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This portable dog bath is 20% off for Prime Day, and you need it

Check out this Prime Day deal

Dogs aren’t always easy to groom or bathe, especially if they have long, fluffy fur. It helps if you have a shower or bath with a removable head — and you can always install a new showerhead to help. But the next best thing is something like the Bissell Barkbath — on sale for Prime Day — which is actually a portable dog bath that doubles as a steam cleaner.

Want to know the best part? It’s on sale right now for Amazon Prime Day, along with many other amazing Prime Day deals, currently priced at $159 with free shipping, down from $200 — . Grab it now below, or keep reading for a little more info on it.

Why you should buy the Bissell Barkbath portable dog bath on Prime Day

Bissell Barkbath 2-in-1 dog bath and cleaner for use anywhere.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

In short, the Bissell Barkbath is a 2-in-1 system, that can be used to clean or bathe your pets, but also to clean your home. It does a great job of cleaning up messes that pets or friends have made on upholstery, including carpets and rugs. Of course, that’s just a bonus, as it’s really meant to help you give your furry companion a deep clean, getting down into their fur and removing all the nasty dirt, debris, grass, or whatever else they’ve gotten into.

It comes with three customizable spray nozzles, meant for different fur lengths, and it makes efficient use of water added to the reservoir. For example, it can clean an 80-pound dog with 68 ounces of water or less, versus a traditional bath which would require about 19 gallons or so.

The nozzles attach right to the spray head. They use a mixture of water spray — and pressure — alongside soft suction to clean and remove dirt. Moreover, three customizable grooming clips can also be attached to brush and clean your dog’s upper coat. While it does sound like a vacuum when powered on, there are training tips included to help your dog get used to the system.

The Bissell Barkbath is also portable, so you can take it with you anywhere you go, whether that’s the open road, on vacation, or visiting friends and family. Everything packs neatly inside the unit, and the spray head and hose wrap around the outside, and secure tightly to it. For soap, or shampoo rather, you’re meant to use Bissell no-rinse shampoos with the unit — there are seven different types to choose from, and they are sold separately.

Right now, it’s on sale for Amazon’s Prime Day, for 20% off the original price. You can grab it for $159 with free shipping, instead of the normal $200. There are also some bundles that include the no-rinse shampoo if you want to grab that at the same time. Either way, we recommend grabbing one while it’s on sale — your pups will thank you!

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