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Debbie Clason

Debbie Clason

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Debbie Clason's work has appeared in Family Life Magazine, Sports Illustrated, The Lutheran Witness, Massage Magazine, Weightlifting USA, and Hard Hat Rental Source. She also writes about hearing health for and she owns Clason Communications, a marketing and communications firm located in Fountain Hills, Arizona. She is the mother of three grown children and lives with her rescue dog, George.

A man clips a leash on a beagle's collar.

Taking your dog’s collar off at night: Safe move or safety risk?

Some pet owners take off their dog's collar at night, but is that a smart move?
Beagle scratching body

Looking for signs your dog has ticks? These telltale symptoms mean you have a flea or tick problem

How do you know if your dog has ticks or fleas? These are the signs your dog has a tick or flea infestation and what to do about it.
cute black lab puppy

7 dog training podcasts we’re obsessed with

These dog training podcasts can help any pet parent.
Fish tank with aquatic plants

Wondering what sharks are ideal for your home aquarium? These sharks fit right in

Adding a shark to your aquarium creates a bit of mystery and intrigue. We’ve found some species that are small enough for you to enjoy.
Labrador puppy drinking from a bowl

How much water should your puppy drink in a day? Here are the factors to consider

Make sure your puppy is drinking enough water by establishing a schedule. Here's how that will work as they grow up.
Orange fish in an aquarium

The ultimate guide to aquarium decorations for the coolest fish tank ever

Making your own aquarium decorations is fun. Our guide to DIY aquarium decor helps you create a safe and distinctive environment for your fish.
Upside down brown dog

What you need to know about dogs with blue eyes

This is everything you wanted to know about blue-eyed dogs.
Burning incense and tabby cat

Is incense bad for cats? 4 important things to consider before using it in your home

Is incense bad for cats? Do you love the smell of it but worry about the potential for harming your feline friend? This is everything you should consider.
Dog on leash pulling woman

6 effective tips to stop dogs from leash pulling for good

If your dog pulls on the leash, you'll want to know about these great tips to discourage the behavior. You'll be walking in peace before you know it.
Four dogs in a park on leashes

What is a martingale dog collar, and how should you fit your pup with one?

The martingale collar: What it is, which dogs should use it, and how to properly fit one (with a step-by-step guide to getting it on your pup).
White dog catching red ring in the snow

Try these useful tips to get your dog to go potty outdoors in cold weather

Some dogs hate going outside in cold weather and refuse to do their business outdoors. Here's how to get them to go potty no matter the temperature.
Closeup of a dog nose and smile

Why is my dog’s nose warm? When it’s OK and when to see the vet

Does your pup's nose feel hot? These are the factors that cause his nose to be warm, including the ones that should make you worry.
Puppies in playpen

Dog playpens are a great idea for puppies and older pets alike – here are the ones we recommend

The best dog playpens fit your home, lifestyle, and pet's needs while keeping everyone safe and happy. Here are the tops ones we found.
yellow lab being fed dinner

Dinnertime woes: How to soften your dog’s food

Our best tips and tricks to soften your dog's hard kibble without turning it to mush
pitbull in crate

How to crate train an older dog (yes, it’s possible)

Crate training an older dog can sometimes be necessary. Follow these steps to crate train an older dog successfully.
Woman holding white rabbit

Can rabbits see color? The answer just might surprise you

Except for a small blind spot directly in front of its nose, rabbits have an enormous field of vision. But can they detect color like humans?
Sleeping dog with teddy bear toy

4 best BarkBox alternatives you should consider to make your pup happy

These are the best BarkBox alternative dog subscriptions, no matter how your pup likes to play.
red and white betta in aquarium

The best low-maintenance fish to keep you company in your office

Having a fish provides hours of enjoyment for you during and after the workday. Our list shows the best low-maintenance ones.
small dog baring teeth and human hands

Is your dog aggressive toward you? It might be your own fault

Here's what you need to know about why dogs are aggressive towards owners.
dog stealing roasted chicken

5 simple solutions to keep your dog off your clean kitchen counters

Here are some solutions for keeping your dog off the counter
two dogs in a pile of leaves

6 outdoor activities to do with your dog before it’s bitterly cold

Here are some fun activities to do with your dog before winter sets in.
australian shepherd and snuffle mat

These are the best treat puzzles for larger dogs

These are the best treat puzzles for larger dogs to keep them busy.
dog in bed with white blanket over his head

Good, better, best: Oversized dog beds your pup will love

These are the best oversized dog beds for your furry friend.
dachshund puppy and shredded toy

Stop making these awful mistakes when disciplining your dog

Here are X mistakes you're making when disciplining your dog
two dogs in bathtub with bubbles

Pet parents swear by these non-toxic dog products for their pooch

These are some of the best non-toxic dog products around
leashed beagle on walk

How often should you walk your dog? Probably much more often than you do now

This is how often you should be walking your dog to keep him healthy
golden retriever wearing patriotic bandana

6 super Marvel-themed finds for your dog

Whether you prefer Captain America, Spiderman, or the Hulk, this is the dog gear your pet needs.
monk parakeet sitting on shoulder

How do pet birds keep warm and survive the winter?

This is how birds keep warm and survive in the winter.
school of neon tetras

8 best fish for first-time fish owners

These are the best fish for first-time fish owners
yellow dog sneezing

What is reverse sneezing, and why do dogs do it?

Here's what a reverse sneeze is and why some dog breeds do it.
bloodhound tracking in forest

Which dog has the best sense of smell? See if you can guess correctly

This is the dog breed with the best sense of smell
excited bull terrier dog

7 easy tips to calm an overexcited dog every time

If your dog is overexcitable, try these strategies.
three tan and white puppies under a blanket

How to potty-train a puppy in 4 easy steps

Potty training a puppy is easy if you follow this guide.
mastiff lying on bed

5 best dog treats your Mastiff will love

These dog treats are great for mastiffs and they'll love them.
dog ghost happy halloween

3 great Disney+ pet movies to watch on Halloween

Trick or treat! These movies featuring animals will put you in the Halloween mood.
beagle puppy lying in grass

5 helpful potty training tips for your Beagle

If your beagle is difficult to potty train, follow these tips.
tan and white pup wearing pink boots

How to correctly size dog boots to keep them protected this winter

If your dog needs boots, try this handy guide to make sure they fit perfectly.
yellow dog on black suitcase

7 incredible dog-friendly places in California to take your pet this fall

These dog-friendly California spots are fantastic to visit with your pet.
Woman training golden retriever in the park

Now is the time to start dog training without treats — here’s how

Yes, it's possible to train your dog without treats. Find out how.
yellow lab lying in green grass

These 4 podcasts will make you a better pet parent

We're obsessed with these amazing pet podcasts for animal lovers.
bloodhound puppy sniffing in grass

Why the experts say you should let your dog sniff whatever they want on walks

This is why you should let your dogs explore on walks.
white maltese lying in suitcase

6 great fall activities to do with your dog in Texas

These dog-friendly Texas spots are fantastic to visit with your pet.
shiba inu lying in grass

Why you should consider crate-training your Shiba Inu

Crate training is a good idea for shiba inus. Here's why.
Dog with human and orange suitcase

5 fall activities to do with your dog in New York

These dog-friendly New York spots are fantastic to visit with your pet.
Border collie catching yellow frisbee on beach

5 incredible dog-friendly things to do in Florida this fall

These dog-friendly Florida spots are fantastic to visit with your pet.
golden retriever in dog house with snow

Now is the time to think about winterizing your dog house

This is how to make sure your doghouse is ready for winter.
yellow dog playing with pink ball

6 DIY dog toys you can make yourself

Tired of buying toys only for your dog to ruin them in a day? Here's how to make dog toys yourself.
can you train a guinea pig closeup 2

These cuddly pets are great options for kids

Many small animals make great cuddly pets for your family, especially when parents are committed to their basic care. 
old senior golden retriever

4 great ways to help your senior dog deal with changing weather

Cold weather can exacerbate ailments in older dogs. Here's what to do.
husky wearing plaid coat on beach

How to choose the right cold-weather dog coat

Looking to invest in a cold-weather coat for your dog? Here's how to find the right one.