Interesting facts about Lanai

Lanai is one of the islands that make up the state of Hawaii. This is some interesting fact about Lanai that you may or may not realize.

Lanai is known as the most secluded island in Hawaii. The main city on the island is called Lanai City.

Lanai covers an area of ​​141 square miles and is 18 miles long and 13 miles wide. It has a coastline of 47 miles and a population of about 2,800.

The highest point in Lanai is called Lanaihale, which is 3,370 feet above sea level.

Lanai was once known as Pineapple Island. However, there are actually only a few pineapples planted there, so it is now often referred to as a secluded island.

In fact, even though about 98% of the land on the island is owned by the parent company of Dole Pineapple, the land is no longer used for pineapple production, and thousands of acres of pineapple fields no longer exist.

For those wishing to visit the island, there are two luxury resorts, several world-class golf courses, hunting, mountain biking and diving.

There is only one airport in Lanai City.

Known as the Manele Bay Hotel, these two luxury resorts offer a variety of beaches and water sports. The second resort is called the Koele Hotel. As the resort is located inland, activities such as horse riding and mountain biking are available.

Most of the population on Lanai live in Lanai City. Interestingly, in 1994, Bill Gates rented out the entire island for a wedding.

As one would expect, the weather in Lanai is usually very good. Because it is tropical, there is indeed about 50 inches of rainfall every year. But when the sun rises, it is beautiful!

If you get there, there are several places on the island that you must visit. The first one is called the Garden of the Gods. Located in the northern part of the island, it has a volcanic rock landscape that has turned into various colors, textures and shapes.

If you like water sports, you will find the Hulopoe Bay Marine Reserve a great place to dive. It is also an ideal place to find a spinning dolphin.

If you travel east of Lanai City, you will find the Rain River in Lanaihar. Explore this lush tropical paradise and climb the Lanaihale Mountains.

If you like these interesting facts about Lanai, then you will find that there is actually much more excitement there. So plan your trip today.