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Cat Mealtime & Treats

bobby flay nacho new line of cat food made by

Chef Bobby Flay’s cat is launching his own cat food

Celebrity chef-cat Nacho Flay and his dad Bobby are launching a new line of cat foods for the "modern cat" with sustainably sourced ingredients.
Black cat looking at a dinner plate

A quick guide for the people food cats can (and can’t) eat

There's some food you eat that cats can enjoy — and some you should never give them. Here's what you need to know.
Kittens eating together from a bowl

How to know when it’s time to change your cat’s food

Switch up your cat’s food when it’s time - here’s how to tell
Cat eating a treat out of its owner's hand

Treating anemia in cats: What to know and where to start

If your cat is anemic, there are treatment options - here are some at-home remedies to try.
Cat food storage solutions keep cat food fresh

7 cat food storage solutions that just make sense

Keep your cat food safe and protected with these storage solutions.
Cat getting checkup at vet

Need to increase your cat’s iron levels? Here’s where to start

Here's how to increase iron levels in your cat's blood in a healthy way
Cat not eating his meal

How to help skinny cats put on some pounds

Some cats need to put on weight -- here's how to get yours to put on weight in a healthy way.
Woman feeding cat a treat

Healthy cat treats: What you should look for

Let’s look at how to find a healthy cat treat that will benefit your cat’s health and well-being while also providing a fun moment here and there.
German shepherd eating from a metal bowl

Freeze-dried vs. dehydrated dog food: Which is best?

Raw dog foods are available not just in the freezer but also as dehydrated and freeze-dried foods. We list the pros and cons of both types
Cat eating and licking their lips

Why cats shouldn’t eat dog food

Cats and dogs have very different dietary needs. Read on to learn more about why cats and dogs can’t eat the same food.
Cat waiting for food in a bowl

Great storage ideas to keep cat food fresh

Check out some of the best ways to keep your cat’s food not only organized but also fresh.
cat treat for training

Need to train your cat? Try treats as motivation

Training your cat doesn't need to be an impossible task. With a bit of work and some yummy treats for your feline friend you'll be able to train them.
if your cat isn't eating

Should you be concerned if your cat isn’t eating?

Changes in a cats eating habit can be a sign of a deeper problem. Here's what to look out for if your feline friend isn't enjoying food.
Kitten in kitchen eating

How many times a day should kittens eat?

Your kitten will need more fuel for his growing body than an adult cat. We give suggestions on how much he can eat each day to be happy.
Black car eating from bowl

Cat food 101: What ingredients to look for

As a new or longtime cat owner, you're concerned about their food. Learn about what dry cat food ingredients are healthy and which aren’t
Orange cat with metal bowl

The right dry cat food ingredients for indoor cats

What exactly should your pet cat be eating? And what is the best quality and affordable dry cat food? Read our guide to find out
Cat eating from metal bowl on floor

Is wet cat food healthy for your indoor cat?

Is wet cat food better for cats than dry cat food? What are the healthiest kinds of soft food? Get these answers in this article
Woman feeding cat a treat

Are cat treats healthy?

When it comes to treats for your cat, it is important to always know every ingredient that goes into them. We list what to look for