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Cat Mealtime & Treats

a white kitten with blue eyes in a cat tree

When do kittens start eating food? Know the facts for your fur baby’s health

When do kittens start eating food? Introducing solids is a process. You'll want to follow this guide for introducing your kitten to solid food
A tiny gray kitten drinks from a ceramic plate

This video of a confused kitty discovering a cat water fountain is adorable

Car eating from a food bowl

Cat begging for food? How to make it stop for good so you can eat in peace

Cat with blueberries

Can cats eat blueberries? What you need to know

Cat sitting and eating a treat

Is chocolate toxic for cats like it is for dogs?

A fluffy gray cat perches in a windowsill surrounded by autumnal decor

These are the Thanksgiving foods your cat can eat safely

why do cats like running water grey cat pawing tap

Video: Cat discovers the office water cooler, hilarity ensues

A Himalayan cat eating a treat outdoors surrounded by fallen leaves

How long can cats go without food or water? It’s less time than you think

Cat sitting in front of refrigerator

Cat food 101: Can you freeze wet cat food?

Cat licking lips over food bowl

How often should I feed my cat? Here’s what to know about cat feeding schedules

A bowl of raw chicken plus supplements to feed to a pet

Can cats eat raw chicken? Yes, but there are huge health risks you need to know about

The best liquid cat food brands your older cat is sure to love

Cat looking up from bowl

How to store dry cat food and keep it fresh: Here’s what you need to know

It's important to store your cat’s kibble in a way that will keep it fresh for weeks to come. We provide a list of sensible solutions.
A tabby kitten standing in a bowl of kibble

When can kittens eat dry food? The lowdown on what you should feed them

Here's everything you need to know about feeding your new kitten.
Siamese cat eating wet food out of a dish

How to help your cat get healthy: Fantastic cat supplements for weight gain

Is your cat losing weight or having trouble keeping the pounds on? These supplements can help.
Cat drinking water out of a large metal bowl

Wondering why your cat is drinking so much water? Here’s what it could mean

Excessive thirst in cats has many potential causes. Learn what it means when your cat drinks more water than usual, and when you should be concerned.
Gray cat eating out of a metal food bowl

How to put a stop to your cat scratching the floor after eating (and why they do it in the first place)

Cats have an instinct to bury their food, but that doesn't mean your floor has to suffer.
Tabby cat stares at her kibble in a bowl

Can cats eat tomatoes? 5 common foods you should avoid feeding your pet

These five foods should never be introduced to your cat.
automatic cat feeder funny video

Pet math: Cats plus automatic feeders equal (hilarious) chaos

While there are a lot of practical reasons to get an automatic cat feeder, this video illustrates a great one: Cats are hilarious when it comes to mealtimes.
Cat eating out of a food dish

Tuna is like crack to your cat: Here’s how to moderate this treat

Forget catnip: tuna is like crack to your cat. Learn how to moderate this treat.
Kitten chewing on a toothbrush

5 easy ways to freshen your cat’s bad breath

If you're hoping for a way to make your cat's breath smell better, you've come to the right place! We list five tips to freshen your cat's breath.
White cat eating a treat off of the floor

5 delicious organic cat treats your feline will gobble up

These five organic cat treats will pamper your cat and leave it wanting more.
Cat sitting and eating a treat

10 human foods cats love (that are already in your pantry or fridge)

These 10 common pantry items are human foods cats love.
Older kitten in a yard drinking out of a bowl of milk

Is milk good or bad for cats? Here’s the truth

Ever wondered if milk is good for cats? Here's the truth.
White cat eating a treat off of the floor

10 human foods cats can eat safely

You can safely feed your cat these 10 human foods.
a black and white cat with a white dish

Making the switch from kitten to cat food? You’ll need to get the timing right

Follow these tips when switching from kitten food to cat food.
Mother cat lying on straw with her three kittens

Feeding a pregnant cat? There are a few things you’ll want to consider

Here are some guidelines to follow when feeding a pregnant cat.
A tabby cat licks her lips while staring at an empty plate on a table.

These 10 foods are toxic and unsafe for your cat: Do you have them in your kitchen?

These foods are toxic and unsafe for your cat and you'll want to avoid them.
A close-up of a long-haired cat sitting on a dining room table.

Can cats eat bananas? Why you shouldn’t serve them often

Here's everything you need to know about whether cats can eat bananas.
A cat stretching up to eat a treat out of a person's hand

3 great homemade cat treat recipes to make in October

These fall-themed cat treat recipes are perfect for October.
Woman feeding a longhaired cat a treat

3 adorable Halloween treats you can make for your cat

While you're gorging on candy, your cat can have these Halloween-inspired cat treats.
Woman feeding a longhaired cat a treat

We made these grain-free cat treats, and our cats loved them

These grain-free cat treats are healthy — and your cat will think they're great, too.
Cat sitting and eating a treat

Is your cat addicted to treats? This is how to kick the habit

Treats are fine on occasion, but too much is bad for your pet. Here's how to curb the habit.
cat diet shedding food feeding

Why your cat’s diet might be making them shed

Diet can affect how much your cat sheds. Here's what you should know.
Kitten chewing on the stem of a small pumpkin

Why you should be feeding your cat pumpkin

If you're obsessed with pumpkin, take heart: this fall favorite is great for your cat, too. Here's why.
cats eat cheese

Can cats eat cheese? What you need to know before snack time

People may love cheese, but is it good for your cat?
Woman feeding a longhaired cat a treat

4 DIY fall recipes you can make for your cat

These cat treats will get your fur baby in a seasonal mood.
cats watermelon cat

Is watermelon good for cats? What to consider before snacktime

Humans love watermelon, but that doesn't mean it's great for cats. Here's what you need to know about this sweet treat.
Older kitten in a yard drinking out of a bowl of milk

Are cats lactose intolerant? What you need to know

Should cats drink milk? Here's what you need to know about cats and lactose intolerance.
A cat eating out of a food dish

Is peanut butter safe for cats? What you need to know

People love peanut butter, but is it safe for cats? This is everything you should know before sharing with your pet.
pet subscription box guide shutterstock 1053453545 2

How to choose the best subscription box for your pet

Discover how to choose the best pet-related subscription box for your dog or cat, and save money when it comes to treating your pet to new treats and toys.
A cat eating out of a food dish

8 top tips for cats who are picky eaters

Does your cat turn his nose up at food? With these tips, you can make your cat excited about eating again.
Cat on a lawn eating grass

5 effective tips for a thriving cat grass garden

Cultivate a fantastic cat grass garden with these 5 tips.
Grey and white cat sitting in tall grass

The best cat grass kits under $20 that make growing easy

Cat grass offers plenty of health benefits for your cat. These are the best cat grass kits you can get.
pet profile snowflake oliver and

Pet profiles: Snowflake and Oliver, the feline duo behind our sales team

From movie nights to catnip toys, these sweet kitties are living large.
Orange and white cat sitting in grass

Why you should start a cat grass garden right now

A cat grass garden is a great idea for your cat. This is why.
Cat eating out of a food dish

Not sure what to do if your cat isn’t eating? 3 useful tips to try

Help your cat regain his appetite with these solutions.
Orange and white cat being fed with a syringe

What you need to know about liquid diets for cats

Sometimes cats need a liquid diet — here's what to do.
Cat eating out of a food dish next to a water dish

Affordable, healthy cat food: Our top 4 picks

Giving your cat the right nutrients doesn't have to break the bank.
Cat eating out of a food dish next to a water dish

Good, better, best: Affordable dry cat food for indoor cats

Indoor cats will eat these healthy dry food brands up.