Creating of Websites

So, you want to know how to create websites for free! For many people, the idea of ​​creating your own website from scratch can seem like an impossible task. However not! You see, the time is running out when the only ones who created websites were professional programmers. Currently, anyone of any age can create a website, and even better, in most cases, it won’t even cost you!
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If you simply type in Google’s words “how to create sites for free”, you will get over 268 million search results. So, as you can see, there is a wide selection. Now that’s all right, but just because there are so many free companies on the web doesn’t mean you can create one right? Wrong!

Many companies now make it very easy to create their own websites using a simple drag-and-drop interface. They combine great web templates as well as easy editing of WYSIWYG websites (whatever you see what you get). All of this suddenly makes designing your own website a children’s game. Another great feature of these sites is that you don’t really need to know anything about HTML or web coding. It just clicks matter, it’s really easy!


Popular family vacation approved by teens

As children grow up, it is becoming more and more difficult to find vacation destinations that keep them entertained, and they are also considered “cool” or “rad”. Today, teenagers seem to prefer to text their friends on Facebook 24/7 and spend time with their families.
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If your child is like our son, they may think that your outdated fashion and style are a bit cramped. Our son is now 15 years old, I swear that he has eaten the little boy we have had before, and then left this tall, hairy person to us, the voice is deep: when I and my wife are ours When the son is struggling to become a good young man, we really don’t want to give up those precious family holidays. He likes Mickey Mouse, and the days when he can’t wait to see whales and whales are gone, but we moved to different places and found that we can still have a happy family.
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When looking for an ideal teen resort, there are a few things to consider. Teenagers like to keep their bodies and minds happy, and they want to see other teenagers around. If your child is a few years old, you might want to consider allowing your teen to bring a friend. This can provide companions and help limit them to texting. This is some of the best teen-friendly options you might want to consider, and they should keep their mind and body moving.
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Beach holiday

The beach offers many activities for families and teenagers. My family especially likes three beaches: the Bund, Destin, Florida and South Padre Island. I know there are many other people, but these are our favorites.
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The Bund in North Carolina is a great place to take family. There are not only many hotel and resort options, but also a few excellent campsites. Teenagers can go fishing, take surf lessons, rent a wave surfers or visit the lighthouse. When we are there, you can even have a small beach fire at night with permission.
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Destin Florida is one of the most beautiful beaches in the United States. The water is very clear and looks more like Cancun. In addition to your daily beach activities, Destin has many attractions to choose from. Teenagers can enjoy paragliding, boat rides and even water parks in the city. In Destin, your teens will love a great nightlife.
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South Padre Island is one of our favorites and we are back almost every year. The island is connected to the mainland by long bridges or causeways. The island hosts some of the biggest spring break parties, but in the summer, this place is perfect for family gatherings. There are miles of beaches for teenagers to provide a volleyball net, take a banana boat, rent a wave surfers and bask in the sun. There is also a great pirate ship that will have some wonderful trips during the day. Yes, your teens will love it!
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Cruise vacation

Cruise so far is one of our son’s favorite things to do. These days of cruises are perfect for all ages, and teenagers are no exception. Cruises allow your family to spend time together, but also give your teenagers a chance to stay away from you. Almost all cruise companies offer children’s programs, including a youth center that typically offers video games, video chats, organized dances, and even some great treasure hunt games. Since we have to pay for battery service through cruise ships, we don’t even allow our son to bring a mobile phone. no phone! How will he survive? Guess what it is, he found that there are many things to do and never even missed.
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Washington DC

true? Yes, Washington, DC is a great place to host young people. When your teens start studying American History at school, you will find that they really like to see the Declaration of Independence and the Smithsonian Museum.
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When we took him to the aerospace museum, my son was by his side. Washington, DC requires a lot of walking, ideal for endurance children to walk a few miles a day. If you contact your state representative, you can get tickets and actually watch the tickets during the meeting. My son was not sure at first, but found it interesting. There are still many places to sit and watch. Whether you are a teenager, I think they will think DC is cool.
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Yellowstone National Park

Last but not least, Yellowstone National Park is a great family vacation. These attractions are beautiful and the wildlife is very rich. We actually camped in a campsite in West Yellowstone and really enjoyed it. Anyone who likes to hike or climb will love the choices offered by Yellowstone.
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You can adjust it as needed, either physically or arbitrarily. We chose somewhere in the middle and walked around many attractions and spent a few days crossing the park. Keep in mind that Yellowstone is large [over 3,400 square miles] and may take a few days to see. We found that we spent time planning our activities with our children to ensure we visited the youth entertainment venues.


Remember, your child will never return home, it is important to have a good time with them, especially when they are in their teens. Take some time to plan and listen to what they like to do. Getting your teens involved in the program will give them some travel responsibilities and a better overall experience for everyone.


Caribbean Islands to suit your lifestyle

Choosing the right island will definitely make your vacation experience unique. Many travelers believe that the islands of the Caribbean are the same, with beautiful beaches, plenty of sunshine and warm turquoise waters. . . Most of these islands offer these. The reason I say this is because Dominica and Saba are not on the list of any beach lovers.
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In addition to spending time on the beach, most holidaymakers also like special lifestyles or activities such as shopping, gambling, nightlife, quiet and secluded, hiking, golf, photography and nature, history and archaeology enthusiasts, floating Dive, diving, diving, sailing, all-inclusive, family portraits, the list goes on.

Just remember that when you’re working hard to make money, choosing the right Caribbean island will ensure a “perfect” Caribbean vacation.

Shopping in the Caribbean – you can shop on any island, but if you’re looking for “near the fall shopping” experience, head to St. Thomas or Curacao in the US Virgin Islands [pronounced “curu-uh-sow” “]. Both islands have numerous shops, shops and designer boutiques that rival any American or European city. Other islands offering a variety of shopping options are Barbados, Grand Cayman, Puerto Rico and Saint Martin/St. Martin.
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Caribbean Gambling Casino – The Caribbean’s largest gambling casino is located in Aruba, Bahamas [Cable Beach and Paradise Island], Curaçao, San Juan, Santa Croix and Saint Martin.

Barbados and Jamaica have only slot machines. The gaming operations in Antigua, Belize, Bonaire, Guadeloupe, Martinique, St. Kitts, St. Vincent and the Turks and Caicos Islands are much smaller.
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Nightlife in the Caribbean – Barbados in the US Virgin Islands, Curaçao, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, St. Martin/St. Martin and St. Thomas can all find a lot of fun at sunset in the Caribbean.
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Quiet and Secret – Visitors seeking a more peaceful, secluded holiday can find it on the Turks and Caicos Islands, St. Kitts, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and on the Parrot Island of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands.
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Trekking in the Caribbean – Dominica – the bleak valley and the boiling lake; Dominican Republic – Pico Duarte Ascent [Caribbean peak]; Grenada – Mountain Qua Qua; Guadeloupe – La Soufriere volcano; Jamaica – Blue Mountains; Puerto Rico – Yungai National Forest Park; St. Kitts – Bloody River Tobago – Little Tobago Reef; Trinidad – Asa Wright Nature Center; US Virgin Islands – 2/3 of St. John’s Island is nature protected area.

Golf – The best Caribbean golf courses are located in Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Dominican Republic, Guadeloupe, Jamaica, Nevis, Puerto Rico, St. Croix and the St. Thomas Islands.
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Caribbean Photography and Nature – Dominica, Jamaica, St. John and Saint Lucia are wonderful islands for photographers and nature lovers. In fact, Dominica is known as the natural island of the Caribbean.
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The History and Archaeology BUFFS will find the Caribbean Sea of ​​the Barbados, Curaçao, the Dominican Republic and the Puerto Rican Islands very interesting.

Snorkeling – Antigua, Bonaire, Grand Cayman, Curacao Coast Park, Saint Martin, Grenadines, Tobago, St. Thomas, Turks and Caicos Islands, St. Croix Both Saint John and John provide the best snorkeling of all the islands in the Caribbean.

Diving-Caribbean divers prefer Bonaire, Grand Cayman, Saba, Bahamas, St. Croix, Turks and Caicos Islands and Virgin Gorda.

Sailing – The best sailing boats in the Caribbean can be found in Antigua, Barbados, St. Martin, the Grenadines, the US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands.

The Caribbean all-inclusive – Jamaica and the Dominican Republic have no infrastructure for tourism. That’s why both islands offer a wealth of all inclusive hotels and resorts. Jamaica is the largest island in the Caribbean and has many attractions, but the roads are extremely harsh. It should be noted that Jamaica is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, and travelers should be extra cautious when choosing which part of Jamaica to visit. The resort uses English, but once you enter the Dominican countryside, you need Spanish.

Friendly Caribbean island countries – Anguilla, Antigua, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Saint Lucia, Tobago and the Turks and Caicos Islands. In addition, four seasons on Nevis offers a great kids program, and all Hyatt hotels throughout the Caribbean offer family vacations.

Hope this will provide travelers with a guide to choose a Caribbean island that fits any lifestyle.


Governor Fed Brainard defines the liberal threat, the threats appear to be regulators

On Wednesday, Federal Reserve Governor Lyle Brainard criticized Libra, who said a Facebook-led project would have to deal with a number of regulatory difficulties before it gets underway.

Speaking on Wednesday at the Digital Money Future Forum in Washington, DC, Brainard shows how global-regulated projects have sprung up that could best stop the expected startup of 2020, and if not. Customers and international banking who are at increased risk.

problem? Stablecoins can be very successful – they may even compete with money issued by the central bank.


“If most households and businesses rely on Global StableLink not only as a form of payment but also as a store of value,” it could affect central bank balances, “Reynard said.

Libra in a unique position to achieve this, with direct access to Facebook’s gargantuan customer base – “one-third of the global population,” he said; And probably more so, Libra plans to make it accessible to people on social networks as well.

But for all potential customers, Brainard doubted that there were regulatory responses.

These consumers may not exercise their digital wallet rights, he said. The regulators also did not create the consumer protection shield around traditional bank accounts for the purpose of responsible for financial institution fraud in deposit insurance.

The joy of tourists – Honolulu

Honolulu is listed as one of the most fascinating places in the world. From geography to exotic culture and thriving nightlife, it offers a lot of services for tourists. If you haven't visited Honolulu yet, you must do this to fully experience the grandeur of the city.

Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii, is an ideal tourist destination. Tropical Paradise has many beautiful places to visit and offers the opportunity to learn about the fascinating Hawaiian culture. Holidaymakers from all over the world can experience the sights and sounds of the famous Waikiki Beach, the historic landmark Pearl Harbor and the picturesque Diamond Head.

Honolulu is the preferred holiday destination with its exquisite beaches, adventurous sports and rich culture. The locals warmly welcome visitors, and this elegant hospitality makes this paradise an ideal destination. Here are some of the key factors that make Honolulu a unique holiday destination.

* Outdoor sports: from

 People who are looking for pure adventure don't miss this place. No matter what you are interested in, whether it's scuba diving, snorkeling, rafting and swimming, or other outdoor activities such as cycling and hiking, you can indulge in it. If you want to enjoy the natural beauty of lush forests and deep valleys, hiking is the best option.

*Experience historical significance – from

 Hawaiian natives have a million stories to tell about their evolution. Originally, the island was called Sandwich Island by British captain James Cook, and the Spanish introduced pineapple and coffee to Hawaii. But what is different is the World War II Memorial – Pearl Harbor and the Arizona Battleship Memorial. Japan launched an attack on the United States, while the United States entered the Second World War. Experience stories, tragedies and local history when visiting the memorial.

*Transportation Facilities: from

 Whether you are traveling on a family, honeymoon or taking a risky trip with friends, Honolulu will provide you with impressive transportation. You can choose the best transportation method according to your needs and budget. Here you can also choose to rent non-shared transportation services to keep your journey private and independent.

*Comfortable accommodation: from

 Your trip will be enjoyable only if you have an ideal place to stay. To meet the same requirements, Honolulu offers you a large number of rentals and hotels at different prices across the city.

*Nightlife: from

 If you're passionate about partying, Honolulu's bars and nightclubs offer a lot of options. Live music with local flavours will make your stay a memorable one.

* Ideal destination for all types of visitors: from

 Honolulu welcomes a variety of tourists. It is the best destination for a variety of visitors, whether for adventure, vacation or research purposes. You can enjoy a camping trip in Honolulu because it has a lot of open space. It’s also a good idea to spend your honeymoon here, as it gives you the opportunity to spend time on less crowded beaches, spending time in a quiet and peaceful place surrounded by radiant scenery, green pastures and beautiful beaches. . Sounds very romantic!

*Shopping destination: from

 You can buy unique and exotic items in Honolulu, including antiques, art, gifts, accessories and clothing. These things are almost everywhere, from expensive shopping malls to independent stores and street markets.

Honolulu Airport has many well-known transportation companies to serve you, providing efficient, reliable and cost-effective facilities for individuals and groups. They fully consider the needs of tourists and provide them with the best service. When you are on holiday in Honolulu, you can rent a taxi at Honolulu Airport at any time and enjoy every moment.

Shirdi Darshan Online Pass

Provide Shirdi Darshan online pass. The Shrei Baba Sanson Trust [SSST] introduced Dashan’s paid pass on weekends and peak hours. Therefore, the VIP Mountain Pass is charged a normal fee. These passes were removed from the regular darshan queue and quickly fasted the darling darshan of the bab. The devotees receive these passes from the PRO office located opposite Gate No. 1 in Shire.

The contact address of the Shelter Public Relations Office is –

Professional office

Shrei Baba Sanson Trust

PO: Shirdi Tal. Lahata

Distt. Ahmad Nagar, Maharashtra


Telephone [02423]-258500,

Fax-[02423]-258870 and [02423]-258770

Today, Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust uses technology in the proper operation of its services. It has begun to book tickets for Darshan online and to offer its various facilities to devotees. The Sai portal is maintained by Sansthan trust's technical support team. This will help to properly handle the upcoming large devotees of Shirdi's Sai darshan.

Several ticket counters are also operated throughout the country in the name of Sai Baba. They work under the guiding principles of SSST. Basically, they promote the service. Their service is paid, but they bet you can easily get the facilities.

There is a simple reservation system. You need to register at Shri SaiBaba Sansthan Trust in Shridi. Visit the official website of trust. There is a separate registry. Fill out the form with relevant information. After the form is completed, submit it. After that, a confirmation email will be sent via your email ID. You will need to click on the link to verify your registration.

After successful registration, you can use various services from accommodation, accommodation to donation for free. Even if you complete your booking from these ticketing centers, they will follow the same instructions. Some steps about Shirdi darshan have been done on your behalf. It keeps you away from unnecessary embarrassment. And you have a peaceful mountain.

There are special rules for NRI, foreign nationals, seniors and other VIPs. The facility is available on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays or any public holidays, festivals or other peak hours. These passes give special consideration to allowing devotees to enter the West Temple without queuing. The Dashan Pass is issued as planned. The time to purchase the Darshan Pass from PRO [Public Relations Office] is:

-07:30-11:00-02:30-05:00 pm-07:30-10:00 pm

The Public Relations Office also helps devotees address issues related to Shirdi darshan, accommodation and donations. You can write to SSST about the service. SSST's web site allows devotees to book books and cancel darshan tickets. These services are paid for. The trust will set the fee as:

·Kakad Aarti-500 Rs./-

· Madhyan Aarti-Rupee. 300 /-

· Dhoop Aarti-Rupee. 300 /-

· Shej Aarti-Rupee. 300 /-

For Shirdi's ordinary darshan, the fee is Rs. 100 / – per person.

Vanuatu, Fiji and the exotic islands of the Cook Islands?

Today, norm Goldman, editor of sketchandtravel.com and Bookpleasures.com, is honored to be a guest, Ian Heydon, writer, travel writer, award-winning comedy writer, artist and expert in Vanuatu, Fiji and Cook Islands.

Ian is here today to talk to us about his expertise on these exotic islands.

I wish you peace and happiness, I am very glad that you accept our invitation to participate in this interview!


Can you tell our readers some information about yourself and your expertise in Vanuatu, Fiji and Cook Islands?


The first time I went to Fiji was in 1993, when I fell in love with the tropics, warm postcard postcard water and a relaxed pace of life. The following year, I went back and got the PADI Open Water Diving Certification. After two trips, I realized that I was working hard to achieve more travel goals.

Since my writing career was quite successful, I decided to see if I could write a trip and kill two birds with a pen. In 1999, we spent a family holiday in Vanuatu, and my wife, Annie, gave each other a vow to renew their contract. The ceremony is a gift for the anniversary.

I feel very comfortable in Vanuatu, and I am very fortunate that Anne teaches at Port Vila International School. We think this will be an adventure, especially for the children [then 7 and 3 years old]. Our 12-month contract was extended for three years, during which time I wrote a lot of things, including my travel book in Australia, The Big Country Guide.

After leaving Vanuatu, I purchased a travel agency license that specializes in bringing people, especially honeymooners, into this fascinating and rich world. The hobby I thought was quickly turned into a business. In early 2004, I visited the Cook Islands and fell in love with another Pacific destination.

In 2004, he also visited New Caledonia, Fiji, and traveled three times in Vanuatu. I am very excited about my first trip to Samoa this year. Although I don't have any actual publications on the Pacific Islands, I have three comprehensive information sites, Vanuatu A to Z, Fiji A to Zand Cook Islands A to Z.


Can you tell our readers where these islands are located, and what is the difference between an island and another island from the perspective of terrain, climate and what you think is different?


For me, living in Australia, Vanuatu and Fiji are very convenient and only a few hours away from the hotel. Visiting the Cook Islands means stopping in New Zealand, but still only two meals and two movies. For Americans, the Cook Islands and Fiji are more accessible than Vanuatu [need to stay in Fiji to connect or travel by car from Australia or New Zealand]. Among all destinations, the climate is similar, it is a tropical climate, the temperature does not change much, but it becomes very humid in summer. These months have traditionally been wet, but the El Niño phenomenon seems to have changed this. In the Cook Islands, when it rains, they call it liquid sunlight. Warm water temperatures mean swimming all year round.

· If it is correct, Vanuatu is the most primitive. Port Vila is a modern town with good infrastructure, first-class resorts and great restaurants, while on many outer islands, ni-Vanuatu people live in traditional country life [ni-Vanuatu is Vanuatu] meaning].

The fratricidal part of history is the last recorded case in 1969, that is, Armstrong and Aldrin took a small step toward humanity. Vanuatu also has many active volcanoes, including Mt Yasur. Therefore, small earthquakes are very common. Until Vanuatu became an independent country in 1980, the country was known as the New Hebrides, a condominium managed jointly by the United Kingdom and France. There are both French schools, English schools, hospitals, police forces, and for a while, they even drive on both sides of the road!

Fiji has similar terrain but no active volcanoes. For me, this is a holiday resort. Although there are of course many places to explore, most visitors usually choose one or two resorts.

Fijians are passionate and outgoing [you will not be greeted by a bright smile and Bula anywhere], and they are more like living on the island than Indians. However, this is a happy combination for tourists, because the Indians almost make the business development of things go smoothly.

The Cook Islands also has mountains in the mountains, dense vegetation and pristine blue waters, but the feelings are quite different. The locals are Polynesians, not Melanesians, who easily combine Polynesian sensuality with a Christian lifestyle. It was here that the Maori migrated with the birds on the canoe and found New Zealand. Today, among the Cooks, English is pronounced in singular birds and the currency is New Zealand dollars [this is very valuable for American travelers]. In contrast, about 50% of Fijians are Fijians and 50% are Indians. The ni-Vanuatu people are much shy, but friendly and welcoming. And, as their travel slogan says, once again, again.

[Interviewer's comment: If you want to know more about the Cook Islands, click here]


How safe is it to travel to these islands?


I found these destinations to be the safest destination on the planet. Yes, you may find minor crimes like anywhere else, but overall people's thinking ability is greatly reduced, perhaps more family-oriented. We have reminded us in Vanuatu for three years that when the world becomes simpler and safer, the children will play in the lagoon and be left unattended. We know they are safe, or the father will put more than a dozen children into it. His back. The truck went to the beach for a picnic, no seat belts, and no worries. It was a place where children were allowed to be children.


Why do you think these islands are ideal for romantic vacations, weddings and honeymoon trips? If you have to choose the island you like, which one would it be? why?


First of all, for the scenery, the swaying palm trees, the pleasant weather and the warm blue waters of the green blue are indeed somewhat romantic [I have not seen any artists able to reproduce these colors]. But not only that, I think I also mentioned the rhythm of the island time. You will slow down without having to deal with computers, traffic and deadlines. Choosing a place is difficult for me, but I will go to the island of Aitutaki on the island of Cox [about 50 minutes drive from the main island of Rarotonga]. This huge lagoon [crater] is amazing, the locals are very welcoming, and there are some great places to stay and restaurants.


What is the best time to visit these islands from the perspective of weather, cost and crowd?


Whenever and wherever, regardless of the weather, I will easily say it and use local sayings. In December 2004, I went to Fiji and Vanuatu. Traditionally, this is a hot, humid and humid season. It was raining for seven weeks in Fiji, and I did not use air conditioning in both countries. Some people may avoid traveling in February and March because of the hurricane, but this is rare. I bet there will be no whirlwind in 2005, the water temperature will not rise too much, and there are many mangoes. For some reason, the mango trees seem to match the weather conditions, and if the whirlwind is coming, their fruit will be too much. For cost and crowd considerations, I avoided school holidays in Australia and New Zealand, but nonetheless, all three destinations only allow adults to stay.


Are people traveling to these three islands as a package? Still not recommended to do so?


In Australia and New Zealand, the fare is usually the most economical and effective, but in the US and Canada, it is best to purchase the ticket and land content separately. I don't want to put pressure on American travel agencies, but some people don't know enough about Pacific destinations to provide the right advice [although Vanuatu's location as a survivor has raised the image of this small country]. I recommend contacting someone in the area and/or contacting the hotel directly. Most of them will still offer special packages, such as "7 nights stay" and "5 nights for direct bookings".


If you have to choose an unparalleled, exotic and unique area in each island, such as a park, beach, etc., to celebrate a wedding, which one do you choose from a popular and aesthetic point of view?


• Once again, because, for example, some brides like to arrive by canoe, which requires a lagoon location, but to choose a canoe in Vanuatu, Vanuatu is a small resort called Tamana on the beach. It takes only 25 minutes from Port Vila. The bride and groom can drink a glass of champagne or a punch of fruit wine. The soldiers perform traditional dances and guards. The ceremony is held under a simple canopy on the beach, and then the champagne celebrates the toast with a toast and a small snack. Lunch or dinner [on the beach or a great little restaurant] and then spend the night in a romantic French colonial cottage.

· In Fiji, I will choose the Tokoriki Island wedding. They built a delightful wedding chapel [and there are plenty of beaches to choose from]. There are also traditional Fijian warriors escorting the bride and the Fiji choir [these will sing!], and the fine wedding dinner is part of it. However, the main reason I chose Tokoriki was the new honeymoon package with a private waterfall pool.

Although I have said before that Aitutaki is the most romantic choice for my honeymoon, I will actually hold a wedding in the beautiful Muri Lagoon in Rarotonga, accompanied by soldiers and virgins. When a canoe crosses the lagoon and reaches the motu [uninhabited island] named Koromiri, some of the ceremonies are beautiful, where the union is sealed by planting small coconuts [uto]. As the tree grows, this relationship will also develop. Obviously, many couples came back on the anniversary to see how long their trees grew and once again tasted the romance of the tropics.


How long should a couple prepare for a honeymoon or romantic trip to these islands?


According to our experience, this depends to a large extent on the situation. If the couple intends to invite guests, it is best to give them a lot of warnings so that they are financially prepared [for example, 9 to 12 months]. Six months seems to be close to average, but we quickly decided to make a lot of decisions. The record was a couple travelling to Vanuatu, who were swept away by the romance of the place, decided to get married, and became a couple in less than 48 hours [the registry is very panicked and appreciated for this!]


What advice do you have for a destination bride who wants to bring a wedding party to these islands? Now, the trend to hold a destination wedding is to hold a fairly large wedding party, sometimes about 50 games, which is a good trend, so getting a group ticket discount, the hotel block tips will be great.


The island wedding with the guests is really great. In some cases, when guests come from different parts of the globe, they can also be used as family gatherings. Group discounts for airline tickets and accommodation can be arranged, sometimes due to budget or requirements [for example, kids clubs or well-equipped facilities], which make guests suitable for staying with other brides and grooms at other resorts. The biggest wedding we organized in 2004 was 67 guests from Australia, New Zealand, the United States and the United Kingdom to Vanuatu. We are currently planning to accommodate 150 to 180 guests in Fiji, which will be fun! Fortunately, there is a resort with a small chapel that can accommodate so many people. Tropical weddings are very cheap compared to traditional weddings with a variety of decorations, and many guests combine this occasion with their annual holiday.


How to check the reliability of hotels or resorts on these islands in terms of services, food, etc?


Similarly, you can't beat local experts. For me, resorts and restaurants reflect the personality of the owners/managers and they can change overnight. Professional agencies like ours should regularly travel to their destinations and keep in touch with local people for updates.


How do people plan weddings on these islands in terms of legal requirements?


In a nutshell, please consider three days and three days. In Vanuatu and Fiji, documents should be submitted at least three weeks prior to travel, and couples should be in the country three days before the ceremony. In some cases, this is flexible. In Fiji, couples must be interviewed at the registration desk with the original documents. In Vanuatu, a fax copy is sufficient, no interviews. The Cook Islands requires original documents and interviews [here, the three-day fee can be shortened]. The required documents include passport, birth certificate, marriage letter of intent and divorce documents or death of the spouse certificate [if applicable]. One thing to check frequently is that the passport is valid for six months from the date of travel.


Do you still want to add other content because it is related to the romance and wedding destination of these islands?


Two things: First, let the bride [and the groom] list the wish list. Whether the wedding is in a church, garden or on the beach, most tropical wedding wedding packages can be tailored to the couple's wishes and include small things such as the color of the bride's clothes [so flowers and table settings can be added] and whether they are CD compilation of music you like [you don't have to look for CD players at the last minute, etc.] Finally, no matter where the couple marry [traditional or tropical], the couple should want the wedding. Later, when they have to decide who is going to Christmas or Thanksgiving, there will be plenty of time to make concessions.

To learn more about holiday weddings on these islands, click here, for information on tropical honeymoons, click here. To learn more about Ian Heydon – click here.

Thanks again to Ian -tank yu tumas, vinaka, meitaki ma&ata

The temptation of the Golden Triangle

Most of you must be familiar with the Bermuda Triangle and its notorious reputation. However, in the field of luxury travel in India, there is a term called “Golden Triangle”. Although it won't trap people for centuries like Bermuda and then throw it back, it does have its own charm. The Golden Triangle includes the most important cities for visiting India's three historical and architectural areas. It is definitely the top of all travel agencies and travel agencies in India, especially in the area of ​​luxury travel that organizes trips to India.

The trip to the Golden Triangle usually begins in Delhi, India, and then goes to Agra to Jaipur. Asking any travel fan in India or abroad, the usual consensus is that this trip is a must for anyone who wants to quickly explore Indian culture and architectural diversity.

Starting from the capital, the most common features of Indian luxury tour operators' journeys include Red Fort, Raj Ghat, India Gate, Capitol, Rashtrapati Bhawan, Kutubta and Lotus Temple. Although the Mughal Garden is usually not part of a typical itinerary, it should be visited as much as possible. There are a wide variety of plants and flowers, which bloom during February and March. The cultural diversity of the capital is reflected in the variety of foods offered. Directly from Mughal cuisine, such as ' Biryanis' and “Kebabs”, to Italian wood pizza specialties, Delhi is aptly called the cultural melting pot. From the dark corridors of Old Delhi to the trendy alleys of New Delhi, people can experience a wide variety of scenery, sounds and aromas that are unique to their location.

The next itinerary is Agra, which is located on the Yamuna River in Uttar Pradesh, Taj Mahal. Although the legend of the "Agre Ka Petha" Taj Mahal transcends national boundaries, the succulent white pumpkin candied fruit is more popular in the country. People from all over the world flocked to the city to admire the romantic wonders of the Taj Mahal built by Shah Jahan for their beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. However, Agra is not only related to the Taj Mahal, but other architectural highlights include Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri, which are equally attractive to history buffs.

Last but not least is Jaipur, the city of pink, the capital of the kings of Rajasthan. The city is dotted with Mughal and pre-modern architectural monuments such as Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, Nahargarh Fort, Jal Mahal and more. Jantar Mantar was an observatory during the reign of King Kai Singh II and is now part of the Wolrd site. Jaipur is the residence of members of the royal family of Rajputana and is now home to some of India's most outstanding luxury palaces. As many royals turn the palace into a hotel, visitors can feel the past life of the royal family. However, there is a price to pay. These luxury palaces in Rajasthan proved to be the ideal place for those who are eager to get a real experience, not too tight.

With such a wealth of insight into Indian culture, architecture and history, there is no doubt that this trip is known as the "Golden Triangle."

Interesting facts about Lanai

Lanai is one of the islands that make up the state of Hawaii. This is some interesting fact about Lanai that you may or may not realize.

Lanai is known as the most secluded island in Hawaii. The main city on the island is called Lanai City.

Lanai covers an area of ​​141 square miles and is 18 miles long and 13 miles wide. It has a coastline of 47 miles and a population of about 2,800.

The highest point in Lanai is called Lanaihale, which is 3,370 feet above sea level.

Lanai was once known as Pineapple Island. However, there are actually only a few pineapples planted there, so it is now often referred to as a secluded island.

In fact, even though about 98% of the land on the island is owned by the parent company of Dole Pineapple, the land is no longer used for pineapple production, and thousands of acres of pineapple fields no longer exist.

For those wishing to visit the island, there are two luxury resorts, several world-class golf courses, hunting, mountain biking and diving.

There is only one airport in Lanai City.

Known as the Manele Bay Hotel, these two luxury resorts offer a variety of beaches and water sports. The second resort is called the Koele Hotel. As the resort is located inland, activities such as horse riding and mountain biking are available.

Most of the population on Lanai live in Lanai City. Interestingly, in 1994, Bill Gates rented out the entire island for a wedding.

As one would expect, the weather in Lanai is usually very good. Because it is tropical, there is indeed about 50 inches of rainfall every year. But when the sun rises, it is beautiful!

If you get there, there are several places on the island that you must visit. The first one is called the Garden of the Gods. Located in the northern part of the island, it has a volcanic rock landscape that has turned into various colors, textures and shapes.

If you like water sports, you will find the Hulopoe Bay Marine Reserve a great place to dive. It is also an ideal place to find a spinning dolphin.

If you travel east of Lanai City, you will find the Rain River in Lanaihar. Explore this lush tropical paradise and climb the Lanaihale Mountains.

If you like these interesting facts about Lanai, then you will find that there is actually much more excitement there. So plan your trip today.

Wonderful road trip to Peru – Ica to Charnka

Peru is known for its Inca culture, such as the ancient castle of Machu Picchu, but there is more to the country, and the road trip from Ica to Cusco will take many landscapes, allowing you to visit several very interesting areas. And you can observe a variety of indigenous cultures up close. We divide the trip and the article into two parts, and if you prefer, you can drive in two days. However, there are many interesting places along the way that you can explore further and see more route information.

Ica to Nascar – 2 hours, 95 miles

Our great road trip begins with Peru's main wines and Ica [Ica]. This provincial town is a 4-hour drive from Lima, but we did not include Lima in Ica in this route description because it was not very interesting. During your stay in Ica, you will be able to visit the vineyards in the area, perhaps Tacama or Vista Alegre, to learn about the production of wine and pisco. the way. The vineyards in Peru are not as good as the vineyards you found in Chile or Argentina, but they have many features. Ica is also home to the Huacachina oasis, with its vast sand dunes surrounding the natural lagoon. In the oasis, you can take a buggy into the desert and try to board a skateboard, you can go boating on the lagoon, or just relax and wander around.

Leaving Ica, you will travel along the famous Pan American Highway that extends from Colombia to Patagonia. In many places, this road has only one lane in all directions, so this is the case in most cases in Peru. This road takes you through the vines and cactus plantations on the outskirts of Ica and then into the desert. The desert in southern Peru is an extension of Atacama, the hometown of mothers on Earth, and its landscape is ridiculous for about two hours. There are gas stations along the Pan-American area, plus a toll road to Cusco, so there are also SOS posts for help. Obviously, basic Spanish will help, or at least learn some useful phrases, just in case.

About 45 minutes before arriving in Nazca, you will pass through some hills to reach the Parpa Valley, especially the oranges, famous for its fruit. Palpa also has its own version of the Nazca Lines, engraved on the hills around the town. Be careful when driving in towns, because there are many dangers, including serious hump, potholes, small animals, motorcycles, children and drunk villagers. Be alert when you are driving. About 10 miles before the drive to the town of Nazca, this road can climb to around 1600 feet, the Nazca Plain, home to the famous NASCAR line. These huge and ancient lines are etched into the desert. Due to their size, complex shape and the fact that they can only be seen correctly from the air, their origin and function are still being discussed enthusiastically. If you decide to stay in Nazca itself, you can choose to take a small plane to view the route from the air. There is also a viewing tower on the main road and a small hill where you can climb up the mountain to gain a partial view.

Nazca to Chalhuanca – 27 hours 210 miles

This part of the journey is a series of spectacular climbs and descents as you travel through the Andes. Before leaving Nascar, make sure to fill the tank with gasoline, which will give you enough fuel to go to Chalkavan. Leave Nascar on the road sign posted by Puquio / Abancay, which is easy to find because there are only two roads leaving Nasca, one to Arequipa and the other to be needed. If you have any questions, you can always ask the locals by saying “Abancay” in the voice of the inquiry!

The first climb will take you for about an hour and a half in the high desert, initially the world's largest sand dune, the "Cerro Blanco" on the right. When you get higher, you are behind civilization, only cactus and truck drivers can accompany you, the road conditions are usually good, but constant reentry will slow you down. You will then arrive at a high plain, or the well-known Altiplano, and a national nature reserve called Pampa Galera, which is located between 12,000 and 16,000 feet above sea level. This sanctuary is home to the shy vicuña, a small part of the camel family that is highly regarded for its very good wool. There are now thousands of such animals in the reserve, they can be seen on the road, and sometimes even on the road, so don't drive too fast, lest they run out. As a reminder, don't drive too fast, you will see many shrines on the side of the road. These are for those who have lost their lives on the road, usually a terrible bus driver driving off the road.

After leaving Pampa Galera, you will enter the valleys of the impressive small villages and farming communities. With the original farming techniques of crops, livestock and farmers on both sides of the road, after crossing the river at the bottom of the valley, you will start climbing again, seemingly an eternal journey through the changing landscape and the ugly town of Puccio. If you need to drive from the other end of Pu quio for a while, that's a good choice because of the amazing rock formations and beautiful scenery.

After Puquio, you will continue to climb until you reach the plateau at an altitude of 13,000 feet. The landscape became very barren and contemplative, and the views of the extinct volcanoes and glacial lakes and their flamingos were beautiful. The weather at this altitude varies greatly, it may be snowing or hot sun, but it will be cold anyway. You now have about 2 hours to cross the Altiplano, be broken by a grand canyon, and enjoy spectacular views, with thousands of camel and alpaca farms everywhere. The final part of the journey is to gradually descend to the subtropical valley, then gradually turn green and warm until you reach the town of Chalhuanca. This is an opportunity to provide you with enough petrol to refuel to Cusco.

After about 30 minutes from Chalhuanca, you will cross the river several times and you will come to our recommended right hand night stop, Tampumayu Hotel. If you have time, this is a great place to spend the night and rest and spend a few nights. You can visit traditional communities nearby and even fish in fast-moving rivers. Anyway, you will be able to rest here before taking the second part of the Cusco tour.

Travel to Baja California Sur – to Los Cabos, Tijuana and La Paz!

Sur.. Adventures in Baja California, Mexico!

First of all, I can say: "A long time ago, there was a land dominated by pirates, sailors and conquerors…", an ancient ship that emerged in your mind, explored at sea, floating on deep blue water; skin The feeling of the wind and the heart of the heart of freedom, rushing to the vast treasures, will ignite the flame of adventure in your mind.

Ok, let yourself be attracted to your imagination, because all of this can happen in Baja California! Maybe not a pirate, but an adventurer! Why should I tell you all about this? Because this part of Mexico is one of the best places to experience a beautiful and memorable moment!

The peninsula of Baja California is 781 miles long and has an average width of 56 miles, making Baja California one of the largest peninsulas in the world.

This tranquil, colourful desert, endless beaches, unexplained rock formations, missions, grey whales, splendid skies and unique worlds will bring you into an unforgettable world!
The entire peninsula consists of mountains and uneven mountains.

The desert landscape is fascinating and the scenery is extremely beautiful. Most travellers discover that Baja is a blue sky, a fresh air and a magical place of loneliness.

What about Los Cabos in Mexico?

Los Cabos means "Cape", between Cabo San Lucas, between the sister town of San Jose del Cabo, 20 miles away. Composed of the Tourist Corridor, the area has become the second home of many tourists, luxury and elegant world-class hotels and golf resorts.

Los Cabos beachfront, on the hillside, has a closed community, no matter what your preferences, there are many options.

In the past decade, Los Cabos has evolved from a reclusive seclusion fisherman to one of Mexico's most popular holiday destinations.

The Pacific meets the Cottres Sea here. from

 Create an unparalleled beauty of the marine ecosystem. Fishing, diving, surfing, kayaking and many other water sports attract fanatics from all over the world.
Los Cabos is located at the southern tip of the beautiful peninsula of Baja, a Mecca resort with an ideal climate!

San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas are resorts to the region.

Tijuana, border city

Tijuana is the most visited border city in the world. Whether it's a day trip, a weekend getaway or a gateway to the incredible Baja Peninsula, the Mexican resort can cater to your every need.

The city of Tijuana is located in the northwestern part of the Baja California Peninsula in Mexico, crossing the international border of San Diego. Tijuana's strategic position, numerous tourist attractions and the perfect resort for its reputation, attract more than 300,000 visitors and holidaymakers every day.

Capital La Paz…

La Paz is one of the favorite beach areas for Mexican and foreign tourists. La Paz is the laid-back capital of Baja California Sur and is known for its stunning sunsets and beaches. The city is an ideal base for exploring the magical surrounding landscape.

Cities like La Paz, with pristine beaches, diverse marine life, numerous tourist activities and breathtaking sunsets, can look forward to thousands of tourists and tourists who flock to their shores every day.