Manzanillo Mexico Beach in La Bocchita

We are completing the work of the spring yard and are preparing to return to Manzanillo soon. The leaves are just completely exhausted, so we should have an uninterrupted summer of about 90 days, gardening and happiness in Alberta.

Manzanillo is now warmer, and the air conditioning we installed at El Faro last year will be required. Although the average maximum daily temperature is said to differ by only 3-4 degrees between summer and winter, the reality is that summer temperatures are affected by warmer nights and humidity – contrary to the cold!

Most of the summer months from June to September are cloudy, known as the "rainy season." This weather pattern actually mitigates the effects of temperature and makes most days very enjoyable. Unlike the sunny and hot summers in northern Mexico and southern United States, Manzanillo's summers have become more humid and tropical. Because of the temperature regulation of the rainy season, the grocery store aisle will contain an astonishing number of northerners who have used Manzanillo as their home year. Of course, summer travel will not be disappointing and may include some beautiful tropical thunderstorms. Imagine yourself, wearing the lightest cotton cloth, enjoying a fresh mahi-mahi plate on the beach under the palapa roof, and perhaps a tropical warm rain!

We look forward to admiring the area known as La Boquita [due to the nearby tidal estuary, which means “small mouth”], which is the beach at the northern end of the San Diego Bay when we return. Manzanillo has a wide variety of beaches, from very shallow lazy beaches like La Boquita to seagulls and pelicans that can enjoy the surf of quantitative fish every day.

At our favorite hotel, it is always Palmas Real Restaurant and Hotel. This hotel can be reached by car from the north of Manzanillo or by foot from La Boquita beach. The garden is an idyllic setting with a better food than a regular dish in a palapa-style restaurant. The waiters here are very humorous, and we found this to be a great place for newcomers to enjoy the first-class, beautiful Manzanillo experience.

On La Boquita Beach, you can rent an umbrella [umbrella] or order a drink "pescado sarandeado" [fire-roasted red mullet on the legume bush] for free, and then spend a leisurely day! There will be a lot of polite wandering businessmen on this beach, but the quick “no gratitude” makes them linger.

Manzanillo works for us. We look forward to using this city as our permanent home. This is the dream or vision of our life. But without the friendship we built and will build there, Manzanillo or anywhere else will not work. Sharing this wonderful quality of life with others who share the same vision is a special day.