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Man working on aquarium

What causes high pH in an aquarium? We’ll walk you through getting your tank levels in check

The cause of your high pH levels might be hard to figure out right away, but with a few countermeasures, you'll be at optimum levels in no time.
A hand and sponge wiping the side of a dirty green aquarium

Why is your aquarium water green? Follow these steps to get your water clear again

Fish tank with aquatic plants

Wondering what sharks are ideal for your home aquarium? These sharks fit right in

Child looking at baby turtle on counter

The do’s and don’ts of baby turtle care

Small child looks into a jar of tadpoles

A simple guide to what to feed tadpoles in your aquarium

Vet checks out small hamster

7 telltale signs of a dying hamster (and what you should do)

Baby rabbit being held by owner

Is my rabbit pregnant? 5 telltale signs you should know

Orange fish in an aquarium

The ultimate guide to aquarium decorations for the coolest fish tank ever

Hand cleaning tank with sponge

How to clear cloudy aquarium water in a few easy steps and make your fish happy

Parrot tilts its head while standing next to a ball

Video: Parrots playing basketball is the best thing we’ve ever seen

Woman holding a hamster eating a treat

Wondering how to take care of a hamster? Here are 8 pet hamster care tips that all beginners need to follow

Blue betta fish staring at the camera

What fish can live with bettas? These are your best bets for fish buddies

Vet examines a falcon's wing

Found an injured bird? Here’s how to help a bird with a broken wing

Here's what to do if you find an injured bird so you can help it. With four steps, you'll have the broken wing healed and the bird back in the wild.
Baby bird standing up

Wondering what to feed a baby bird? Here’s how to take care of an orphaned bird

It's best for a baby bird to stay with its family, but some may end up orphaned. We offer tips on how to feed a baby bird and who to contact for help.
Fish tank with healthy bubbles coming out of filter

Are bubbles in a fish tank a problem? They just might be

What should you do if you find bubbles in a fish tank? Here's everything you need to know and how you can fix it.
Basking Chinese water dragon

Best reptile pets: These are the 5 most affectionate reptiles you can welcome into your home

What are the best reptile pets for handling? Here are the 5 most affectionate types of reptiles and how to show them affection.
Fish swim around in a tank with a bubbler

Check these 3 things immediately if you have fish swimming at the top of the tank

When something goes wrong in the tank, there are signs. Here's what you need to do if your fish are swimming at the top of the tank.
Sugar glider clings to their owner's thumb

What you need to know about sugar gliders before you get an exotic pet

Considering a sugar glider as a pet? This is everything you need to know about this marsupial before adding one to your household.
Two bearded dragons sit on a rock

Can you make a profit breeding your bearded dragon?

What do baby beardies sell for? Can you safely and ethically breed your beardie? Find out here.
Three beautiful budgies perch on a branch outside

Budgies 101: How to take care of America’s favorite pet bird

You might think that raising a parakeet won't be as much of a commitment as a dog or cat, but there's still a lot that goes into keeping them.
A colorful rainbowfish swims in front of plants in an aquarium

Add rainbowfish to your tank – these beauties will brighten up any aquarium

Rainbowfish are not only beautiful, they are also a great beginner fish and an easy one to add to an existing tank.
Two guinea pigs sit on a branch in their cage in front of a small wooden house

How to set up your guinea pig cage – here’s everything you need

What type of guinea pig cage should you get? We'll break down everything you need to know and how you should go about setting it up, step by step.
A baby chick sits in the grass next to a broken egg

3 reasons not to give pet rabbits, baby chicks, or ducks this Easter

Animals like rabbits, ducks, and baby chicks are so much more than an Easter present. Here's why not to gift them this spring.
Brown bunny sits in the grass

Bunny care 101: If Easter inspires you to adopt a rabbit, read this first

Are you thinking about adopting a pet rabbit for Easter? Look over our Bunny Care 101 guide before you do.
Man performs a water change in his aquarium by syphoning

How to get rid of green algae in a saltwater tank effectively

Do you have an out-of-control algae bloom in your aquarium? Get a clean saltwater tank easily by following these simple steps.
A blue female betta in a tank

Are female betta fish worth it? Here’s why you should consider getting one of these pretty fish

Don't discount a female betta fish. These pretty fish can be just as fun and attractive as their male counterparts (and a lot less aggressive).
Turtle pokes head out of the water from inside a tank

How to clean a turtle tank the right way and keep your reptile happy

How often should you clean a turtle tank? This is what you should know about when it comes to keeping your reptile's home comfortable for them.
Man cleans aquarium with fish

How to get rid of aquarium worms from your tank quickly

No one wants worms in their aquarium - they're not only gross but can lead to bigger problems in your fish tank. Here's how to get rid of them.
Cockatiel sits on a natural perch inside their cage

How to make a parrot’s perch with a natural branch (it’s easy!)

It's easy to make a parrot perch with a natural branch. Here are the steps to follow to ensure it's safe and fun for your bird.
Black beard algae growing on wood in an aquarium

This is how you get rid of black beard algae in your fish tank

Black beard algae can wreak havoc in a fish tank. Follow these steps to eliminate this algae from your aquarium.
Bird chirps into the sunset

Bird won’t stop chirping? How to keep your pet bird quiet

Does your bird keep chirping and waking you up at night? Here's what to do to keep them quiet so you can both get some sleep.
Two cory catfish hang out on the bottom of the tank

Looking to add corydoras to your aquarium? Here’s what you need to know first

Like many catfish, corydoras make great beginner fish for an amateur aquarist, but there are still a few key things they need to stay happy.
A large aquarium filled with plants and small fish

Aquarium fish keeping 101: Start your new hobby and keep your fish alive

Setting up your first tank might seem daunting. Run through our checklist to make sure you have everything in place so your fish stay alive and happy.
A very small turtle sits in the palm of someone's hand outside

Is buying a baby turtle illegal? Here is how to bring home this reptile legally and ethically

It might seem that turtles are one of the easiest pets to own, but they actually require a lot of work, starting before you even bring them home.
Ringneck bird sits outside in a tree

Funny birds video: Check out these parrots playing peekaboo

Can't get enough of funny bird videos? You'll love these two parrots playing peekaboo and chattering to each other.
Bird rides a bike on a clothes line

Bird training classes are a thing – Here’s how to get your pet circus ready

Whether you go to a bird training class or try YouTube videos, you can train your feathered friend in a few easy steps.
Parrot perches on a branch looking quizzically at the camera

Video: Mommy parrot plays peekaboo with her babies

Many parrots can learn how to talk but this sweet mom takes things to the next level when she decides to play a game of Peekaboo with her brood.
Parakeet picks at their feathers

Why do birds lose their feathers? Here’s when to worry

If your bird is losing feathers, you might need to be concerned. Take a closer look at these factors to determine the cause and find the solution.
Statue covered in bird poop

This is how to remove bird poop stains from clothes (tips that really work)

Not sure how to remove bird poop that just won't come out. This is how you get rid of bird leavings from your clothes.
Guinea pig bares her teeth

Why do guinea pigs chatter their teeth? It’s not a good thing

Guinea pigs chatter their teeth for a few different reasons. This is how to know what's causing it and when to call your vet.
White hamster peeks out of his enclosure

Why is my hamster trying to escape? These are the 3 reasons

There are three reasons why your hamster tries to get out of his cage. Once you figure out the why, then you'll be able to prevent it.
Two parrots tilt their heads to see better

Why do birds bob their heads? The answer is pretty complex

There's a scientific reason why birds bob their heads. Here's what you need to know about this funny and unique trait.
A happy guinea pig hangs out in the grass

How to tell if your guinea pig loves you – some ways may surprise you

Does your guinea pig love you? Here are the signs to watch out for so you can be sure you return the affection.
Brown and white rabbit sitting in front of a wooden door

How to litter train a rabbit in 6 simple steps

Not sure how to litter train a bunny? Follow this comprehensive guide to get your rabbit to go where you want her to.
A betta swims with plants in its tank

Is your fish tank for bettas too small? Here’s are the do’s and don’ts of betta care

Looking for the perfect betta fish tank setup? Follow these do's and don'ts to keep your betta happy and healthy
Hatchlings in a nest begs for food

Wondering what to feed baby birds? Here are 5 things you should never offer them

Feeding a baby bird isn't easy. If you're unsure what to feed a baby bird, avoid these these foods that aren't good for fledglings.
Water snake swimming through seaweed

Can snakes swim? Here’s what you need to know about how these legless creatures move through water

How do snakes swim without any arms -- and can snakes swim at all? We answer some of these burning questions about your pet.
Hamster peeks out of his cage

This is how to find a lost hamster the same day it goes missing

Wondering how to find a lost hamster quickly and safely? Here's what you can do to locate a hamster that got out of its cage.
Bird sings from a perch in a pine tree

Why do birds sing in the morning? There are 2 clever reasons for it

There are two key reasons why birds sing in the morning and both go back to their evolution and status as prey animals.
Turtle walking on a table

Aquatic turtles: Care and feeding basics every Testudine enthusiast needs to know

If you’re considering buying an aquatic turtle, you should first know how to best take care of one. Here are the basics of keeping aquatic turtles as pets.