Governor Fed Brainard defines the liberal threat, the threats appear to be regulators

On Wednesday, Federal Reserve Governor Lyle Brainard criticized Libra, who said a Facebook-led project would have to deal with a number of regulatory difficulties before it gets underway.

Speaking on Wednesday at the Digital Money Future Forum in Washington, DC, Brainard shows how global-regulated projects have sprung up that could best stop the expected startup of 2020, and if not. Customers and international banking who are at increased risk.

problem? Stablecoins can be very successful – they may even compete with money issued by the central bank.


“If most households and businesses rely on Global StableLink not only as a form of payment but also as a store of value,” it could affect central bank balances, “Reynard said.

Libra in a unique position to achieve this, with direct access to Facebook’s gargantuan customer base – “one-third of the global population,” he said; And probably more so, Libra plans to make it accessible to people on social networks as well.

But for all potential customers, Brainard doubted that there were regulatory responses.

These consumers may not exercise their digital wallet rights, he said. The regulators also did not create the consumer protection shield around traditional bank accounts for the purpose of responsible for financial institution fraud in deposit insurance.

Eurostars Paris Disneyland Hotel

Enjoy all the fun of Disneyland Paris this weekend.

In 1992, Disneyland Paris brought all the Disney experiences found in American parks to Europe. But thanks to the Eurostar, Disneyland Paris has become one of the favorite day trips and long weekend destinations for many theme park fans in the UK and Europe.

Today, you can go directly to London's Waterloo Station to Disneyland park without having to change trains. When you visit Disneyland Paris, you will find it provides all the elements of success found on five unreal land in Paris, and is located in the suburbs of Paris.

Today, you can get daily service from London and Ashford Direct, which will take you to Disneyland Paris, which takes about three hours to get there. Then within 15 minutes, you can put it in your hotel room or, if you prefer, leave your luggage at the station and the baggage will be transported to your hotel, why you will make the most of the park itself.

The train departs from London every day at 09.37 and then departs from Disneyland Paris at 19.35 per day. In fact, this train is more affectionately known as the "Disney Train", a representative of the Disneyland Resort in Paris that appears on the road and will be a fun package for the children to enjoy on the go. However, due to so much stimulation on the train, it is not only difficult for children to remain still, but also for adults.

However, if you want to make sure you and your family are as comfortable as possible on the go, it may be worth the extra cost so that you can take the first class. On your way to the Disneyland in Paris on the first class of the Eurostar, you will enjoy a meal on the way and have regular drinks. Therefore, you don't have to go back and forth through the endless carriage to transport food and drinks from the buffet car because your child is hungry or thirsty.

So if you are looking for a way to give your child a birthday, they will always remember, then why not consider booking a Eurostar Paris Disneyland ticket for the entire family.

Choose tips for the j package

It is a very sacred journey to purify all the sins of the world, and the mental outlook may be overshadowed by logistical problems. Therefore, choosing the “perfect” package is essential for you to focus on the spiritual aspects of your journey.

Here are some aspects to consider when choosing a package for j:

1. Choosing an agency registered with the J department can increase your chances of a smooth journey. The registration authority is more aware of the latest regulations on visa processing. You can contact the Ministry of Ministry to solve the problem. The pilgrims should be responsible to the tribute department and have more flexibility in arranging airlines, hotels and transportation arrangements. They are also cheaper because travel can only be arranged in Saudi Arabia by an authorized agency. Subagents must purchase services from these agents and therefore sell the package at a markup price.

2. Although the above-mentioned license agent has all the advantages, if you have heard good news about the agent, you can choose the sub-agent. When some sub-agents are very professional, all authorized agents may not be able to provide good service. Therefore, you should choose a provider to the j package based on the referral.

3. It is necessary to provide a knowledgeable and experienced guide on your team. No matter how much information you have accumulated from books and lectures, you may encounter problems that you have never anticipated before. It is also important to know if travel agencies are seeking advice from their guides. In order to facilitate logistics, some agents may plan to depart to Arafat and Muzdarifa before the time recommended by Islamic law. Choosing an agent who plans to travel under the prestigious Imam can reduce the risk of taking shortcuts or confronting Sunnah.

4. Make sure the inspection of the Imam will pilgrim the pilgrims in the package of your choice. If the Imam lives in another hotel, on another bus or in another tent in Mina, it is difficult to contact him. This problem is especially common for agencies that offer a large number of packages under one or two Imams guidance.

5. Having a female guide will bring more benefits to the pilgrimage sisters.

6. It is useful to check if travel agents have full-time employees in the US and Saudi Arabia. The more an agency relies on external resources, the greater the likelihood of mismanagement. In addition, the longer an agent provides services to Ha, the better the equipment that provides organized services.

7. Most of the j-slots are priced from New York to Jeddah. If you live elsewhere, be sure to include the cost of a domestic flight to New York when you choose the package. Also add the cost of the j and the cost of Zabiha to estimate the exact amount you will spend each person.

8. Staying in a convenient location is very useful. The hotel near the Holy Land and the mosque, e-Nabwi, is more important than the number of stars in the hotel, as it saves travel time, saves energy for worship activities and saves time, without having to wait in line to do Wudu or use the restroom. It might be better to share a room with 4 people in a hotel near Haram without sharing the room with others, but further away from Haram. In addition, the hotel rating is based on the standards of the Saudi Arabian government and is different from the rating standards for hotels in the United States.

9. If Mecca and Medina don't offer meals, don't worry too much. Between prayer time, there are plenty of choices to choose from around the Holy Land, but queuing can take up a lot of your time. Hotel buffets save time or distract attention because people often spend a lot of time doing too much social activity. However, due to limited choices, it is best to receive food in Mina and Arafat. If you are performing with your family towards Ha, it is best to choose a package that you can dine on the go.

10. Choosing the first package to land in Medina can save time spent on the immigration line. Pilgrims landing in Jedda may need 14 to 18 hours of immigration before heading to Makkah. However, choosing a package for pilgrims to land in Jeddah will open more flight options and may be cheaper. The same is true of leaving Saudi Arabia. Medina can save a lot of time as an entry and exit port.

11. Ask the agent about the location of the tent in Mina. Most, if not all, VIP tents are only a short walk from Jamarat. However, the regular tents of the North American camp are only a 50-minute walk from Jamarat. In fact, some tents didn't even fit on Mina. They are on a huge placard that says "Mina is here!"

12. The plan to use the private apartment during the stay in Mina is a plus. Mina's tents are small and there is only enough room for people to sleep. Therefore, pilgrims can store their luggage in the room during their stay in Mina. It also opens up the option to use the bathroom and shower in the room instead of using the options set in the Mina camp.

13. A free package of tickets from Mina to Haram can help you save money. Taxi prices have grown exponentially in Mina. Under the temptation of profit, many people come from other cities to work as taxi drivers, and may even get lost when they try to go to the Holy Land. Although the bus is cheap, it takes a long time to arrive. Therefore, the shuttle service provided by your agent will be faster and more free.

14. Most of the j package will issue a SIM card. This can also save time. Otherwise, you may need to queue up to get a SIM card.

Taking into account these logistical issues when choosing the ideal package, it is expected to eliminate your worldly worries about Ha, and let you focus on the worship of your inner satisfaction.

Five train trips to the United States

Amtrak's large, shiny train travels to all major US cities and crosses the country's most spectacular scenery. The charm of their Saki charm makes them separate from other ordinary means of transportation, although this may not be the fastest pace, but it is also an ideal choice for sightseeing. You can choose a companion, read a book, relax your mind, sleep on your back, and enjoy the comforts of most homes. It's much more interesting than being isolated above the clouds or driving through endless highway billboards.

Amtrak operates almost all of the US passenger trains. Here is one of the most interesting scenic routes:

California and Wind is one of the best trains in the world, from the heart of the United States and the Colorado Heights via Chicago to San Francisco, and then climbs into the Rocky Mountains through the Oregon Trail. This is how the pioneers came, as did the gold digger, the Pony Express and the first mainland telegraph machine. After Salt Lake City, you will cross the Bonneville Salt Flats and the beautiful but dangerous Sierra Nevada.

Sunset Limited's epic journey will take you from New Orleans to Los Angeles. Before passing through crescent-shaped, egrets, crocodiles, mansions and sugar cane fields, the train passed through the Mississippi River on the Huey P. Long Bridge in Crescent City. After San Antonio, it joined the Rio Grande River and spent a day crossing the sage and mesquite grasslands of Texas.

The Southwest Chief travels between Chicago and the Pacific Ocean, following part of the Santa Fe Trail, which was first used by Native Americans, Spanish conquistadors, trucks and stage coaches. You cross the Mojave Desert and pass the famous Butter Hill Cemetery in Dodge City. You can take the train to the Grand Canyon from Williams, Arizona.

The new moon arrives in New Orleans from New York via the Blue Ridge Mountains and the idyllic Sierra Shenandoah National Park [mountain and cedar]. Outside of Atlanta, it is a sleepy southern town with quaint grocery stores and sunbathing houses. The train also crossed Lake Pontchartrain and was a few feet above the water on a six-mile long causeway.

The Coast Stars run between Seattle and Los Angeles through Washington, Oregon and California. It passes through some of the highest mountains in the United States, such as the volcanic Mount Hood, as well as the green forests and waterfalls of the Twin Peaks. In addition to San Luis Obispo, it runs on high cliffs with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and the beach.

Travel to Dubai – Dubai nightlife

From all angles, traveling to Dubai is an amazing experience, but what about nightlife? Dubai's nightlife offers a wide variety of entertainment options, including a wide variety of bars, Dubai nightclubs and hotels with many services. Here, I will talk about the nights you expect to spend in this amazing city. Please read on for more information.

Dubai at night is very different from the sunny city of the day, just as it gets new character and gets a new life every night. Even in the “downturn”, you will find a lot of things to do at night, as the city is ready to welcome visitors from all over the world. Dubai tourists are always welcome to have fun at night.

Now let's talk about the limitations you need to follow. The first thing you need to know is that Dubai has a strict alcohol law. As I said in a previous article, the city does not allow alcoholic beverages in restaurants in the city. You will only be able to drink at the hotel bar. The age of drinking is similar to the age of drinking in the United States – the minimum age is 21 years old and all clubs must be closed before 3 am. If you want to visit Dubai nightclubs, you should know that the minimum age is 25 years old.

In the evening, some famous places are Bridges Bar, Kasbaa Nightclub, Hard RockCafé, Irish Village. If you can go in, the mortuary is located at Jumeirah Road. As everyone knows, celebrities and models visiting Dubai always come to this famous attraction in the city.

If you like to go to a nightclub, then Dubai has many options, and in this city everyone must be able to access any club through the law, even though they are publicly known as “members only”. This club, because they can't be 100% exclusive, has to charge a lot for the entrance, which limits the people who can use the club.

The most beautiful national park in the world

The National Park is one of the top adventures.

Yellow gems:


Yellowstone National Park covers an area of ​​3,500 square miles and is a wilderness recreation area above the volcanic hotspot. The park is spread over parts of Montana. It boasts spectacular canyons, alpine rivers, hot springs and gushing geysers, including the most famous. There are also hundreds of animals, wolves, bison, elk and antelope.

Grand Canyon:


The Grand Canyon National Park is home to the vast Grand Canyon and its red rock layer reveals millions of years of environmental history. Comments include Mather Point, the Yavapai Observatory and the Lookout Studio of the architect Mary Colter.



Yosemite National Park is located on the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. It is known for its giant ancient redwood trees, tunnel landscapes, the iconic vista of the high Bridalveil Fall and the granite cliffs of El Capitan and Half Dome. Yosemite Village has shops, restaurants, accommodation, Yosemite Museum and Ansel Adams Gallery.



South Africa's Kruger National Park is one of the largest gaming assets in Africa. Its high-density wildlife includes large animals 5: lions, rhinos, elephants and buffaloes. Other mammals settle here, and a variety of birds such as vultures, eagle and lynx are also here. Mountains and tropical forests are part of the countryside.

Torres del Paine:


The Torres del Paine National Park in the Patagonia region of Chile is known for its high mountains and bright blue icebergs. The glaciers are cut out from the icebergs and the golden pampas [grasslands] are inhabited by rare wild. Animals, such as camels like camels. Some of its most famous landmarks are the three granite towers named after the park and the mountain peak called Cuernos del Paine.



The Serengeti National Park is known for its large annual migration of wildebeests and zebras. In search of a new meadow, the mob moved north from the background of the green southern plain of the grass. Numerous crocodiles that cross the marshes in the wet western corridor are in the Grumidi River. Others turned northeast to the Mount Robe where the Blackhawks lived. The black rhinoceros lives on the granite outcrop of Moru Kopjes.



Fiordland National Park is located in the southwest of New Zealand's South Island. Known for the glacier carving of the fjord with uncertain sounds. A beach forest trail on the beaches of Milford offers stunning views of the Mitre Peak. The Piaget Mountains of Saki, attached to the smooth surface of the mirror lake. On the Cleddau River, the Chasm Walk crosses the bridge and admire the spectacular waterfalls.



Zion National Park is a nature reserve in southwestern Utah and is known for its steep red cliffs in the Zion Canyon. The Zion Canyon Scenic Drive crosses its main part, leading to a forest trail along the Virgin River. The river flows to the Emerald Pool, where there are waterfalls and drooping gardens. Zion Narrows is also on the river, partly through deep canyons.

The Lake National Park covers an area of ​​295 square kilometers and is a forest reserve in central Croatia. It is thought to be made up of 16 terraced lakes, combined by waterfalls that extend into limestone canyons. Sidewalks and hiking trails pass by the water, and an electric boat connects 12 lakes and 4 small lakes. Behind the ruins of the 78-meter-high waterfall Veliki Slap.



Covering an area of ​​1,583 square miles, Glacier National Park is a wilderness area of ​​the Rocky Mountains of Montana, with glacier-carved peaks and valleys leading directly to the Canadian border. It was traversed by mountains. In another 700-mile hiking trail, there is a route to the enchanting dark lake. It has backpacking, cycling and camping activities. From mountain goats to grizzly bears, a wide variety of wildlife.

Overview of Sun Country Vacations destination options, airlines, resorts, etc.

For the past two years, Sun Country Airlines has been offering great vacation packages. The passenger plane has come a long way since the devastating maiden voyage between Sioux Falls and Vegas in 1983. Today, it offers flights to nearly 40 destinations in North America and the Caribbean, with many convenient direct flights. If you are looking for a cheap but fun travel package, consider Sun Country Vacations.

Here is an overview of some of the vacation offers you can find at this company:

• Mexican and Caribbean combination package

•Mexican holiday

• Caribbean holidays

• American holiday

• Costa Rica vacation

There are also UFly rewards available to members who earn points. If you plan to travel frequently, you may want to consider becoming a UFly member.

You can also book a car rental and/or hotel package to a city in 50 US states to book a car rental. For large groups [10 or more people], rely on the company's group department as experts will help you organize a customized travel experience. Rent a vehicle from Enterprise, National or Alamo.

Sun Country Resort includes some very good resorts such as Melia Hotels International, RIU and Royal Hideaway Luxury Hotels&Resorts. Some hotels are suitable for families and some are only suitable for adults. No matter which destination you choose, there are a variety of options to choose from.

For the US holiday, Sun Country has just added two new destinations to its growing list: New Orleans and Santa Barbara. Other destination options include Orlando, Las Vegas, Fort Myers, New York City and Hawaii. Flight schedules can usually be obtained 6 months in advance. As long as you have a new holiday, you can sign up to receive emails. Coach cabin passengers will receive free drinks, while first class passengers will receive a variety of free snacks, meals and drinks.

Modification of the Sun Country Resort

The number of nights you can stay depends on the package, hotel and flight schedule. The average number of nights booked through Sun Country vacation is 8. Although you always want to book in advance, these holiday packages can be booked 72 hours before the departure time.

If you don't want to rent a car, some of the packages include a round-trip transfer between the hotel and the airport. There is an option to add a travel protection plan that covers baggage loss/damage, 24-hour medical assistance [global], price protection and more.

One of the main reasons people choose to vacation in Sun Country is the reasonable price. These are some of the cheapest travel packages – you can expect a great time!

The best partner of Sun Country Airlines is the travel website. Whenever you need to book a holiday to any destination, you should go there. With online coupon codes, you can get better deals on the go. No other place, Sun Country holidays can not find a better discount.

Affordable Liposuction in the Philippines: Choosing a Qualified Plastic Surgeon

Medical travel is a popular choice for patients who want cosmetic surgery at an affordable cost. In the Philippines, lower indirect costs and professional fees make plastic surgery very affordable, and plastic surgeons in the Philippines may charge a small portion of the same surgical costs in the US, UK and other countries. Cost savings are significant for surgery such as liposuction or body sculpting. For example, in the United States, the average cost of liposuction [one area] is $2,500-4,500. In the Philippines, the program costs only $800.

With these prices, it is not surprising that more and more people in the world travel to the Philippines. They are not only tourists for sightseeing and shopping, but also for patients such as plastic surgery. In addition, cheap airfare and hotel prices are easy to find, and the Internet is the fastest way to compare prices and find the best deals and specials. Patients can combine vacations in affordable tropical countries with affordable quality elective plastic surgery.

Philippine medical services can compete with the world's best medical services, and qualified and trained doctors receive formal training in plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery, and receive graduate or fellowship training from well-known American institutions. Guided by major plastic surgeons in the United States. They speak fluent English and ensure that good communication between the surgeon and the patient is critical in the consultation process.

However, since any licensed doctor can perform cosmetic surgery in the Philippines without any legal barriers, it is important to select the right surgeon for patients considering liposuction in the Philippines. Since many orthopaedic surgeons have not completed advanced training in orthopedics, it is important for patients to choose a qualified plastic surgeon whose training and experience are critical to the success of the procedure. Patients are advised to choose an orthopaedic surgeon that is officially accredited by the Philippine Plastic Surgery Board.

Although price is definitely a factor in choosing surgery, patients who seek quality medical care at a very affordable price should know that choosing the right surgeon is the most important decision they make. When price is the main factor in choosing an orthopaedic surgeon, the risk increases. The success of the surgery depends to a large extent on the surgeon's choice, and to ensure optimal results, the surgeon's professional qualifications and experience should be the primary consideration.

For more information on affordable liposuction in the Philippines and the selection of qualified plastic surgeons, please visit www.cosmeticsurgeryphil.com.