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Video: Dog and pigs become best friends (and it’s as adorable as it sounds)

You won't believe how cute it is to watch this dog with a pack of pigs

Animals of different species playing together seems to warm all of our hearts both online and in real life. You’re probably used to videos of dogs and cats becoming best friends by now, but if you haven’t yet seen this canine who has become besties with a herd of pigs, well, you’re in luck. This dog video takes animals being bros to a whole new level, and you won’t be disappointed.

It’s hard to even see the golden retriever at first glance because he is so covered in the “pig pile” of his friends. Surrounding our star, a group of mixed-breed pigs climb on top, jump around, and snuffle with the pup. He responds by starting to wrestle with them, thrilled that he has found a perfect group of playmates. It ends by showing the huge smile on the doggo’s face — no one is happier than the furriest member of this pack.

The fortunate owner, r.krueger10, captioned this sweet exchange, “It’s the hug for me,” and responded to many excited commenters. “He’s in absolute heaven,” commenter komakaziii declared. Maja stated, “Ok, this is my fav account on the internet now officially,” and we could not agree more. Finally, bradleybarnwell said, “If they remade Silence of the Lambs for G rating, this scene would be included.” Now that would be a movie worth watching.

A pig perches on a dog in the grass with flowers
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Can dogs and pigs be friends?

To be honest, it depends. While you might see them getting along quite happily on TikTok or in the movie Babe, it takes time and special care to introduce pigs and dogs and to make sure the meeting works out. Remember that even if the pig weighs a lot, your dog might still consider him prey. On the flip side, piggies often fear dogs and will run away or vocalize in their presence or decide to charge in an attempt to defend themselves. Sadly, this can end in tragedy, with both your pets needing an emergency trip to the vet or worse. However, if you do manage to find a way for these guys to all get along, you could wind up with a bunch of BFFs that play just like the ones in dog videos.

Overall, we don’t recommend bringing home a group of piggies unless you have the space for them and the expertise to care for a swine. So often, the so-called teacup pigs grow up to be full-sized potbellies! Always research carefully and check your zoning laws to confirm that you can legally keep farm animals at all. But if you can’t watch your own pets play with a couple of happy hogs, you can always follow these ones on social media for the entertainment.

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