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Woman kissing dog

How to take care of a dog in heat: A handy guide for all pet parents

Not sure how to handle your dog's heat cycle? This is what you should know.
yellow lab being fed dinner

Dinnertime woes: How to soften your dog’s food

Our best tips and tricks to soften your dog's hard kibble without turning it to mush
a man sits on the floor with his white fluffy dog and feeds the dog a treat off his plate

Make snacks last: 3 great DIY dog treats that won’t spoil quickly

Your dog will love these homemade dog treats — and you'll love their staying power
6280 the best dog birthday party supplies

Viral video: Puppy piñata party goes adorably right

The viral video shows a cleverly rigged dog piñata that asks the dog to use its instincts, and it’s rewarded with more of what it really wants.
pitbull in crate

How to crate train an older dog (yes, it’s possible)

Crate training an older dog can sometimes be necessary. Follow these steps to crate train an older dog successfully.
dog proof fencing ideas

Viral video: One hilarious way to keep dogs from running away

Dogs running away is a real problem and even if you’ve got a fenced in yard for dogs, your pup still might not be safe. This video offers one genius hack.
A man wearing sunglasses crouches on a hiking trail with a small brown dog.

Can toy dog breeds go hiking and camping? Read this before leaving yours at home

Toy dog breeds love the outdoors like all others. Here’s how to keep toy breeds safe outdoors.
A woman holds a black and brown Chihuahua in her arms

These are the 6 most loyal small dog breeds for you & your family, ranked

If you're looking for a loving and loyal small dog breed, search no further. These dogs are pint-sized, playful, and packed with love.
video of sheep playing fetch with dogs dog

This viral video of a sheep who thinks it’s one of the dogs will warm your heart

We’ve all heard of dogs herding sheep, but what about dogs playing fetch with sheep? This video is absolutely a must-see.
Cute dog wearing an adopt me bandana.

8 adorable and practical dog bandanas that will make a statement

These 8 dog bandanas are both cute and practical...and some even keep pests away.
3 Australian shepherd puppies playing outdoors

Ready for a puppy playdate? Not before reaching these crucial milestones

Puppy playdates should wait until your pup has reached 5 crucial milestones.
A Belgian Malinois runs after a ball that a woman throws from the background

You might be hurting your dog by indulging in endless games of fetch

If your dog enjoys endless games of fetch, follow these health warnings from vets.
how to get a puppy stop whining closeup of with sad eyesjpg

Obedience 101: How to stop a puppy from whining using gentle methods

Puppies are basically little babies that need care, attention, and just a little bit of firm guidance. Let’s go over how to get a puppy to stop whining.
stray the video game cat and dog reactions ps5

Cats can’t stop watching Stray, but this dog is less enthused

You’ve probably seen some videos of real-life cats reacting to the Stray video game (and its realistic meows). Dogs, on the other hand? They’re not as happy.
A shaggy brown and white dog wearing goggles and a white helmet sits in a bicycle basket.

Going on a bike ride with your dog? 5 must-do safety tips

Do you envision a bicycle built for two...for you and your dog? Read our safety tips first.
a dog with his back to the camera reaches for a treat that a woman holds out

These 4 diabetic dog treats are healthy, tasty, & can be made in 30 minutes

Homemade diabetic dog treats are a great option that gives pet parents more control over their furry friend’s diet. Who said healthy had to be boring?
A Pomeranian sits in front of a blue background while someone's hands prepare to give them a vaccine injection to the side

Bordetella at home: Can you vaccinate your dog yourself?

Pets who spend time in kennels and doggy daycare need a Bordetella vaccination. Many pet parents don't know they can administer this vaccine at home.
Side profile of a St. Bernard smiling while standing outdoors.

5 cool St. Bernard facts you probably didn’t know

St. Bernards are the gentle giants of the dog world. But do you know these interesting facts about them?
An angry Black and Tan dog bears his teeth in a grassy field.

How to manage an overprotective dog before the worst case scenario occurs

Is your dog overprotective? Why this seemingly positive trait could put your precious pup in jeopardy.
A Shepherd dog sits in a kennel at an animal shelter

Considering dog boarding for your next vacation? Read this first

Before you consider boarding your dog, learn what to look for in a dog kennel.
A closeup shot of a Doberman Pinscher's profile.

The 8 smartest dog breeds, ranked

These smartest dog breeds will impress with their intelligence
Old lab sitting on couch smiling

How to prevent your older dog from losing their teeth down the road

Here's what you can do to stop your old dog from losing his teeth.
A Siberian Husky wearing sunglasses looks to the side, mouth open slightly

5 game-changing facts about Siberian Huskies we bet you didn’t know

There's so much to know about Siberian Huskies beyond their abilities in the snow. Here's what you've been missing.
Jack Russel terrier in a red color barking

Viral video of a deaf dog that thinks she’s barking is the cutest thing ever

This video of a deaf dog features a super-cute pet attempting to bark — but while the action looks right, no sound actually comes out of the pooch’s mouth.
A Golden Retriever chases his tail on the beach.

Why do dogs chase their tails? The answer is so simple it’s crazy

Here's the real answer to why dogs chase their tails.
Someone stretches a Weimaraner dog's front leg

5 telltale signs of dog joint pain you should never ignore

If your dog suffers from joint pain, there are many treatments available. Here’s what to look for.
Shark cordless vacuum

Clean pet hair easy: The Shark cordless vacuum is a Prime Day steal

Looking for a new vacuum? How about this Shark cordless model that's on a huge discount for Prime Day 2022?!
furbo dog camera deal prime day 2022

This amazing tech for your pet is one of the best Prime Day deal’s out there

If you want some great pet tech that lets you watch and interact with your pet, this Prime Day deal on the Furbo dog camera is great!
A Labrador Retriever shows teeth and growls

Do dogs lose teeth? Why you need to take care of this serious issue now

Is your dog losing their teeth? Here's what you should know about your dog's dental health and how to prevent tooth decay and come disease.
A woman sits on the step of an RV holding a Pug on her lap

Can you RV with dogs? Not without installing these 3 safety essentials first

Yes, you can RV with your dog, but you’ll want to ensure safety comes first with these essentials.
A closeup of a Bichon Frise lying on a wooden floor.

Puppy potty training your Bichon Frise–why is it so difficult?

Let's look deeper into the history of the Bichon Frise and what makes this particular breed so hard to potty train. Plus, let's find the solutions you need!
dog butt sniffing could lead to cancer two dogs butts

Does your dog love butt sniffing? Science says it could give them cancer

While butt sniffing has long been known as a way dogs gather basic information about another pup, a new study says it could be linked to cancer.
A woman lies on the floor and cuddles a brown and white Australian Shepherd

Don’t have a Roomba? Think twice before adopting an Australian Shepherd

Before adopting an Australian Shepherd, this one fact may surprise you.
Dog treats cut in shapes with roller

How to make homemade dog treats that last a long time

With proper care and the preparation, your homemade treats can last a long time. Check out these ideas to create the best dog treats out there
care for pitbull puppy put bull train

How to take care of your pit bull puppy

Pit bull puppies are adorable, and fun — but have special needs like any other dog. Here's how to care for yours.
A Dachshund eats from a food bowl filled with kibble

The best dog food for dachshunds: 5 healthy choices for your pup

Learn what dog food is ideal for your dachshunds, and where to find it.
white dog on grass playing

Sick of playing fetch? What to do if your dog is obsessed with ball toys

Learn why dogs are obsessed with ball toys and what you can do.
pet food shortage tips couple buying dog in store

The price of dog food is insane: Pet parents’ best tips to handle shortages

The pet food shortage is affecting not only the price of dog food, but the health and wellness of our pets. These are the best solutions Reddit has to offer.
Labrador lying in crate

How to make your dog’s crate escape-proof

Making your dog’s crate escape-proof doesn’t have to be expensive. Our guide shows how almost any crate can be made secure
qualify for service dog

Do I qualify for a service dog? These are the requirements you should know about

Find out if you qualify for a service dog or comfort animal. Your doctor can recommend what’s best.
a boston terrier in american flag sunglasses and patriotic beads looks to the side, looking cool

Get in the festive spirit: 6 simple DIY dog treats for the 4th of July

While you’re busy making grocery lists, don’t forget to think about your fur babies this 4th of July, too — maybe with some DIY dog treats.
Leashed dog standing on rock while out on hike.

Outdoor dangers for dogs: 5 seemingly safe things that can harm your furry friend

Outdoor dangers can be hard to spot for your dog. Here's what you need to be wary of.
someone holds out a treat as a golden retriever waits to eat it

These soft, tasty senior dog treats are under $13 and absolutely perfect for pups without teeth

Senior dog treats can help with a variety of issues that come with aging. It can be hard to find them for toothless pups. We did the searching.
Girl training black and white border collie dog puppy

8 essential questions to ask to find the best obedience class for your dog

Before enrolling in any obedience class with your pup, ask these questions to ensure it's a good fit.
video of a dog eating mangoes great pyrenees and treat

Dog’s viral reaction to eating a mango is adorable (and relatable)

This Great Pyrenees lived up to the majestic origins of the breed when she got her first taste of mango and had the best reaction to it.
off leash rules

5 essential off-leash rules every good pet parent should know

If you have a dog who can be off-leash, congrats! Now learn where you should never let your pup have full rein.
Man enjoying paddleboarding with his dog.

How to teach your dog to paddleboard with you (and get Instagram-famous)

Who doesn't love a good dog Insta account? Teach your dog to paddleboard with you and gain followers.
A dog's tail on a wood floor background

Safely expressing your dog’s anal glands at home is much easier than you think

Save your dog an uncomfortable trip to the groomers by learning how to express dog anal glands. Start here with this technique.
An Australian Shepherd jumps hurdles in an agility competition.

How to teach (almost) any dog breed to excel at agility training

Interested in teaching your dog agility skills? It may not be as hard as you think!
A Jack Russell terrier stands in shallow water wearing pink boots.

Don’t buy protective hiking booties for your dog before learning this one trick

Hiking with your dog is an ideal way to get out in nature, but what if Fido's hiking booties don't stay on? Learn what to do.