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A man clips a leash on a beagle's collar.

Taking your dog’s collar off at night: Safe move or safety risk?

Some pet owners take off their dog's collar at night, but is that a smart move?
a boston terrier wearing booties lies on a blue plaid blanket

How hot does concrete get in the sun? The answer might shock you

Four Australian shepherd dogs sitting while wearing bandanas

6 summer bandanas for your dog to liven up the season in style

Pomeranian sits in a dog stroller on the street

3 great reasons why a dog stroller isn’t the most ridiculous purchase in the world (and which ones to get)

Poodle mix puppy wearing pink sweatshirt sitting on a lap

How to make dog clothes from baby clothes in 4 simple steps

Four dogs in a park on leashes

What is a martingale dog collar, and how should you fit your pup with one?

An elderly pit bull dog wearing a festive red sweater stands outside in the winter

The ultimate cold-weather gear guide all dogs need, according to the experts

A brown dog holds a soccer ball toy in their mouth while standing in the snow

3 things the experts wished pet parents knew about keeping dogs safe in winter

A Pomeranian chews on a yellow flip-flop

Dog Crocs are going viral (again), so here’s what to know before making your next adorable purchase

A tri-colored cavalier king Charles spaniel lies with his paws under his chin on a gray couch

4 best dog couches that your dog (and wallet) will love

French bulldog dog dressed up with funny cactus Halloween dog costume

7 easy and affordable small dog Halloween costume ideas that are perfect for both tricks and treats

Border Collie in a skeleton shirt sits in a pile of autumn leaves

8 frighteningly amazing large dog Halloween costume ideas to try on your pup

Puppy sits on a colorful blanket wearing a plastic cone and looks up at the camera

4 fantastic alternatives to cones for dogs that actually work

While dog cones are sometimes necessary, they don't always work for your pup. Here are some other options.
Person putting a flea collar on a dog

Are flea collars safe for puppies? What you need to know about flea and tick prevention

Choosing and starting this flea prevention method may not be as straightforward as you think. Flea collars aren't for everyone.
a german shepherd in an outdoor dog house

How to safely heat an outdoor dog house

When it comes to heating your pet’s dog house, safety is the No. 1 factor to consider. Here are some safe ways to keep your dog’s home warm and cozy.
dog raincoat guide funny chihuahua sitting in a puddle rain coat

Does your pup need a dog rain jacket? It might depend on their breed

Dogs can benefit from raincoats, but it may not be best for your pet. Consider these factors before splurging on a dog raincoat.
Cute dog wearing an adopt me bandana.

8 adorable and practical dog bandanas that will make a statement

These 8 dog bandanas are both cute and practical...and some even keep pests away.
Shark cordless vacuum

Clean pet hair easy: The Shark cordless vacuum is a Prime Day steal

Looking for a new vacuum? How about this Shark cordless model that's on a huge discount for Prime Day 2022?!
furbo dog camera deal prime day 2022

This amazing tech for your pet is one of the best Prime Day deal’s out there

If you want some great pet tech that lets you watch and interact with your pet, this Prime Day deal on the Furbo dog camera is great!
care for pitbull puppy put bull train

How to take care of your pit bull puppy

Pit bull puppies are adorable, and fun — but have special needs like any other dog. Here's how to care for yours.
Leashed dog standing on rock while out on hike.

Outdoor dangers for dogs: 5 seemingly safe things that can harm your furry friend

Outdoor dangers can be hard to spot for your dog. Here's what you need to be wary of.
A Chihuahua sits under a rainbow Pride flag

Want to bring your dog to a Pride parade? 5 things the experts say you need to do first

Are you considering bringing your dog to a Pride parade? Here’s what the experts say you need to consider first.
Sleeping dog with teddy bear toy

4 best BarkBox alternatives you should consider to make your pup happy

These are the best BarkBox alternative dog subscriptions, no matter how your pup likes to play.
dog collars sensitive necks chocolate labrador lab collar

Help your pup get comfy: 4 amazing dog collars for sensitive necks

Does your dog have a sensitive neck? Try these amazing collars.
chocolate lab discovers pacifiers puppy pacifier

This video is further proof that dogs and babies are the same

Ever think there's not much of a difference between dogs and babies? Watch this dog discover a shared love for most babies' favorite possession.
dog and tortoise friendship sulcata

This puppy’s friendship with a tortoise is just too cute

We can't stop watching the videos of this dog sharing toys with their tortoise friend.
a chihuahua in winter boots and a coat

5 great winter dog boots to keep your pup’s paws safe and sound

These are the best winter dog boots for your furry friend's pawas.
A brown dog wearing the Invoxia Smart Dog Collar looking past the camera

This new collar is like an Apple Watch for your dog and we love it

This cool Smart collar keeps track of your pet's health and location.
Hurtta winter dog parka.

5 interesting holiday gifts your dog will actually be happy about

Here are some holiday gifts that your pet will actually use and enjoy.
Dog and owner matching PJs.

6 awesome dog-themed gifts for the pet owner who’s obsessed with their fur baby

Here are some cool dog-themed gifts for the person who is obsessed with their pet.
A Yorkshire terrier stands outside in the snow wearing a coat and booties.

Waterproof dog boots are easy to make at home (Yes, really!)

Here's how you can make waterproof dog boots at home.
Colorful ugly Christmas sweater.

The best dog Christmas sweaters (from ugly to classy) under $30

These are the best dog Christmas sweaters under $30
A bull terrier and a chihuahua wearing jackets play in the snow

5 small-dog coats under $50 that you won’t be able to resist

Here are 5 small dog winter coats we can't get enough of.
Plaid bowtie collar with bandana and antlers.

8 Christmas dog collars to adorn your pooch in the spirit of the season

These are the best Christmas dog collars under $20.
Beagle sits in a green and yellow car seat in the back seat of a car

4 best dog car seats to ensure a safe ride with your pup

These are the 4 best dog carseats for smaller dogs.
A Boston Terrier wearing a sweater stands in the snow

These 6 cute Boston terrier clothes will keep your dog warm all winter long

These are the best Boston Terrier clothes under $40 to keep him warm.
Dog in a rain coat jumping over a puddle in autumn

The best dog raincoats you can get under $20 right now

Your dog will love these amazing and affordable rain jackets.
tan and white pup wearing pink boots

How to correctly size dog boots to keep them protected this winter

If your dog needs boots, try this handy guide to make sure they fit perfectly.
A Jack Russell Terrier in a red sweater sits next to a person in jeans and boots

These dog breeds should definitely have a dog coat for winter

Winter is tough for these dog breeds. You should get them a coat.
couple dog halloween costumes

6 incredible family Halloween costumes that include your dog

Want your dog to be part of your family Halloween costume? Try these ideas.
A Dachshund in a red sweater stands proudly on a tree stump

Does your dog need a sweater for the cold? What to consider

Should you get your pup a dog sweater for cold weather? Here are the pros and cons you should consider first.
yellow dog playing with pink ball

6 DIY dog toys you can make yourself

Tired of buying toys only for your dog to ruin them in a day? Here's how to make dog toys yourself.
dog hiking gear guide woman siberian husky mountain hike cloudy

The comprehensive guide to dog hiking gear you need

This is everything you need to go hiking with your dog.
husky wearing plaid coat on beach

How to choose the right cold-weather dog coat

Looking to invest in a cold-weather coat for your dog? Here's how to find the right one.
red light effect person walking dog

The best reflective gear for dog walks to keep your dog safe

Don't go walking your dog at night without these highly visible items.
pet profiles prince profile

Pet profiles: This Weimaraner is a true prince

Meet Prince, a regal Weimaraner who's ready to snuggle his way into your heart.
girl and her dog cuddling in tent

The ultimate checklist for camping with your dog

Make sure you've got everything on this list before you take your dog camping.
corgi chasing red ball in grass

4 fantastic dog toys your corgi will love

Looking for a new treat for your corgi? Your pet will love these amazing dog toys.
A dog steering a car and wearing red sunglasses

Are your bad driving habits endangering your dog?

Driving with an unrestrained dog is distracted driving. Do you have bad habits when it comes to transporting your dog?
a yellow labrador retriever gently holds his leather collar in his mouth

The best dog collars with tags attached under $30 you can get

These dog collars and tags are functional and stylish.