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a beige akita puppy stands on their back legs inside a pink wire playpen

Is a puppy playpen better than a crate? Here’s what to consider before you buy one for your dog

Both crates and puppy playpens are useful additions to any home with a dog, but how do you know which one your furry friend needs?
Different dog breeds sitting together.

Former pet industry worker’s viral list of worst dog breeds: Do you agree?

One woman who used to work in the pet industry went viral on TikTok for her list of the worst dog breeds you can adopt. Do you think she got it right?
A close up of a Boxer's brown eye

Are dogs actually color blind? Why what you’ve been told is a lie

If you've always been told dogs don't see in color, read on for more accurate information.
A sad looking white puppy sprawls on a rug with a yellow ball.

This is the only potty-training puppy schedule you need

This puppy potty training schedule will make things easy on you.
A yellow lab kisses a man's face.

Don’t hire someone to watch your pet without consulting this dog sitter checklist

Use our dog sitter checklist to vet your next dog sitter...well before you leave your precious pets in their care.
A Chihuahua sits under a rainbow Pride flag

Want to bring your dog to a Pride parade? 5 things the experts say you need to do first

Are you considering bringing your dog to a Pride parade? Here’s what the experts say you need to consider first.
A dog stands close to a barbecue grill, waiting expectantly

Am I a bad pet parent if my dog can’t resist licking our outdoor grill?

It's barbecue season, but if you can't get your dog to stop licking the hot grill after cooking, you're not alone. Here's what to do.
A long-haired Chihuahua sits on the beach wearing sunglasses

10 cool dog beaches worth planning your next vacation around

These dog beaches are ideal to include in your next beach vacay.
smart dog video shows husky barking

Husky learns its room lights are voice controlled — cute chaos ensues

This is one smart dog: The husky in this TikTok video makes that clear when he discovers the decorative lights hanging in his mom’s room are sound activated.
A close-up shot of a Golden Retriever with a crowd of people in the background.

It’s official: These are the most dog-friendly cities

We list the most dog-friendly cities in the US, and why.
Sad Irish setter in a car.

Are we there yet? Don’t leave home without this one road trip essential for dogs

Do this one thing to keep your dog calm on your next road trip.
a gray cat and a black pug sitting on an indoor bench

The top 10 reasons dogs are better than cats at this whole friendship thing (Yes, we’re actually serious)

It's time to end one of the world's greatest debates: Dogs are better than cats. Here are all the reasons why.
A woman snuggles with her dog in bed

Why you should let your dog sleep in your bed every single night

Here's why you should allow your dog to sleep in your bed every night
Small dog eating from bowl

Is it cheaper to make your own dog food? What you need to consider before making the switch

Is making dog food cheaper than buying it? Let’s find out about preparing dog food at home and how costs compare.
Sleeping dog with teddy bear toy

4 best BarkBox alternatives you should consider to make your pup happy

These are the best BarkBox alternative dog subscriptions, no matter how your pup likes to play.
A dog with big brown eyes looks up from an empty food dish in front of them

This is the super disturbing reason why you need to wash your dog’s bowl more

Pet parents need to wash their dog's food bowl daily for proper dog food what you're NOT doing putting your health at risk?
dog park socialization

Why trips to the dog park could actually be ruining your pet’s social skills

Are dog parks actually hurting your pet's socialization skills?
are peanuts bad for dogs

Can dogs eat peanut butter? Yes — 8 easy-to-make treats your pup will devour

Can dogs eat peanut butter? What are the best peanut butter treat recipes?
dog that hates water at beach video golden retriever ocean shoreline

Dog vs. ocean: Check out this funny video of a dog who hates water

The dog in this video hates water — but when it comes time to save their beloved ball from the ocean’s clutches, they’re willing to brave their fears.
A Yorkshire Terrier watches a black cat in the backyard

Your life has become a bad cliche: How to get your dog to stop chasing your cat

If your dog won't stop chasing your cat around your house, we have solutions.
A Border Collie runs on the grass with their tongue hanging out

Can dogs have ADD? The warning signs of hyperactivity you should watch for

These hyperactive dog symptoms can be treated with the right training. This is what you need to know.
A sleepy Beagle naps on their owner's bed, with sunshine coming through the window

Debunked: Neutering my dog will change his personality

Watch for these signs that your dog needs to be neutered. And no, his personality won't change in the process.
A dog cuddles into a person's side while the person holds them

This video of a dog’s ‘miraculous’ recovery from a limp is just too cute

Check out this hilarious video of an adorable dog's fake limp.
Hemp leaf laying beside dog treats.

Do dogs actually benefit from CBD treats? This is what the experts say

Dog CBD treats are all the rage. But do they actually work? We asked experts.
A red-haired woman hugs her Great Dane while sitting outdoors

Adopting a Great Dane? 3 things you need to keep these gentle giants happy

Great Danes are tall, but how tall? Learn what special gear and care these gentle giants need.
dog proof fencing ideas

Have a canine Houdini? Try these simple ways to dog-proof your fence and yard

5 dog-proof fencing ideas that will keep canine escape artists safe.
Girl with two puppies

This kid got attacked by puppies and we’re a little bit jealous

The video of these puppies getting introduced to a child is super cute, but this is how new dogs should meet kids for the first time.
A Cardigan and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi stand next to one another

Obsessed with corgi cuteness? How to pick the right corgi breed for you

Before bringing a Corgi into your household, learn the differences between Corgi breeds.
Pug sitting near luggage and a pet carrier.

Dog road trip essentials: These 5 items just might save your travel plans

Don't leave home without these five essential items for your next vacation with your dog.

Help your dog and cat play: The body language communication guide you need

Not sure if your dog and cat are playing or if it's something more? We'll show you what it all means and how it relates to their behaviors.
Dog chewing on rawhide bone.

Is rawhide bad for dogs? Why you have to get rid of their favorite treat

What you need to know if you're still offering your dog rawhide treats.
Teenage girl cuddling with dog on bed.

Why your teenager needs a dog (and it’s not just to teach responsibility)

How pet care can teach your teen responsibility, kindness, and unconditional love.
Different dog breeds sitting together.

A new survey identifies 6 main dog personality types: What kind is your pooch?

You already know your pet has a personality, and this survey confirms it.
does dog breed affect behavior multiple breeds

Study: Your dog is special and its breed has nothing to do with personality

Does dog breed determine a dog's behavior? A new study sheds some light on how much dog breed affects personality.
dog collars sensitive necks chocolate labrador lab collar

Help your pup get comfy: 4 amazing dog collars for sensitive necks

Does your dog have a sensitive neck? Try these amazing collars.
A leashed beagle runs in a dog park.

Know dog park etiquette: Never say this 1 thing to other pet parents

Learn dog park etiquette before your next romp with Fido, including the one thing you should never say to other pet parents.
A gray Italian greyhound photographed in front of a white background

Why an Italian Greyhound is the perfect dog for anyone with pet allergies

Consider adopting an Italian Greyhound if you need a hypoallergenic pet in your household.
Someone holds out their toast with almond butter to share with their dog

Why you need to stop feeding your dog almond butter right now

Not all nut butters are the same. Why you need to stop feeding your dog almond butter.
Veterinarian removes a tick from a cocker spaniel

Tick removal made easy: Your complete guide to keeping your dog or cat safe

Tick on your dog or cat? Remove it by following these tips.
adorable dog magic video trick

Cuteness alert: This dog’s reaction to a magic trick is so pure

Have you ever considered performing magic tricks for your dog? In less than 10 seconds, this adorable video proves why magic for dogs is a good idea.
A golden retriever sits panting in a grassy field.

Your golden retriever can be the perfect duck-hunting dog with this training

Train a Golden Retriever to duck hunt with these easy to follow tips.
A young woman in the kitchen holds a silver dog bowl while her Beagle jumps to beg for food

The best dog food for beagles: What you should (and should never) give your pup

What should your Beagle be eating daily? These are the best dog food picks — and what you shouldn't feed them.
A couple walks a small beige dog in the park.

This is what happens when your dog takes control of your Tinder account

Should you shamelessly use your pup to swipe right? You decide.
Treat training two French bulldogs.

French bulldog training is easy with these great treats (they’re healthy, too)

What you need to know to train your French Bulldog before he trains you.
Three golden retriever puppies eat from silver bowls on the floor

Golden retriever puppy foods that will help them grow into those big paws

Learn what your Golden Retriever puppy should be eating on a daily basis.
Rottweiler puppy running with a dish in his mouth.

Rottweiler puppies will eat you out of house and home without these tips

What food should I feed my Rottweiler puppy? What to avoid?
A closeup shot of a barking beagle mix wearing a red collar.

How to stop your dog from barking incessantly when you’re away

If your dog barks incessantly, you can stop this behavior before it causes further problems.
A poodle sits on a chair at a dining table with kibble on a plate in front of them

You don’t need special Poodle food (but your pup probably needs a specific diet)

Here's what you should be aware of when choosing a food for your poodle.
German shepherd eating from bowl.

Skip the fancy brands: A German Shepherd diet you can afford

What is the ideal diet for a German Shepherd? You don't need to spend a fortune.
Someone combs a black and white French Bulldog while they hold a toy in their mouth

Frenchie spa day: We are in love with these French Bulldog grooming ideas

French Bulldog grooming must-dos, including how often to take your pet to the groomer.