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How to teach your dog burrito, the most adorable dog trick

Here are the 4 steps to learn the dog burrito

What’s the cutest trick you’ve ever seen your dog do? We bet this will top it. Plus, many well-trained dogs will probably pick it up pretty quickly. If you haven’t seen this trend yet, check out the adorable and hilarious dog burrito. It’s exactly like it sounds, meaning your pooch wraps himself up in a blanket and turns himself into a lunch lookalike. The video breaks it down into exactly what steps you need to take to teach your pup this move.

There are a number of tricks to teach your dog, and you probably started out with sit. In order to get to dog burrito level, he needs to have some of that baseline already down. Set to Meghan Trainor’s “Made You Look,” the video starts out with a very sweet Maltipoo named Bingo standing on a rug.

  • Step one instructs us, “Teach him to roll over.” If your fur baby already has this one in the bag, you’re in luck because that’s all he needs for the first bit.
  • Next up, Bingo teaches viewers how to hold things in his mouth. This is a critical step in burrito making since your buddy will need to feel comfortable keeping the blanket in their teeth while rolling over. It might take a while to get to that level (we’re sure Bingo practiced, too, in between takes).
  • Help him with holding the blanket the first time. Now we’re putting everything together (almost). Start by setting him in the right spot on the blanket and then putting it in his mouth. Because it feels something like a plush toy, he might even enjoy biting it. Then give the rollover cue. As Bingo’s owner states (from experience, most likely), you probably need to lend a hand the first few times that you practice. Once he’s got the hang of it, there’s one more thing to do.
  • Step four says, “Put everything together and add the command ‘Burrito!'” That’s the easy part.
A frenchie makes himself into a dog burrito by wrapping himself in a blanket
ewelina thepphaboot / Shutterstock

Just about every response to this dog video consisted of gushing praise for Bingo, including Chase Blankenship, who said “This is the cutest pup I think I’ve ever seen.” While lots of commenters claimed they were gonna give it a shot, many acknowledged that their cuties could never pull this off. Tiff stated, “My adhd dog could never ?” and a couple of other pet parents had similar feelings.

On the list of dog tricks, this might not ever wind up on the top (it’s always gonna be sit), but if you have an animal with a bit more advanced knowledge, we highly recommend giving the dog burrito a try. Who knows, maybe the dog taco and the dog quesadilla will be next?

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