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Help your pup get comfy: 4 amazing dog collars for sensitive necks

Your dog’s collar is an important accessory. Not only can a collar show off your pooch’s personality, but it can be a lifesaver if your dog ends up lost. Of course, collars can be tricky to get right — you need to get the right type and you need to make sure the collar is the right size. And what if your dog hates their collar? When your pet isn’t comfy, she isn’t likely to do well on walks — or even to like her collar at all. Fur can get matted, necks can be itchy, and so many fabrics can wear down over time, leaving frayed edges and pieces to chew.

Still, as a responsible pet parent, you need to make sure your pup is protected. Here are four fantastic dog collars for sensitive necks.

Soft Touch Collars – Luxury real leather padded dog collar

With almost 5,000 Amazon reviews and an average of 4.6 stars, this genuine leather padded collar is the perfect match for pups with a sensitive neck. Without the rough texture of fibers that nylon collars can have, leather gets the job done with zero skin irritation or fur pulling.

Soft Touch Collars were developed by a group of dog lovers who know how important it is that a dog is comfy in his or her collar. That’s why they use naturally tanned sheepskin leather instead of anything dyed or chemically treated. To ensure the collar you order is free of chemicals and other harsh ingredients, stick with the brown/cream color option.

CollarDirect rolled leather dog collar

For dogs with longer fur or hair that’s prone to tangles, a rolled leather collar could just be your saving grace. The tubular shape of rolled leather won’t catch on your pet’s fur or rub back and forth in the same way a flat collar can. Plus, it comes in 13 bright colors, so matching one to your dog’s personality will be easy.

This leather collar is available in sizes 3XS to XL, so everyone in your fur family will be able to find what’s comfiest for them, even puppies. In one <span class="s1">Amazon review</span>,  the mom of an eight-week-old pup raves about how calm and comfy the little one is in her soft new collar, even when she’s normally irritable!

Mighty Paw martingale collar, training dog collar, limited-cinch chain

If your pup needs extra security while walking, a martingale collar can give you that snug fit and sense of safety without choking your dog. This particular collar is especially comfortable on rowdy canines because the cinch part of the collar is made of iron chain instead of fabric. Not only is the chain ideal for sensitive necks, but it also provides an audible cue to aid your dog in training.

Unlike inhumane choke collars, this martingale training collar is adjustable and will tighten only just enough to dissuade your pup from pulling on the leash. The removable D-ring attachment lets you switch this collar from a cinch to a normal flat collar in seconds, so Fido can hurry back to playtime — safely, of course!

Black Rhino – The comfort collar ultrasoft neoprene padded dog collar for all breeds

This superplush, ultradurable collar by Black Rhino is Amazon’s Choice for hypoallergenic dog collars. With its reflective stitching and brightly colored neoprene padding, your dog will be comfy and stylish — win-win!

Thanks to its heavy-duty materials, you won’t have to worry about your dog pulling away or even damaging the collar with her teeth. One pup parent  admitted that their four-month-old large-breed dog couldn’t chew through the fabric. Many other reviews praise the collar’s durability as well as its comfiness.

Whether you’re looking for just a new material or a new kind of collar altogether, you have countless options to choose from online and in your local pet store. Be patient with your pup as she tries out something new — you don’t like every pair of pants you try on, right? Before you know it, your dog will find something she loves, and you’ll be at peace knowing she’s both safe and comfortable.

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