs, they might have feline diabetes.
Gray cat biting a person's hand

Is it a big deal if your cat bites you? When you should be freaking out

Here's when to worry if you get a cat bite from your feline friend.
Siamese cat lying on a grey couch

How long does it take for a cat to fully heal after being spayed? A vet tells us

This is how long you can expect it to take your cat to heal from spay surgery.

Cats sleep with their eyes open — it’s creepy, but here’s why they do it

Ever seen a cat sleeping with its eyes open? It's weird! Here's why they do it
Cat sleeping in sun on window.

What are the first signs of leukemia in cats?

If your cat has feline leukemia, you might notice these signs.
A closeup of a gray cat's whiskers.

Why do cats have whiskers? The answer is more in-depth than you think

There's a scientific reason why cats have whiskers on their face.
A tabby striped American shorthair cat staring at a butterfly.

How long do American Shorthair cats typically live?

Here's what you need to know about the lifespan of your American shorthair cat.
Brown Persian cat sitting on a lawn

Vets: 5 Persian cat health issues that could be cause for concern

Here are 5 common health issues in Persian cats to watch for.
An orange and white kitten huddles under a gray blanket.

The cutest kitten names that start with the letter ‘A’

Here are some adorable kitten names that start with the letter A.
Cat yawning, providing a clear view of his tongue, teeth, and gums

How do you know if your cat has bad gums? Here’s what to look for

Here's what to look for to check if your cat's gums are healthy.
Closeup of a woman's hand stroking a gray British Shorthair kitten's chin.

You don’t want to hear this, but cats may be bad for your health

There are actually a few reasons why cats pose a risk to your health.
An exotic calico cat lifts her tail against a bike tire

How your cat’s behavior may change when she’s in heat

If your cat is in heat, here are the behaviors you can expect from her.
a black and white cat in front of a green screen

10 reasons why cats are totally superior to dogs

Here are 10 reasons why cats are so much better than dogs.
A Maine Coon cat lying on a bed hisses at the camera.

Why do cats hiss at new kittens? It’s not just because they’re being mean

Here's the reason why cats will hiss at new kittens.
Calico cat lying on a white surface

5 Calico cat health problems you’ll want to keep an eye out for

Watch for these 5 health problems if you have a Calico cat.
a white cat on a white blanket with roses

Why your cat is a much better Valentine’s Day date than any human

Here are the reasons why your cat is a way better valentine than your partner.
a large cat in the snow

5 awesome winter boots for cats who love to roam around outdoors

These are the best winter cat boots to keep their paws safe.
maine coon green background

What is the lifespan of a Maine Coon cat?

Here are the details on the expected lifespan of a Maine Coon cat.
A calico cat nuzzling against a denim-clad leg

Why does your cat follow you everywhere? The answer might be worrisome

If your cat follows you everywhere, it could be a bad sign.
A dog sniffing a cat on a bookshelf

Video of cat feeding a dog treats like he’s some sort of peasant is priceless

This video of a cat feeding a dog treats shows they're a perfect team.
persian cat lifespan yawning

How long do Persian cats typically live? That’s up to their human

This is how long you can expect your Persian cat to live.
a gray cat with green eyes on a black background

Why did your cat attack you for no reason? We have answers

If your cat attacks you for no reason, here's what you need to know.
cat watching TV

Cat watches ‘The Lion King’ and freaks out during iconic scene

This video of a cat growing concerned during a scene in 'The Lion King' is just too cute.
Older kitten in a yard drinking out of a bowl of milk

Is milk good or bad for cats? Here’s the truth

Ever wondered if milk is good for cats? Here's the truth.
cat peering over blankets

A day in the life of your cat: Questions they really want to ask you

The questions your cat would ask you if they could are too funny.
Grey cat sleeping on a couch in front of a radiator

What does it mean when your cat twitches in their sleep?

This is probably why your cat is twitching in their sleep.
gray cat white chair

If your cat is aggressive towards other cats, here’s how to fix it

How to fix the problem if your cat is aggressive toward other cats.
White cat eating a treat off of the floor

10 human foods cats can eat safely

You can safely feed your cat these 10 human foods.
Ragdoll cat lying on a table

4 most affectionate cat breeds for pet parents who love to snuggle

There are some cat breeds that are much more affectionate than others.
cat and baby

Video of mom cat trying to introduce her kitten to a human baby makes us go ‘Aww!’

This video of a cat introducing her kitten to a human baby is as cute as it gets.
Orange cat holding its heat in its paws

How to tell if your cat is sick: 5 symptoms to watch out for

Watch for these signs that your cat is under the weather.
Relaxed cat starting to blink its eyes

Why do cats blink their eyes while looking at you? (It’s a signal!)

This is why your cat blinks at you when they look at you.
Relaxed cat lying on its side while being pet

Cat biting your chin? There’s a reason why your feline friend goes after it

Why your cat can't resist biting your chin and what to do about it.
Grey cat being held by the scruff of the neck

Why scruffing a cat is something you should never do according to experts

Experts advise against scruffing a cat, as it's cruel.