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Shannon Cooper

Shannon Cooper

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Shannon Cooper has written about everything from pet care and travel to finance and plumbing in her seven years as a writer. Her work has appeared on The Manual, 21 Oak, ConsumerAffairs, Finance 101, and more. When she's not working, you can find her taking a nap with her cats, rewatching the same six tv shows over again (Bob's Burgers anyone?), wandering in the woods, and trying to teach herself how to draw.

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Blue litter box with scoop

How to get rid of fleas from the litter box: Step-by-step instructions

Did you know that fleas can live in a litter box? Here's how to tell if they're in your home, and how to get rid of fleas for good.
A gray-faced, old cocker spaniel smiles at the camera

Is your dog’s breathing problems old age or something else? What to know

As dogs get older, sometimes they develop new health conditions. Here's when to be concerned about your dog's breathing problems in old age.
Orange cat sleeping on a bed covered by a blanket

Why do cats like to sleep on the bed with people? This common behavior explained

If your cat likes to sleep on the bed, you're not alone. Learn a few reasons why your cat loves sleeping in your bed and the pros and cons of letting them.
Kitten sitting outside of litter box

How to introduce a new litter box to your cat: Our top tips

Convincing a cat to try something new isn’t easy — until now. Here are tips to get your kitty to use a new litter box.
Cat sitting in a lap

Lap time, nap time: Why your cat chooses to sit on you

Sometimes cats just crawl on your lap and pass out. Here's what it means, and why they do it.
Striped orange cat meowing

Why do cats meow excessively? 6 possible causes – and solutions that can help you both

Talkative cats are cute, but excessive meowing can be annoying. Here are some possible causes and solutions that can help both of you.
Cat in carrier in a car

Best cat car seats: 7 great options to keep your feline friend safe and comfy during drives

Many cats don't like car rides, but they're not always avoidable. Keep your feline friend calm and safe with our top picks for cat car seats that travel well.

The best liquid cat food brands your older cat is sure to love

As cats get older, their dietary needs change. These liquid cat food brands are sure to be a hit with cats of all ages.
Old lab sitting on couch smiling

How to prevent your older dog from losing their teeth down the road

Here's what you can do to stop your old dog from losing his teeth.
Kitten in litter box

How to dispose of used cat litter

Talk to any cat owner, and they’ll tell you their least favorite part of the job is cleaning the litter box.

Cats sleep with their eyes open — it’s creepy, but here’s why they do it

Ever seen a cat sleeping with its eyes open? It's weird! Here's why they do it
Senior poodle laying on the floor

Try these nutrition and supplement tips to keep your older dog in optimal health

These vitamins and supplements for older dogs can help keep him healthy.
Gray and white kitten in a box with its mouth open

How (and when) do kittens lose their baby teeth?

Here's when you can expect your kitten to lose their baby teeth.

Woman finds her tiny dog being stalked by a mountain lion by the back door

Viral video shows a Shih-Poo watching a mountain lion right outside the house.
Golden Retriever and cat sitting together

Video of cat pushing senior dog down the stairs has people all bent out of shape

Viral video shows a cat pushing an elderly dog down the stairs.
Man in a plaid shirt hugging his dog

How long can an old dog live with a heart murmur?

Here is what you need to know about your dog's heart murmur.
Person brushing a cat's teeth

4 cat toothbrushes to make cleaning less of a chore

These cat toothbrushes will keep your cat’s teeth clean and safe.
Black cat eats food off the floor

Cat always hungry? This might be why

If your cat is always in the mood to eat, there might be something going on - consider this
Cat having fun on cat tower

6 modern cat towers that will look great in your home

These cat towers will please any pet, regardless of taste or style
Kittens eating together from a bowl

How to know when it’s time to change your cat’s food

Switch up your cat’s food when it’s time - here’s how to tell
Cat sneezing with flowers

Cat-choo! Why your cat may be constantly sneezing

Kitty sneezes are cute, but could be a concern - here are some of the reasons they could be sneezing constantly
Hairless cat wearing a harness outside

If you really need to walk your cat, this is the best leash and harness set to buy

Want to walk your cat? These leashes and harnesses will make the task a little easier
Cat getting checkup at vet

Need to increase your cat’s iron levels? Here’s where to start

Here's how to increase iron levels in your cat's blood in a healthy way
Cat not eating his meal

How to help skinny cats put on some pounds

Some cats need to put on weight -- here's how to get yours to put on weight in a healthy way.
cat toy petmate review black spooky playing with lion

Itty Bitty Batters Lion: My cats’ new favorite toy

The Petmate Itty Bitty Batters lion toy is enjoyable for cats of all ages. Check out our hands-on review of this great cat toy.
Orange and white cat in a litterbox

Is homemade cat litter an effective alternative?

Cat litter is expensive, but is it worth it to make your own? We discuss.
Cat eating from their food bowl

If your cat is always eating, here’s what you need to know

Is your cat food-motivated, bored, or actually hungry? Here's what you need to know.
Birds eating at a bird feeder

Get this $25 window bird feeder to drive your cat nuts

Give yourself and your cat some free entertainment by installing these bird feeders
Gray and white rabbit in indoor hutch

Which indoor cage is best for your rabbits?

The best indoor cages for your rabbits, whether you have one or multiple bunnies.
Angelfish swimming in a freshwater tank

Which fish to have in your freshwater tank

Freshwater aquariums are one of the coolest things to have in any room. Here are the best fish options for any tank
Ferret sleeping on a blanket

Want to litter train your ferret? Here’s how

Ferrets are fun, but can you litter train them? It can take a lot of patience and a bit of luck. We show you how it's done.
Orange cat meowing

What it means when your cat won’t stop meowing at you

Cats meow to greet us, ask for food, and let us know when something’s wrong.
Two cats sleeping on cat tower

Innovative, modern cat furniture that will look great in your home

From towers to beds to scratching posts, there’s tons of furniture you can buy for your feline friend.