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A woman with long hair holds a pug while riding on the city bus

My dog is not a service animal — can we still travel together on a bus?

What are the rules for pet-friendly buses and trains? Can my pet travel with me?
A veterinarian pets a yellow Labrador Retriever with gloved hands

5 reasons to switch to a mobile vet clinic (plus 1 important reason not to)

There are many reasons why mobile vet clinics have gained popularity among vets and pet parents. Is one right for you?
A woman holds a black and brown Chihuahua in her arms

These are the 6 most loyal small dog breeds for you & your family, ranked

If you're looking for a loving and loyal small dog breed, search no further. These dogs are pint-sized, playful, and packed with love.
3 Australian shepherd puppies playing outdoors

Ready for a puppy playdate? Not before reaching these crucial milestones

Puppy playdates should wait until your pup has reached 5 crucial milestones.
A Belgian Malinois runs after a ball that a woman throws from the background

You might be hurting your dog by indulging in endless games of fetch

If your dog enjoys endless games of fetch, follow these health warnings from vets.
A woman browses large shelves of dog food bags

Will supply chain shortages affect my pets? Why you should keep planning ahead

Supply chain problems persist in 2022. What does this mean for your pets?
a dog with his back to the camera reaches for a treat that a woman holds out

These 4 diabetic dog treats are healthy, tasty, & can be made in 30 minutes

Homemade diabetic dog treats are a great option that gives pet parents more control over their furry friend’s diet. Who said healthy had to be boring?
A Pomeranian sits in front of a blue background while someone's hands prepare to give them a vaccine injection to the side

Bordetella at home: Can you vaccinate your dog yourself?

Pets who spend time in kennels and doggy daycare need a Bordetella vaccination. Many pet parents don't know they can administer this vaccine at home.
A Shepherd dog sits in a kennel at an animal shelter

Considering dog boarding for your next vacation? Read this first

Before you consider boarding your dog, learn what to look for in a dog kennel.
A Siberian Husky wearing sunglasses looks to the side, mouth open slightly

5 game-changing facts about Siberian Huskies we bet you didn’t know

There's so much to know about Siberian Huskies beyond their abilities in the snow. Here's what you've been missing.
Someone stretches a Weimaraner dog's front leg

5 telltale signs of dog joint pain you should never ignore

If your dog suffers from joint pain, there are many treatments available. Here’s what to look for.
A Pointer stops and points in a field of flowers

Are pointers good family dogs? Learn what sets these unusual canines apart

Read this first before bringing home a pointer dog as your next family pet.
A woman sits on the step of an RV holding a Pug on her lap

Can you RV with dogs? Not without installing these 3 safety essentials first

Yes, you can RV with your dog, but you’ll want to ensure safety comes first with these essentials.
A woman lies on the floor and cuddles a brown and white Australian Shepherd

Don’t have a Roomba? Think twice before adopting an Australian Shepherd

Before adopting an Australian Shepherd, this one fact may surprise you.
A Dachshund eats from a food bowl filled with kibble

The best dog food for dachshunds: 5 healthy choices for your pup

Learn what dog food is ideal for your dachshunds, and where to find it.
white dog on grass playing

Sick of playing fetch? What to do if your dog is obsessed with ball toys

Learn why dogs are obsessed with ball toys and what you can do.
qualify for service dog

Do I qualify for a service dog? These are the requirements you should know about

Find out if you qualify for a service dog or comfort animal. Your doctor can recommend what’s best.
a boston terrier in american flag sunglasses and patriotic beads looks to the side, looking cool

Get in the festive spirit: 6 simple DIY dog treats for the 4th of July

While you’re busy making grocery lists, don’t forget to think about your fur babies this 4th of July, too — maybe with some DIY dog treats.
someone holds out a treat as a golden retriever waits to eat it

These soft, tasty senior dog treats are under $13 and absolutely perfect for pups without teeth

Senior dog treats can help with a variety of issues that come with aging. It can be hard to find them for toothless pups. We did the searching.
Girl training black and white border collie dog puppy

8 essential questions to ask to find the best obedience class for your dog

Before enrolling in any obedience class with your pup, ask these questions to ensure it's a good fit.
off leash rules

5 essential off-leash rules every good pet parent should know

If you have a dog who can be off-leash, congrats! Now learn where you should never let your pup have full rein.
A dog's tail on a wood floor background

Safely expressing your dog’s anal glands at home is much easier than you think

Save your dog an uncomfortable trip to the groomers by learning how to express dog anal glands. Start here with this technique.
a striped minnow swims in a tank with rocks

Breeding and raising minnows: What you need to know

Everything you need to know about minnow raising and reproduction rates in one simple guide!
a beige akita puppy stands on their back legs inside a pink wire playpen

Is a puppy playpen better than a crate? Here’s what to consider before you buy one for your dog

Both crates and puppy playpens are useful additions to any home with a dog, but how do you know which one your furry friend needs?
A close up of a Boxer's brown eye

Are dogs actually color blind? Why what you’ve been told is a lie

If you've always been told dogs don't see in color, read on for more accurate information.
A Chihuahua sits under a rainbow Pride flag

Want to bring your dog to a Pride parade? 5 things the experts say you need to do first

Are you considering bringing your dog to a Pride parade? Here’s what the experts say you need to consider first.
A dog stands close to a barbecue grill, waiting expectantly

Am I a bad pet parent if my dog can’t resist licking our outdoor grill?

It's barbecue season, but if you can't get your dog to stop licking the hot grill after cooking, you're not alone. Here's what to do.
A long-haired Chihuahua sits on the beach wearing sunglasses

10 cool dog beaches worth planning your next vacation around

These dog beaches are ideal to include in your next beach vacay.
A brown and white English Bulldog offers his paw to his owner

Bulldogs 101: Everything you never knew about your little tank

Everything you need to know about the bulldog dog breed before you buy.
A woman snuggles with her dog in bed

Why you should let your dog sleep in your bed every single night

Here's why you should allow your dog to sleep in your bed every night
A Jack Russell Terrier wearing red sunglasses sits in an airport next to a pet carrier

Don’t ever travel with your dog without these crucial health certificates

Before you travel with your dog, make sure you have all these health certificates handy.
A dog with big brown eyes looks up from an empty food dish in front of them

This is the super disturbing reason why you need to wash your dog’s bowl more

Pet parents need to wash their dog's food bowl daily for proper dog food what you're NOT doing putting your health at risk?
dog park socialization

Why trips to the dog park could actually be ruining your pet’s social skills

Are dog parks actually hurting your pet's socialization skills?
are peanuts bad for dogs

Can dogs eat peanut butter? Yes — 8 easy-to-make treats your pup will devour

Can dogs eat peanut butter? What are the best peanut butter treat recipes?
A Yorkshire Terrier watches a black cat in the backyard

Your life has become a bad cliche: How to get your dog to stop chasing your cat

If your dog won't stop chasing your cat around your house, we have solutions.
A Border Collie runs on the grass with their tongue hanging out

Can dogs have ADD? The warning signs of hyperactivity you should watch for

These hyperactive dog symptoms can be treated with the right training. This is what you need to know.
A sleepy Beagle naps on their owner's bed, with sunshine coming through the window

Debunked: Neutering my dog will change his personality

Watch for these signs that your dog needs to be neutered. And no, his personality won't change in the process.
A woman and a beagle lie on a hotel room bed

5 things to always ask before booking a supposedly pet-friendly hotel

What does pet-friendly really mean? What to look for in a pet-friendly hotel.
A red-haired woman hugs her Great Dane while sitting outdoors

Adopting a Great Dane? 3 things you need to keep these gentle giants happy

Great Danes are tall, but how tall? Learn what special gear and care these gentle giants need.
dog proof fencing ideas

Have a canine Houdini? Try these simple ways to dog-proof your fence and yard

5 dog-proof fencing ideas that will keep canine escape artists safe.
A Cardigan and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi stand next to one another

Obsessed with corgi cuteness? How to pick the right corgi breed for you

Before bringing a Corgi into your household, learn the differences between Corgi breeds.
dog collars sensitive necks chocolate labrador lab collar

Help your pup get comfy: 4 amazing dog collars for sensitive necks

Does your dog have a sensitive neck? Try these amazing collars.
Someone holds out their toast with almond butter to share with their dog

Why you need to stop feeding your dog almond butter right now

Not all nut butters are the same. Why you need to stop feeding your dog almond butter.
Veterinarian removes a tick from a cocker spaniel

Tick removal made easy: Your complete guide to keeping your dog or cat safe

Tick on your dog or cat? Remove it by following these tips.
A young woman in the kitchen holds a silver dog bowl while her Beagle jumps to beg for food

The best dog food for beagles: What you should (and should never) give your pup

What should your Beagle be eating daily? These are the best dog food picks — and what you shouldn't feed them.
Three golden retriever puppies eat from silver bowls on the floor

Golden retriever puppy foods that will help them grow into those big paws

Learn what your Golden Retriever puppy should be eating on a daily basis.
A poodle sits on a chair at a dining table with kibble on a plate in front of them

You don’t need special Poodle food (but your pup probably needs a specific diet)

Here's what you should be aware of when choosing a food for your poodle.
Someone combs a black and white French Bulldog while they hold a toy in their mouth

Frenchie spa day: We are in love with these French Bulldog grooming ideas

French Bulldog grooming must-dos, including how often to take your pet to the groomer.
do dogs like rain

A rainy day is no excuse to skip walking the dog, but nice try

Do dogs like the rain? Learn why rain shouldn't prevent your next walk.
A German Shorthaired Pointer sits in a field of tall grasses

The best dog breeds for outdoorsy pet parents may surprise you

Want a hiking companion? These dog breeds fit the bill.