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Small child looks into a jar of tadpoles

A simple guide to what to feed tadpoles in your aquarium

What to feed tadpoles? It depends on what stage of the metamorphosis they're in. Your tadpoles will be healthy and happy with this feeding routine.
Vet checks out small hamster

7 telltale signs of a dying hamster (and what you should do)

Baby rabbit being held by owner

Is my rabbit pregnant? 5 telltale signs you should know

Woman holding a hamster eating a treat

Wondering how to take care of a hamster? Here are 8 pet hamster care tips that all beginners need to follow

Sugar glider clings to their owner's thumb

What you need to know about sugar gliders before you get an exotic pet

Two guinea pigs sit on a branch in their cage in front of a small wooden house

How to set up your guinea pig cage – here’s everything you need

Brown bunny sits in the grass

Bunny care 101: If Easter inspires you to adopt a rabbit, read this first

Two cory catfish hang out on the bottom of the tank

Looking to add corydoras to your aquarium? Here’s what you need to know first

A large aquarium filled with plants and small fish

Aquarium fish keeping 101: Start your new hobby and keep your fish alive

Guinea pig bares her teeth

Why do guinea pigs chatter their teeth? It’s not a good thing

White hamster peeks out of his enclosure

Why is my hamster trying to escape? These are the 3 reasons

A happy guinea pig hangs out in the grass

How to tell if your guinea pig loves you – some ways may surprise you

Hamster peeks out of his cage

This is how to find a lost hamster the same day it goes missing

Wondering how to find a lost hamster quickly and safely? Here's what you can do to locate a hamster that got out of its cage.
Leopard gecko with smiling face

5 fantastic ways pets in a classroom benefit kids (and the best pets to get)

Studies show that classroom pets provide important benefits for students. Find out which animals make the best classroom pets.
Beige hamster stands on its back paws

How to tell when a hamster is sick or in pain: Look for these 4 signs and symptoms

Your hamster can tell you if they're sick, as long as you know what to look for. These four signs are great places to start.
Pet rat sits on little girl's shoulder

Disgusted by the idea of adopting a pet rat? 8 facts that could change your mind

Rats make for surprisingly great pets, and most of the reasons why will surprise you.
Girl looks at her pet hamster

Why is my hamster shaking? When pet parents should be worried

Why is my hamster shaking? There are a few reasons why he might shiver (and they each require a different response).
Hamster in a glass box

How to potty train a hamster

Here’s everything you need to know on how to potty train a hamster. Your furry friend will have a cleaner and better-smelling cage
Hamster staring on white counter

How to tell if your hamster is sick

Hamsters are wonderful pets, but it's upsetting when they're sick. We list their common ailments, symptoms, and helpful preemptive care.
Woman holding white rabbit

Can rabbits see color? The answer just might surprise you

Except for a small blind spot directly in front of its nose, rabbits have an enormous field of vision. But can they detect color like humans?
Person strokes their pet turtle

Do turtles make good pets? This one fact may make you reconsider

Considering a turtle for your next pet? Here's everything you need to know first.
Brown rabbit held by owner

How to properly clean your pet rabbit

Pet rabbit grooming methods are different than cats or dogs. We offer details and tips on how to properly and safely clean them.
Two rabbits sit happily outside in their hutch

Can my rabbit live outside? Not without the right outdoor rabbit hutch

Think your rabbit needs some fresh air? Get the right outdoor rabbit hutch to keep your furry friend comfortable.
Hamster in wood shavings in cage

Best hamster bedding: The safest options for your furry friend

These are the best hamster bedding options for your furry friends.
Girl plays with her hamster in a cage outside

5 amazing hamster habitats under $50 your furry friend needs right now

Your hamster needs a fun tube habitat to run through. Buy one of these picks for under $50.
tubes for hamsters cute little hamster in tray  closeup view

5 reasons hamsters go crazy for tube habitat enclosures

Does your hamster need a fun habitat to run around in and through?
A pair of budgies preen on a perch

Travel often? 5 low-maintenance pets that won’t miss you much while you’re gone

Don't have time for a dog or cat? These five pets are low-maintenance and ready to go home with you right now.
Guinea pig lies on a bed with a bow on her head

The real story: How much it costs to care for a guinea pig

Considering getting yourself a guinea pig? Here's everything you need to know about the cost of owning and parenting a guinea pig
Hamster peers up at the camera from her cage

A beginner’s guide to caring for a hamster

Do you know how to care for a hamster? Here's everything you need to know about caring for your furry little friend
Boy gives his hamster a kiss on the nose while it sits on a chair

New hamster? Here’s how long you should expect him to live

How long do hamsters live? Prepare to be surprised!
Two guinea pigs sit in an enclosure and eat hay

Guinea pig purring is cute, and we now know why they do it

Does your guinea pig purr? It's adorable! We finally understand why they're purring. Read on to find out more!
Guinea pig with plants above his head

These guinea pig names are so cute, we can hardly stand it

These are among the most adorable names for guinea pigs.
Little girl feeds a guinea pig in his run

The truth about how much it really costs to own a guinea pig

Here's a rundown of what it costs to have a guinea pig.
Owner holds her hamster in her hands

Why do hamsters die so fast? What to expect with their lifespan

There's a reason why a hamster's lifespan isn't as long as other animals.
Guinea pig eats an apple

Can guinea pigs eat apples? Yes, but there are risks involved

Here's what you need to know about the safety of feeding guinea pigs apples.
Hamster peeks sweetly out of her wheel

Why do hamsters run on wheels? Human behavior holds the answer

The reason why hamsters run on wheels is pretty interesting.
Little boy pets his guinea pig while it sits on his lap

What does it mean when guinea pigs purr?

If you hear your guinea pig purring, here's what the noise means.
Cute guinea pig rides on his owner's shoulder

Why do guinea pigs poop so much? Here’s what’s normal

If your guinea pig poops a lot, pay attention to these guidelines.
Rabbit runs across the lawn with outdoor cage in the background

How to extend your sweet pet rabbit’s lifespan

What you can do to make your pet rabbit live longer.
Guinea pig plays with a toy

The best guinea pig toys your furry friend will adore

Your guinea pig won't be able to resist these fun toys.
Hamster sleeps in a small wooden house in his cage

Why do hamsters sleep so much? When to be concerned about their health

Here's when you should be worried about your hamster's sleeping habits.
Two guinea pigs sit in their owners hand

8 cool guinea pig facts you probably never knew before

You probably never knew these 8 fun facts about guinea pigs.
A brown guinea pig stands outside

Why do guinea pigs squeak? It could be a good or bad sign

It's important to figure out why your guinea pig is squeaking.
Hamster peacefully eats a worm while being held in hand

How long do hamsters really live?

This is how long you can expect your pet hamster to live
Guinea pigs lies down in a sweater

3 guinea pig podcasts you just have to listen to

These guinea pig podcasts will have you hooked from the minute you listen.
Guinea pigs cuddling in the grass

How to extend your precious guinea pig’s lifespan

There are things you can do to make your guinea pig live longer.
Girl holds a dwarf hamster on her shoulder

What’s the difference between hamster breeds? They aren’t all alike

Here's info on the different breeds of hamsters so you can choose the right one.
Person feeding a hamster

What you should be feeding your hamster?

Feeding your pet hamster is easy. Read this handy guide that will be helpful to you regarding its lifestyle and diet.
Hamster peeks out of tube and into cage

These are the best hamster cages that pet owners rave about

These are the best hamster cages this year that people rave about.
Guinea pig yawns and shows his teeth

What you can learn about your guinea pig from watching their body language

Your guinea pig's body language can give insight into how he's feeling.