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Child looking at baby turtle on counter

The do’s and don’ts of baby turtle care

Surprisingly, a new baby turtle can mean a big commitment. Take the best care of your new turtle with this baby turtle care guide.
Basking Chinese water dragon

Best reptile pets: These are the 5 most affectionate reptiles you can welcome into your home

Two bearded dragons sit on a rock

Can you make a profit breeding your bearded dragon?

Turtle pokes head out of the water from inside a tank

How to clean a turtle tank the right way and keep your reptile happy

A very small turtle sits in the palm of someone's hand outside

Is buying a baby turtle illegal? Here is how to bring home this reptile legally and ethically

Water snake swimming through seaweed

Can snakes swim? Here’s what you need to know about how these legless creatures move through water

Leopard gecko with smiling face

5 fantastic ways pets in a classroom benefit kids (and the best pets to get)

Chameleon reptile

Everything you want to know about the reptile life cycle, from egg to adulthood

Painted turtle eats a mealworm

What do painted turtles eat? This is the only feeding guide you’ll need

A brown bearded dragon on a tree trunk.

How to train bearded dragons in 3 simple steps

Bearded dragon on a leash with a harness

Can you take your bearded dragon on a walk? We tried so you don’t have to

Sea turtle swims gently in the sea

Are turtles reptiles or amphibians? Here’s what you need to know

Two bearded dragons sunning

All reptile parents can make life easier with this essential heating-lamp hack

If you are a reptile parent, you know that heating your pet's habitat is essential. We have a tip to make it easier.
Gecko looks up at the camera

Gecko care: What you absolutely need to know before bringing one home

Considering adopting a gecko? Learn all about baby gecko care before you bring one home.
Snake lies down on his wood

Is your snake bored? How to tell (and why you should care)

Is your snake bored or is something else going on? Why your snake is listless.
Woman carries her bearded dragon on her shoulder

How to evacuate your house with your bearded dragon in case of emergency

In an emergency, are you ready to evacuate with your bearded dragon?
Alligator wades in swamp with plants

What makes an animal a reptile? It all comes down to these characteristics

Here's what you need to know about what makes an animal a reptile.
Lizard suns on a rock under a heat source

5 best reptile heating pads to keep your little friend warm

These are the 5 best reptile heating pads to keep your pet warm.
Sea turtle swims underwater

Why are reptiles cold-blooded? The reason is so simple

There's a simple reason why reptiles are cold-blooded animals.
Lizard looks out while swimming in a tank

Have you ever wondered how reptiles breathe? It’s pretty interesting

Here's how reptile breathing differs from how mammals breathe.
red and white betta in aquarium

The best low-maintenance fish to keep you company in your office

Having a fish provides hours of enjoyment for you during and after the workday. Our list shows the best low-maintenance ones.
dog and tortoise friendship sulcata

This puppy’s friendship with a tortoise is just too cute

We can't stop watching the videos of this dog sharing toys with their tortoise friend.
Sea turtle swims next to fish in tropical water

What’s the difference between fish and reptiles? The one key difference

There's one main difference between fish and reptiles that's important.
Lizard on substrate in his cage

Try these simple steps for cleaning a reptile carpet

Follow these tips to easily clean your reptile's carpet
Woman holds her snake up to her face

Can snakes hear? The answer might surprise you

Here's the truth about whether or not snakes can hear.
Baby bearded dragons in an easter basket

Everything you need to know about caring for bearded dragon eggs

Here's everything you need to know about caring for bearded dragon eggs
Green snake curled up over a branch

How to tell if your snake is sleeping

Do snakes have eyelids? Do snakes sleep with their eyes open? Here's how to tell if a snake is sleeping.
Man holding corn snake

What can you feed a pet snake? It depends

As the owner of a pet snake, you’ll have to feed your carnivore meat, but the type and frequency of feedings will vary. Here's what snakes eat.
Minute leaf chameleon stands on a penny

10 coolest reptiles that are still on the endangered list

Help raise awareness for these amazing reptiles that are on the endangered species list.
Man feeds iguana a piece of melon on a stick

5 helpful solutions to try if your iguana’s not eating

If your iguana isn't eating, try these strategies.
Green snake on branch

Curious why snakes flick their tongues so much? Here’s why they do it

Anyone who has seen snakes knows they frequently flick their tongues. There's a reason for a snake’s long, forked tongue and why it flicks
Two snakes curl around a person while another pets them

How long do snakes live? Everything you need to know

Snakes can live for a very long time. Male sure you're informed before you commit.
Colorful chameleon sits on a stick before a blue background

5 reptiles on Instagram with more followers than you

We love these reptile Instagram accounts and you will too.
Little girl holds her pet iguana

8 effective tips for iguana training

Iguanas are beautiful creatures, but they do have sharp claws and teeth, as well as a powerful tail. Here's how to train them so they don't mind being handled.
Panda sits and eats bamboo

6 amazing endangered species you can help save

These endangered species need help — here's what you can do.
Corn snake being held between a person's fingers

8 important things to consider to properly care for a corn snake

This is what you need to know to properly look after a corn snake.
Person holds turtle in hands

5 warning signs your turtle is sick

These are the telltale signs that your turtle isn't healthy.
Gecko steps into a bowl of mealworms

What do geckos eat? We’ve got a handy feeding guide

If you're wondering what to feed your gecko and how often he needs to eat, read this handy guide.
Woman holds her bearded dragon

How to travel with a bearded dragon

This is everything you need to know about traveling with a bearded dragon.
A vet spreads ointment on a sick turtle's shell

Is your turtle sick? Here’s how to tell

These are the signs and symptoms your turtle is sick and how to care for them.
Corn snake suns on a rock in his housing

How to create an amazing snake habitat

Give your snake the best home possible by following these tips.
Lizard being held by owner

Lizard vs. snake: Which pet is right for you?

Not sure which reptile to get? Consider these factors.
Red-eared slider turtle eats strawberries

What do red-eared slider turtles eat? Check out this handy guide

Just like humans, turtles need a balanced diet. This is what to feed your red-eared slider turtle.
Pet gecko stares at a mealworm

Try one of these amazing reptiles for your first pet

If this is your first pet, these six reptiles are a great choice.
Tortoise walks outside in the grass

Turtles vs. tortoises: Which pet is right for you?

There are big differences between turtles and tortoises. Here's what you need to know.
Pet chameleon standing on a hand and eating a bug

Do chameleons eat fruit?

Should your chameleon be eating fruit? Some thoughts
Brown and Gray Komodo Dragon

How long can you expect your Komodo dragon to live?

What is your Komodo dragon's expected life cycle? Can you own one?
a person holds a snake in their hands as it wraps around their arm, its head peering off to the left

Some snakes can swim – here’s how to tell if yours is one of them

Swimming snakes? Sounds crazy, but it's true! Here's how to tell if yours is one of them
new snake care brown green hiding

Caring for your new snake: Everything you need to know

This guide contains everything you need to care for your new pet snake.
turtle buying guide box face leaves

What to know before buying a turtle

Before you purchase a turtle, make sure you know what you're getting yourself into with this guide.