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Conure sits on branch

These are the most colorful birds you can keep as pets

Want a super colorful bird? Consider these breeds.
A blue and yellow Macaw on roller-skates.

Now is the time to train your parrot to do tricks — here’s how

Training your parrot to do tricks is easy if you follow these steps.
Woman looks through binoculars at a bird

4 amazing bird podcasts we’re listening to right now

These bird podcasts are informative and interesting.
Parrot talks with beak open

6 words to teach your parrot (and 3 not to)

Teaching your bird to speak will take time and lots of practice. Here are the words you should make sure they can say ... and a few to leave off the list.
bird flu guide at the vet

How to tell if a bird has bird flu

Worried your bird has bird flu? Here's how to tell.
Rabbit sits outside with a carrot

A handy guide to taking your small pet outside

Rabbits, guinea pigs, turtles, tortoises, and birds (in cages) can all go outside for some sunny playtime. Here's how to take your pet out safely.
Blue macaw looking quizzically into the camera

The 7 most intelligent birds you can keep as pets

Birds are actually one of the most intelligent creatures and have the unique skill of mimicking the human voice. These smart birds make the best pets.
Owl sits in his outdoor aviary

Do owls make good pets? Harry Potter got it wrong

There are a lot of reasons why owls make terrible pets.
Beautiful hummingbird flaps its wings

7 amazing bird photographers on Instagram to follow

Follow these bird photographers on Instagram—their work is gorgeous.
Bird perches on owner's hand

Trimming your bird’s nails is super easy if you follow these 6 steps

Follow these 6 steps to get great results when you trim your bird's nails.
Bird with mites pecking at skin

How to get rid of bird mites on your pet bird

With these 5 tips, you can rid your pet bird of bird mites quickly.
Yellow bird flies off toward trees

If your bird flew away, do these 6 things immediately

If your bird flew away, hope is not lost. Try these 6 things.
Canary looking into camera

Canary song recordings can help train your bird to sing

If you've got a solitary canary, song recordings can teach them how to sing.
A pair of hyacinth macaws look quizzically

6 friendliest bird species for your next pet

There are plenty of friendly bird species in the world. These are 6 of the friendliest.
Parrot tilts his head to the side

Why do parrots bob their heads? The answer may surprise you

Why does your parrot bob its head? Here are 5 reasons why.
Bird looks quizzically at stone

6 simple tips: How to pick a great name for your new bird

Need a name for your pet bird? Here's how to pick a great one.
A cockatiel perches on a chair

5 great birds for apartment living

These birds work great in smaller, quieter spaces like an apartment.
Girl feeds seed to her pet parrot

Has your birdseed gone bad? How to tell and how to prevent it

Yes, birdseed can go bad, but here's how to keep it fresh.
Two gray pigeons kissing on concrete.

Believe it or not, pigeons can be great pets — here’s why

Surprisingly enough, a pet pigeon just might be the right bird for you.
Two budgies perch in outdoor cage

Follow these steps to keep your bird’s cage clean

With these simple cleaning steps, your bird cage will remain a welcome home.
Parrot hangs from a rope toy

You should be playing games with your bird — here’s how

Games aren't just for dogs —birds love to play, too. Here's how to keep them entertained.
Gray and Orange Bird on a Branch

Looking for a low-maintenance bird? 6 things to keep in mind

Keep these items in mind when searching for quiet, low-maintenance brands
Two Kingfisher Birds Sitting on Branch

These birds have the prettiest songs

Birdsongs are unique, and these breeds have beautiful songs
two macaw parrots sit on a perch, nestling into one another

What you need to know about breeding pet birds

Thinking about bird breeding? Here's what to consider.
a fish-eye angled picture of a green parrot with an orange ye

Bird body language, decoded: What it means and what you can do

Birds can be an enigma to some pet owners - we break down their basic body language
one blue parakeet and one green and yellow parakeet nestle into one another on a perch

Everything you need to know before buying a bird for your kids

Kids asking for a bird? Here's what to know before making the investment
quiet birds for apartments pair of parkeets perched on a branch

4 quiet bird breeds for apartment living

Do you want a bird, but are worried it will make too much noise? Here are some birds that typically stay silent.
birds biting imports  1 of 2

Why birds bite other birds, and how to stop it

Do you have a 'bully bird' at home? Here's why they bite other birds, and how to stop it.
Macaw perched on a branch stretching out one wing

What does it mean when your parrot sings?

Parrots love to sing and chatter, but why? Here's what it means when your parrot sings randomly
monk parakeet on man's shoulder

5 great birds kids will love as pets

Thinking about adopting a bird? Here’s a quick list of five great birds to consider adding to your family.
Two love birds on a perch

The 4 quietest birds that make amazing pets

If you thought all birds are noisy as pets, take another look. We list four birds that are among the quietest and make amazing pets.
Yellow bird on perch in its cage

How to clean a bird cage the right way

The key to cleaning your bird cage easily is to stick to a schedule. Follow our handy guidelines to make the task effortless
Yellow bird on finger of person

The best ways to train your bird

A talented bird is the result of a lot of patience and training. We go over some of the best ways to train your feathered friend.
why birds bite loud help

Why birds bite, and how to prevent it

You love your pet bird, but its biting causes an unwelcome rift. Our guide shows you the reasons why and how you can prevent it.
bird cage

The best ways to play with your pet bird

Birds are intelligent, curious, and smart, and playing games with your pet bird helps you bond in new ways. Here are the best ways to play with your pet bird.
Parakeet on branch

Here are the best birds to keep as pets

Birds come in a range of colors, demeanor, and sizes. Our list has some of the best birds to have as pets to suit your taste
bird cage

How often you should replace the paper or liner in your bird’s cage

Your bird needs a clean cage - check out our guide for how often to change the liner.
Woman with bird on head and shoulder

Interesting bird names you may be overlooking

Naming your pet bird can be as much fun as owning one. There are many great names to choose, including sweet, cute, or humorous ones