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Big dog lying on bed

5 surefire ways to keep your dog off your bed and get a good night’s sleep

Avoid a furry bed by keeping your dog on his own. Here are five great tips and tricks to keep your dog off your bed.
Man working on aquarium

What causes high pH in an aquarium? We’ll walk you through getting your tank levels in check

The cause of your high pH levels might be hard to figure out right away, but with a few countermeasures, you'll be at optimum levels in no time.
Dog looking through black dog crate

Where to put a dog crate in your house depends on these important factors

A dog crate can keep your fur baby safe while offering them a place to rest and feel at peace. Here's where to put a dog crate in your home.
Puppy on leash being trained by owner

These are the absolute best ways to discipline a dog

If your puppy seems hard to train, don't get discouraged. We discuss how to discipline a dog and what you should avoid.
Striped cat sitting on a bed in the bedroom

Why is my cat peeing on my bed? The real truth (and how to stop this gross habit)

Your cat peeing on your bed is one of the most irritating things possible. We discuss your cat’s peeing problem, the causes, and the solutions.
Baby bird standing up

Wondering what to feed a baby bird? Here’s how to take care of an orphaned bird

It's best for a baby bird to stay with its family, but some may end up orphaned. We offer tips on how to feed a baby bird and who to contact for help.
Woman feeding dog in kitchen

How to cook chicken for dogs the right way

Feeding chicken to your dog can help improve their overall health. Here are the right ways to cook chicken for your four-legged friend.
Cat with empty bowl looking up

Loss of weight in cats can be a symptom of many things – Here’s what you need to know and when to call the vet

Loss of weight in cats is a serious issue. Here's why you need to contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.
Turtle walking on a table

Aquatic turtles: Care and feeding basics every Testudine enthusiast needs to know

If you’re considering buying an aquatic turtle, you should first know how to best take care of one. Here are the basics of keeping aquatic turtles as pets.
Man holding a Siamese cat

Anemia in cats can be dangerous, but it’s treatable – here’s what you need to know

Anemia in cats occurs when the number of red blood cells falls below normal levels. Our guide lists causes and solutions for increasing red blood cells.
Cat sitting in front of refrigerator

Cat food 101: Can you freeze wet cat food?

If your cat prefers wet food, storing it in the freezer creates less waste and makes mealtimes easy, too. Here's what you need to know.
Colorful bird perched on a hand

Got a scared bird? How to know when your bird is frightened and the best ways to calm it

Birds use body language to tell us what’s going on. It’s time to learn the signs of fright in a bird and what to do to calm them down.
Cat licking lips over food bowl

How often should I feed my cat? Here’s what to know about cat feeding schedules

Feeding schedules impact your cat's digestion, energy, and happiness. Here's how often you should feed your cat.
Yellow seahorse in water

Can you keep seahorses as pets in your home aquarium?

Seahorses are quite interesting creatures. and If you want to have a pet seahorse in your aquarium, we give info about what that entails.
Cat looking up from bowl

How to store dry cat food and keep it fresh: Here’s what you need to know

It's important to store your cat’s kibble in a way that will keep it fresh for weeks to come. We provide a list of sensible solutions.
Golden retriever walking with owner

Golden retriever training 101: How to leash-train a golden retriever puppy

Walking your golden retriever can be some of the best fun you’ll have. We list proper leash-training techniques where you'll both learn greatly.
minnow fish

How fast minnows reproduce and how to care for these interesting little fish

Check out the different species of pet minnows, how fast each pet minnow species reproduces, and what you can do to help them along.
Bird on full bird feeder

Does birdseed have an expiration date? How to tell if birdseed has gone bad

What exactly is in birdseed? The different types of birdseed and storage tips to keep it fresh and safe. We answer all of these questions and more
Orange cat in harness near water

How to fit a cat harness so they won’t escape

A harness can be a secure option for giving your cat valuable outdoor time. We offer tips to help you pick the best fit for your cat.
cat sleeping

Why do cats twitch in their sleep? The real reasons behind this curious behavior

Cats are well known for twitching in their sleep. What this peculiar behavior means, why it's important, and when to be concerned.
how to get a puppy stop whining closeup of with sad eyesjpg

Obedience 101: How to stop a puppy from whining using gentle methods

Puppies are basically little babies that need care, attention, and just a little bit of firm guidance. Let’s go over how to get a puppy to stop whining.
Scary striped cat hissing

Why do cats hiss? 6 possible reasons behind this unsettling behavior

Cat hissing is totally normal behavior, but that doesn't mean it isn't unsettling when it happens. We list the reasons why cats do it.
best prime day apple watch deals thumbnail 2022

Best Prime Day Apple Watch deals for 2022

Let the deals begin! Prime Day 2022 is finally here, and there are some incredible Apple Watch Prime Day deals available right now. Here are the best.
Digital photo frame on a console table.

This digital photo frame is the perfect gift, and it’s 37% off today

Save big on this digital photo frame with this Amazon Prime Day deal.
The Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty XL robot vacuum emptying its contents.

Shark’s self-emptying robot vacuum is 56% off for Prime Day

This Shark robot vacuum Prime Day deal from Walmart will let you enjoy the convenience of a self-emptying feature for just $265, following a $334 discount.
Dyson's Pure Hot + Cool Smart Air Purifier sits on a table.

Best Buy Prime Day deal knocks $50 off Dyson’s smart air purifier

Right now you can shop this Dyson air purifier Prime Day deal at Best Buy to get $50 off this bestselling smart air purifier.
Cat outside with harness and leash

Cat stroller vs. leash: How to take your cat outdoors

Cat strollers and leashes are common tools pet owners can use to take their cat outdoors safely. We discuss which one is right for your cat.
A Labrador Retriever shows teeth and growls

Do dogs lose teeth? Why you need to take care of this serious issue now

Is your dog losing their teeth? Here's what you should know about your dog's dental health and how to prevent tooth decay and come disease.
Dog treats cut in shapes with roller

How to make homemade dog treats that last a long time

With proper care and the preparation, your homemade treats can last a long time. Check out these ideas to create the best dog treats out there
Labrador lying in crate

How to make your dog’s crate escape-proof

Making your dog’s crate escape-proof doesn’t have to be expensive. Our guide shows how almost any crate can be made secure
Hamster in a glass box

How to potty train a hamster

Here’s everything you need to know on how to potty train a hamster. Your furry friend will have a cleaner and better-smelling cage
Hamster staring on white counter

How to tell if your hamster is sick

Hamsters are wonderful pets, but it's upsetting when they're sick. We list their common ailments, symptoms, and helpful preemptive care.
Small dog eating from bowl

Is it cheaper to make your own dog food? What you need to consider before making the switch

Is making dog food cheaper than buying it? Let’s find out about preparing dog food at home and how costs compare.
Brown rabbit held by owner

How to properly clean your pet rabbit

Pet rabbit grooming methods are different than cats or dogs. We offer details and tips on how to properly and safely clean them.
Parrot bobbing his head

The reason parrots and other birds bob their head

Bird owners spend hours observing the many messages parrots send with their movements. Here we will explain what it means when a parrot bobs their head.
Man holding corn snake

What can you feed a pet snake? It depends

As the owner of a pet snake, you’ll have to feed your carnivore meat, but the type and frequency of feedings will vary. Here's what snakes eat.
Green snake on branch

Curious why snakes flick their tongues so much? Here’s why they do it

Anyone who has seen snakes knows they frequently flick their tongues. There's a reason for a snake’s long, forked tongue and why it flicks
Guinea pig on hay

How long do guinea pigs live?

This is how long you can expect your guinea pig to live — and ways you can help increase a guinea pig's lifespan.
best carpet cleaner deals hoover power scrub elite corded upright deep lifestyle 1 1024x1024

Best Cheap Carpet Cleaner Deals for March 2021

Pets are messy, but your home doesn't have to be. We've found the best carpet cleaners you can buy, with incredible deals available for March 2021.
how often should you feed a puppy dog licking lips after eating out of bowl

How often should you feed a puppy?

Congratulations on your new fur baby! Here's a guideline to help you establish a puppy feeding schedule to make sure your pooch gets the proper nutrition.
Cat eating from bowl with food spilled on floor

Is your cat playing with its food? Here’s why

Mealtimes with your cat can sometimes become … eventful, and the food become a toy. We take a look at why your cat plays with its food
Golden retriever with collar

Golden retriever training 101: Obedience lessons at home

Obedience training your dog helps establish you as the leader of the pack. Here’s what you need to know about golden retriever training
monk parakeet on man's shoulder

5 great birds kids will love as pets

Thinking about adopting a bird? Here’s a quick list of five great birds to consider adding to your family.
Woman feeding cat a treat

Healthy cat treats: What you should look for

Let’s look at how to find a healthy cat treat that will benefit your cat’s health and well-being while also providing a fun moment here and there.
safest things to feed guinea pig food bowl

These are the safest things to feed your guinea pig

Guinea pigs have unique diets, so it’s essential to tailor their food intake accordingly. Here's list of things that will nourish your pet safely.
German shepherd eating from a metal bowl

Freeze-dried vs. dehydrated dog food: Which is best?

Raw dog foods are available not just in the freezer but also as dehydrated and freeze-dried foods. We list the pros and cons of both types
Blind dog lying on wooden floor

How to train blind dogs

Here are some easy methods to help train your blind dog as well as provide tips on how to improve your pet’s environment.
Three colorful tropical fish in an aquarium

What are camallanus worms, and where do they come from?

Camallanus worms aren't always easy to spot in your fish. We have a guide on how to get rid of them or prevent them altogether
Cat eating and licking their lips

Why cats shouldn’t eat dog food

Cats and dogs have very different dietary needs. Read on to learn more about why cats and dogs can’t eat the same food.
Yellow bird on perch in its cage

How to clean a bird cage the right way

The key to cleaning your bird cage easily is to stick to a schedule. Follow our handy guidelines to make the task effortless