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Vera Lawlor

Vera Lawlor


Vera was the pet columnist for 201 Family magazine and has contributed pet and animal welfare articles to Bone-A-Fide Mutts and The Animal Companion magazines and online at and The Traveling When she isn’t writing about animals, Vera loves to go on long hikes with her American foxhound, Bella.

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Cat hiding in engine compartment of car.

How to help cats inside car engines … before it’s too late

Have you heard of cats climbing into parked car engines then hitching a ride? This does happen. Here's how to prevent it.
Dog barking at night

Is your dog barking nonstop? Here’s how to get your noisy pup under control

Sometimes our pups bark for seemingly no reason and won't stop. Here are ways to get your noisy dog under control (and the reasons behind it).
Cute Chihuahua standing in grass.

4 effective ways to house-train your stubborn little Chihuahua

Chihuahuas can be a stubborn and sensitive breed, so helping them learn where to potty can be a challenge. Here's how to house-train Chihuahua puppies.
Terrier digging a hole in the backyard

Learn how to stop a dog from digging in the yard once and for all

Dogs dig for a variety of reasons. These tips will help you figure out why your dog is digging, and how you can prevent your pup from digging in the future.
Bottle feeding a newborn puppy

How much should newborn puppies eat? Follow this newborn puppy feeding chart

Follow these guidelines and the newborn puppy feeding chart to figure out how much food your puppy should eat at each meal.
Dog laying head on computer keyboard

Why is my dog whining? 6 common reasons and what you can do to stop it

If you're asking, "why is my dog whining?" you'll want to learn about these common reasons for vocalization. You can probably fix your dog's whining!
Dog sleeping near toy

Why doesn’t my dog like toys? Disinterest might mean something really bad

What to do (and what it means) if your dog doesn't seem interested in toys.
Therapy dog visits hospital patient

Therapy dogs spread love wherever they go: Does your dog qualify?

Therapy dogs spread love and comfort in hospitals, nursing homes, and more. If your dog is outgoing and loving read on to learn how to get them certified.
French bulldog playing with a ball

The pros and cons of parenting a Frenchie if you wonder ‘are French bulldogs good pets?’

There are pros and cons of owning a French bulldog as a family pet, so make sure to do your research before adding a new member to your household.
Woman hugging a dog

Pets are victims of domestic violence, too: 5 things you can do to help

Pets are often injured or killed in violent homes. Learn what you can do to help victims escape to safety with their pets.
Pup biting on a finger

When do puppies stop biting? That might be up to their owner

Biting is a normal, albeit annoying, part of being a puppy. This is when puppies finally stop biting everything in sight.
Dog dressed in Halloween bandana sitting beside pumpkin

Dogs on Halloween: Pro tips to keep them stress-free and happy so you can enjoy the day together

Life can be stressful for dogs on Halloween. The costumes, noises, and steady stream of unfamiliar faces can take a toll. Here's how to keep yours stress-free.
Leopard gecko with smiling face

5 fantastic ways pets in a classroom benefit kids (and the best pets to get)

Studies show that classroom pets provide important benefits for students. Find out which animals make the best classroom pets.
Two Pembroke Welsh corgis chew on a pumpkin on an autumn picnic

8 autumn Instagram pet photographs that will get you excited for the gorgeous season ahead

Autumn has arrived on Instagram. These Instagram cats and dogs could inspire a fall photoshoot of your own.
Puppy biting arm

How to stop puppy biting: Tips you need to nix this annoying habit

Need to know how to stop a puppy from biting? These tips are absolutely fantastic.
Woman kissing dog

How to take care of a dog in heat: A handy guide for all pet parents

Not sure how to handle your dog's heat cycle? This is what you should know.
Cute dog wearing an adopt me bandana.

8 adorable and practical dog bandanas that will make a statement

These 8 dog bandanas are both cute and practical...and some even keep pests away.
Adult pomsky in park.

Is a Pomsky a good family dog? What you need to know about this pint-sized mixed breed

If you're considering a Pomsky for your family dog, read this first. Here's what to know about this adorable mixed breed.
Young girl with pet rabbit.

Avoid tears and upset: How to pick the right animal for your kid’s first pet

How to pick out the best first pet for your kid. Which animal is best for children?
Leashed dog standing on rock while out on hike.

Outdoor dangers for dogs: 5 seemingly safe things that can harm your furry friend

Outdoor dangers can be hard to spot for your dog. Here's what you need to be wary of.
Man enjoying paddleboarding with his dog.

How to teach your dog to paddleboard with you (and get Instagram-famous)

Who doesn't love a good dog Insta account? Teach your dog to paddleboard with you and gain followers.
Man in a wheelchair laughing as he pets a horse.

Everything you need to know about equine therapy

Equine therapy is a growing type of therapy for individuals with special needs. We have vetted the best.
Veterinarian checking health records while dog looks on.

Can your pet clear customs? How to ensure your trip doesn’t start in disaster

If you're thinking of traveling abroad, do your research first and know what documents your pet needs.
Sad Irish setter in a car.

Are we there yet? Don’t leave home without this one road trip essential for dogs

Do this one thing to keep your dog calm on your next road trip.
A mother and her baby visiting with goats on a farm.

Why a working farm stay should be your vacation of choice this summer

Working farm stays allow vacation-goers to get a taste of farm life. Is it for you?
Hemp leaf laying beside dog treats.

Do dogs actually benefit from CBD treats? This is what the experts say

Dog CBD treats are all the rage. But do they actually work? We asked experts.
Pug sitting near luggage and a pet carrier.

Dog road trip essentials: These 5 items just might save your travel plans

Don't leave home without these five essential items for your next vacation with your dog.
Dog chewing on rawhide bone.

Is rawhide bad for dogs? Why you have to get rid of their favorite treat

What you need to know if you're still offering your dog rawhide treats.
Teenage girl cuddling with dog on bed.

Why your teenager needs a dog (and it’s not just to teach responsibility)

How pet care can teach your teen responsibility, kindness, and unconditional love.
Different dog breeds sitting together.

A new survey identifies 6 main dog personality types: What kind is your pooch?

You already know your pet has a personality, and this survey confirms it.
Cute pug with veterinary travel certificate booklet.

Yes, there are passports for dogs, and Fido needs one STAT

Here's what you need to know about passports for your pets if you move abroad.
Dog rolling in grass with a ball in his mouth.

Skip the Roundup and use these pet-safe yard care products this spring

These yard care products are safe to use around pets, if you have dogs or cats who spend time in the yard.
Treat training two French bulldogs.

French bulldog training is easy with these great treats (they’re healthy, too)

What you need to know to train your French Bulldog before he trains you.
Rottweiler puppy running with a dish in his mouth.

Rottweiler puppies will eat you out of house and home without these tips

What food should I feed my Rottweiler puppy? What to avoid?
German shepherd eating from bowl.

Skip the fancy brands: A German Shepherd diet you can afford

What is the ideal diet for a German Shepherd? You don't need to spend a fortune.
Senior woman walking her dog.

Grandma needs a loyal companion: The 4 best pets for the elderly

Why pets and the elderly go together so well, and how to know which pet is best.
Golden retriever on a boat with a woman.

Have dog, will sail: Top dog breeds for boating

What dog breeds make for the best boating dogs? Learn how to sail with your dog.
Little girl playing with a beagle.

Everything you need to know about the beagle dog breed before bringing one home

Everything you need to know about the Beagle dog breed before you commit.
Walking a Rottweiler puppy on a leash.

Our Rottweiler training guide will ensure you raise a cuddler

You can train your Rottweiler easily by following our training guide for your dog.
Young girl with her arm around a Rottweiler.

Rottweilers are more than guard dogs: 5 cute traits you’ll fall in love with

Here's why your Rottweiler may not make for a good guard dog
Cat chewing on wool.

Cat eating everything in sight? Experts explain why

Why does your cat eat everything in sight? The answer might surprise you.
Sad dog chained in yard.

Worried about a neighbor’s pet? Knowing these animal rights laws could save a life

Know the laws that protect your beloved pets. Is your pet safe?
Saltwater aquarium with live rock.

This is why your saltwater aquarium needs live rock in it

There are good reasons why you should put live rock in your saltwater aquarium
Goldfish in aquarium.

These 3 fantastic fish make the perfect tank mates for your goldfish

If you want a tank mate for your goldfish, these are 3 good fish to get.
Leeches in a glass jar.

Leeches in your aquarium are gross! Here’s how to get rid of them

Follow these steps to eliminate leeches in your aquarium.
Planarian flatworm.

If your aquarium has flatworms, here’s how you can eliminate them

Follow these steps to eliminate flatworms from your aquarium.
Putting silicone strip on seam of aquarium.

Is your fish tank leaking? Follow these easy steps to fix it

Here's what to do in order to fix a fish tank leak
Pack of dachshund hanging out together.

Everything you should know about dachshunds, from health to personality

Learn what sets dachshunds apart from the dog pack
Two goldfish hanging out in an aquarium.

How to take care of your goldfish so they have a longer life

There are a few ways to properly care for your goldfish to extend their lifespan.
Siberian huskies pulling sled.

7 amazing facts you may not know about Siberian huskies

Facts about Siberian huskies you never knew before today