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Jason R Rich

Jason R Rich

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Jason R. Rich ( is an internationally recognized author, journalist, and photographer who contributes to a wide range of major daily newspapers, national magazines, and popular websites. He is the author of Becoming a Pet Parent: Bringing a New Dog Into Your Home.

telemedicine for dogs shutterstock 1724880328

Get ready: The telemedicine trend is coming for your pet

Veterinarians are turning to telemedicine to treat pets instead of in-office visits.
dogs pampering shutterstock 1141813637

Do dogs really need pampering or are you going overboard?

Experts give insight on whether dogs really need spa treatments and pampering
custom dog food shutterstock 529157980 2

Is custom-formulated dog food ordered from the internet really better?

Is custom dog food really better for your dog? Here's what the experts say
Close up of a black cat face

Why suspicion around black cats rises around Halloween

Here is why suspicion around black cats rises during the Halloween season.
A dog steering a car and wearing red sunglasses

Are your bad driving habits endangering your dog?

Driving with an unrestrained dog is distracted driving. Do you have bad habits when it comes to transporting your dog?
cleaning up after your pet bissell proheat 2x revolution pro carpet cleaner 1986 1024x1024

Avoid a smelly home — here’s how to clean up your pet’s messes effectively

One of the many responsibilities of being a pet parent involves cleaning up the messes your dog or cat manages to create. Here's what you need to know.
pet subscription box guide shutterstock 1053453545 2

How to choose the best subscription box for your pet

Discover how to choose the best pet-related subscription box for your dog or cat, and save money when it comes to treating your pet to new treats and toys.
dog body language girl hugging

Learn to understand a dog’s body language to avoid a dog bite

Dogs communicate their feelings in many ways. Learn how to know when a dog is feeling scared or aggressive in order to avoid a dangerous situation.
separation anxiety dog at door

Going back to the office? How to help your dog overcome separation anxiety

During COVID-19, our dogs got used to our presence 24/7. Now people are going back to work, and many dogs have separation anxiety. Here's what to do.
dogs dental hygiene 3

Why you need to pay attention to your dog’s dental hygiene today

If you want your dog to be in the best health possible, make sure proper dental hygiene is part of their routine.
choosing a pet carrier 34141555351 e99ff6f40e o

How to choose the perfect pet carrier for your small dog or cat

The right pet carrier for your small dog or cat depends on the type of travel you're planning and many other factors. Here's how to make the best choice.
foster pets 1 annette shaff

Fostering a pet: How you can save the life of a dog or cat in need

Fostering a dog or cat is one of the most rewarding experiences there is. Find out why and what you should take into consideration before you make a decision.
shelter dog rescue 1

How to find the right rescue dog or cat for your home

This is what you need to know if you're looking to rescue a cat or dog from an animal shelter.
high tech gadgets dogs shutterstock 608480789

High-tech gadgets, tools, and toys for dogs and their parents

Smart technology can help enhance the lives of our dogs. Here are eight products you should consider.
stem cell therapy shutterstock 1463056829 2

It’s not science fiction: Should you consider stem cell therapy for your pet?

Stem cell therapy is being used to treat a variety of illnesses and injuries in pets. Here's what you need to consider before proceeding.
online scams puppies shutterstock 610964159 2

Purchasing a new puppy? Beware of online scams

If you're looking to adopt a puppy from a dog breeder online, we have the tips and strategies you need to avoid getting scammed.
dog park etiquette shutterstock 404796592

Dog park etiquette: How to keep your dog happy and safe

Dogs love going to the dog park. Here's what you need to know to keep them safe and happy.
virtual dog training options shutterstock 1813713604

Virtual dog training: How to use the internet to teach your pet new tricks

Virtual dog training has become a popular option for pet parents. Here's what you need to know about making the most of your virtual sessions.